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Fall to Pieces

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Review of chapter "Fall to Pieces" from (Past Donor)Charlotte
Wow. Poor Faith... I think. Maybe I should be envious?
Comments from author:
Yeah, I don't know which way that should go either. She's going to get screwed (in the bad way) in the end and she's going to get screwed (in the wonderful way) a lot getting there. But there is something a little wrenching about knowing you're walking into the lion's den and just not being able to stop. ~Ves
Review By [(Past Donor)Charlotte] • Date [20 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Fall to Pieces" from Lucinda
ouch. Bitter and painful thoughts about the future from Faith, but the whole story is quite well put together. I could see him doing this... I'd actually been thinking that they'd work SO well together in a fic.

Comments from author:
They would make quite the pair, would they not? I do love writing Dorian. Thanks for the feedback on this one. It felt like a bit of risk writing it. It's quite a stretch for Faith; something very different than what we saw on the show. It is, I think, well within her character though. Thanks again!
Review By [Lucinda] • Date [25 Nov 04] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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