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Meeting of Minds - Act 2 - Road Trip

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Review of chapter "Act II Afterward" from (Past Donor)IntoOblivion
Hey again!

I promised myself I'd review again wether or not you managed to post more, at least in part to respond to your response... hmm... it does make sense, it just sounds odd. Plus I read it... again... (and by that I mean both parts not just Act II) and I think I have picked up what's going on with Julie... though I don't have a clue what the origins of immortality are.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to me. I wasn't even sure that you'd recieve the review as you seemed to have been away from fanfiction for a while, so I'm glad to know you saw it.

I know how hard it is to go back to a story you've been stuck on for so long. This is part of the reason I reread your story as I've been writing a Buffy/Highlander Cross on and off for the past 4 years now. I tend to write the scenes I get inspired by and ignore anything in between until I have to. Then when I want to post anything I have to try to fill in all the blanks.

I'll continue to hope for more, as I can't help but want the closure for this story. But I understand if you dont manage to. I dont think I'd be any good as a beta or editor, but if you think it would help at all to talk through ideas feel free to ask.

Review By [(Past Donor)IntoOblivion] • Date [11 Dec 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Act II Afterward" from (Past Donor)IntoOblivion
I just reread this story for what must be the... 5th? 6th? time... probably more. Any time I read/watch something connected to the Highlander 'verse I get reminded of this and feel a strong urge to read it (generally submitting to it...). I mean why would I deny myself something so pleasurable as reading this story?

It seems crazy that (upon checking and finding my, embaressing really, review from when I first read this) it's been four years since I first found it. I read it before I had even seen Highlander and could comprehend how well your characterisations expand on what we know of them from the series; adding to their back stories without conflicting with cannon.

Truly there isn't much about this story that I don't love, from the original concept of an immortal fully absorbing anothers quickening to the humor you added to Patrick's situation (I mean... it's ok to laugh that much at someone dying if you know they'll get up again right?). These being held up by your attention to detail which gives us sich tintilating hints at what's to come.

Anyway, I'm not really writing this to beg for more (though I would love so much to get a chance someday to read on), more to add to the horifically low number of reviews that this marvelous story has recieved. Perhaps due to being a non-buffy-non-crossover story posted here, I dont know but it seems so strange to me that more havent found this story.

Anyway... I should end this essay soon so here's what I DID write this for:- Thank you for writing this and sharing what you wrote with us. I, for one am truly grateful.
Comments from author:
Thanks for taking the time to write the review.

It makes me happy to know the hours I spent plotting and writing the story weren't wasted, although I don't know what it is about my stories that make folks read them, apparently enjoy them, but not want to comment on them - it's not just here on TTH, it's also on that the few reviews I get are very nice (just like yours) but the apparent ratio of readers to comments is so low.

MOM has been stuck on a single scene for years now, so long that I have managed to write another epic sized story, and get it stuck not just in one place, but in three (Possibly a record as most writers wouldn't start a later part of the story when stuck on a prior part) places, I am speaking of FWK, which is stuck in Act 1, and in both chapters 2 AND 4 of Act 3. Of course those chapters in Act 3 are each as large as all of Act 2, and most chapters of Act 2 are larger than all of Act 1, so there is perhaps a pattern here. But none of this has anything to do with MOM, other than the similarly in increasing chapter size through the story.

Act 3of MOM may resume again soon. Your comment has returned my focus to it, and this weekend, time permitting, I may make another run at the Prison Camp scene, which is so important to showing Ed's interaction with Menegle, and why he suppressed the whole thing for all these years.

If I can get through that scene, then I can get moving once more on the story, where people will perhaps learn the rest of the history of Sue and Julie (Yes, some of it has already been disclosed, and if you've read Act 2 5 or 6 times it's probably sitting there in the back of your mind, along with part of the secret of where perhaps Immortals come from, or at least how they may come to be, at least in my version of the Highlanderverse...) and even Sue's eventual closure for the death of her father, and perhaps some more of the secrets of the Coyote will be disclosed.

In any event, I will promise to at least try once more to write the next bit. And as proof that there is indeed more, I will post a separate variation, with the start of Act 3, to kinda motivate me over the weekend. After all, if I put part of the chapter out there, it makes it more important to put the rest out there, no? So look for the addition of MOM Act 3, Chapter 1a tomorrow night or Saturday afternoon.

And thanks again for the wonderful comments!

Review By [(Past Donor)IntoOblivion] • Date [3 Dec 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Act II Afterward" from DaBear
Been following your Knight series and took a look at what else you had wrote and found these stories, really like them as well!

