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Good Friends

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Review of chapter "Good Friends" from CrystalOGrapher
Reviewing as part of the under-reviewed stories project:
There is a problem typical of crossovers that gets expressed in this story - a lot of backstory has to be invented out of whole cloth and it jars me. I prefer it when the characters are thrown together by circumstance (such as Goauld getting mistaken for demons, etc).
Comments from author:
I'll admit that it's true that I had to "invent" background story. What's far more true is that there is an entire story---several of them---that this goes with. This was posted because it was a fic-a-thon response years ago. It goes with a much larger story arc as I already stated. The original started with a funeral. While that's not the coincidence you like---I always thought that funerals were the perfect place to meet people.
Review By [CrystalOGrapher] • Date [9 Nov 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Good Friends" from Kei
SO sorry it took me so long to review! Trust me, I understand time constraints. I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off (not even writing- which is likely to get me stoned) so I *totally* understand. Thank you for making the effort to put a story out, even if it wasn't quite what was envisioned. I really enjoyed the read. Anya was an absolute hoot and Willow grubbing for presents made me smile, smile, smile. Thank you again! :)

Review By [Kei] • Date [2 Sep 04] • Not Rated
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