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TTH Fic-for-all

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Review of chapter "TTH Fic-for-all" from BerserkerNW
Ooh, I like where this could be going! And the Doyle/Seamus angle was great; neither character gets a whole lot of 'screen-time' in the actual show/books/movies.

Will Seamus get the visions now? I can see that having an interesting effect of 7th Year... And 5th and 6th, come to think of it. If you continue this story, do you intend to go back into how Doyle became Seamus's guide, and what exactly that entails?

Thanks for sharing this, and I hope to read more of it soon!
Review By [BerserkerNW] • Date [11 Jan 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "TTH Fic-for-all" from Tamda
Awww poor Seam!
*huggles him* go forth and rock, little man!

Cute, and says a lot in a little package! Very nice!
Review By [Tamda] • Date [28 Nov 09] • Rating [7 out of 10]
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