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Literary Vengeance

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Review of chapter "Literary Vengeance" from CPTSkip
Very cool! Two thumbs up from me.
Comments from author:
I don't think anybody should describe the story as cool. It's just a fictional continuation of a real tragedy.
Review By [CPTSkip] • Date [22 Aug 05] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Literary Vengeance" from Lucinda
huh. I must admit that I'd never thought about the events of 9-11 in conjuntion with the BtVS Vengeance - err, Justice Demons before.

original, and nicely organized.

Comments from author:
It isn't fully original. I wrote and posted a story, "Lack of Vision", on September 12, 2001; it was about Cordelia and the vision she did not receive before 9/11. It isn't a crossover of any sort, so it's only available on my home site (and The reviews were venomous, mostly in the vein of "How dare he!" In fact, a group calling itself the "Badfic Terror Squad" spent some time discussing my story. They didn't have the grace to let me know; I don't hide my identity, and they could easily have reached me.

I also remember at least one other fanfic about 9/11, where Anya tries to use her connections to do something, and even the surviving Gorch brother gets involved. I forget the name and author, though.

The fourth anniversary is coming, and I see too many people reverting to the era of 9/10/01.
Review By [Lucinda] • Date [21 Aug 05] • Not Rated
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