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House of Cards

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Review of chapter "Part One" from Dreamweaver
Cont'd frm Dreamweaver earlier msg:

Oh, yeah, I will give you some points for an unusual pairing though. Don't see too many fics pairing Hermione with the other Weasley brothers. If this IS a pairing of them. Hermione and George? Who knows? It might actually work. Will have to see how the fic develops.
Comments from author:
Actually, if you check out the header with the prologue, it does reveal that *yes*, this is a George/Hermione pairing. It's for a friend of mine that likes that pairing. Thanks for the review.
Review By [Dreamweaver] • Date [11 Jun 05] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part One" from Dreamweaver
An 8 only cause the first 2 are setting up the story and nothings really "happening" right now. But, would like to see some "meat" to it within the next one or two chapters.

Hoping this fic leans more towards the BTVS side of things than HP though. Love crossovers and have read a lot of BTVS/HP or HP/Btvs fanfics. But, think there's a leeetttleeee bit to much of these crossovers where everything's involving "Volemort, Voldemort, Voldemort". Be a change to read a little more of this type of crossover where the villians come from the BTVS world......

Well, that's just my own personal opinion. It's the writer/author's fic anyways. Long as it's well-written, I'll keep reading.
Review By [Dreamweaver] • Date [11 Jun 05] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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