Was just wondering if you had more of them ready?
Comments from author:
Nope. What I got, is what ya saw. But I plan on continuing FWK for nowat least.
Review By [DaBear] • Date [10 May 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Act II Afterward" from Thedruid
Well done! What you have written so far is worth the wait. Heh, why is it that the best stories are those that the charcters take over and write for themselves rather than the Author controlling them?
Comments from author:
Because those charcters would rebel and kill the writer were they anything less than what they want?

Seriously, it's not the charcters as much as the plot that takes over and ignores my well laid plans. Others call them bunnies. Me, I think they are more insidious than that. I think of them more as chocolate chip cookies, sometimes with icecream. I mean, a bunny is cute and fluffy and all, but have you ever been tempted by a bunny? Now a warm gooy chocolate chip cookie, with perhaps some hot fudge covered french vanilla ice-cream. That would tempt me. Darn those story cookies.

Seriously though, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and even gladder you commented. Once I finish Knight Errant, if I don't start right away on "Knight Off", or "Good Day, Bad Knight", both of which are while not as long as Knight Errant, longmini-arcs, I'll start banging on that Mengele flashback again, and try to get it right. Everything else is planned (for now) and I have extensive notes, whole scenes, lots of work done on the remainder of the story, but without that one scene to set the stage, and provide the extra, flavor, so to speak, the rest of Act 3 just won't work. Trust me. And as I said, I'd rather leave Sue in her bed, with Patrick slumbering in his own room, the Coyote keeping watch, while Buck, the guy they didn't see, spies on them while standing out in the rain.

If anyone would like to volenteer to be a Beta Reader for Act 3, please feel free to email me at, and let me know. Heh, at the very least, you will get to read the opening of Chapter 27 "California Dreaming", with one of my favorite scenes I have written to date.
Review By [Thedruid] • Date [16 Jan 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Twenty Five - Just Deserts, Desserts, & Di" from LurkerOOl
I read this chapter from Buffy's POV and one of the very neat things that you did was have her see the coyote preparing the way to kill two of the vampires. I think, and only if you decide to revise this chapter, that you could have the group view the coyote the very same way as they are eating. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and the story so far.
Comments from author:
Glad you are enjoying it.

I have to admit I was very careful not to let the gang see exactly what, and how the coyote did everything.

He is intended as an enigma, although exactly who, and what, he is should be clearer to the readers than to the group in the RV. But this chapter tells more about him than just about anything else, including his using the "Stuff Printer" in the Casino to make that plastic doll needed to lift Patric's curse. (which I admit likely isn't that clear to most readers, other than in retrospect.)

Just who he is, and why he's interested in Patric and Sue I'm not going to say, as I still plan on finishing Act 3 one of these days.(Although at the moment most of my time is being spent banging out Knight Errant, and not making yet another run at the scene of Eadglis in Aushwitz.)

I will be posting the last chapter of Act 2 tomorrow, along with what I call the "Shelf piece", the afterward of Act 2, designed to allow readers to relax while I work on the next bit.

Thanks for taking the time to comment - I was begening to think no one was reading this at all.

Review By [LurkerOOl] • Date [15 Jan 06] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Eighteen - Early Morning History Class" from Thedruid
I have been waiting an age for you to continue this story! Glad to see it going along again. Stuck with a writer's block? Well, if you don't like what your currently wirting, keep on going until you get back to stuff you do like. Then when you do have stuff you like again, you can go back and edit out what you don't, maybe spreading all the flash-backs over more the the story. *shrug* Take it with a grain of salt, I know I give bad advise sometimes.
Comments from author:

I appologise for never finishing posting Act 2 here.

Of course with only 6 reviews for almost 60,000 words written in 16 chapters one could get the impression that no one here was reading it.

But to encourage nice reviews such as yours, I am gonna go ahead and post the next bit now.

As for flashbacks, there will be flashbacks in Act 3, unlike Act 2. My problem I have been having is more to deal with the tone of the flashback. I am writing of events taking place in a well known Nazi Death Camp (Aushwitz) and am having a hard timegetting the Dean R Koontz feel I want, as opposed to the more gory Wes Craven or even Lovecraftian feel it currently keeps having. I want more psycological terror and less blood splattering, I suppose.

I haven't given up yet though. However I have set the project on a shelf for a while, which is fine, as Act 2 (unlike Act 1) ends with what I call a "Shelf Piece" designed to set the readers temporarily at rest.
Review By [Thedruid] • Date [10 Jan 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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