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Ficlets and Drabbles

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Review of chapter "Can you tell me..." from Duskie
AAAAAAAAAh!!! *squeals in delight* Can I keep your brain, I want to keep your brain, it is so cool!
I should have run when I saw the Sesame Street but I didn't and I'm so glad.
Comments from author:
no we need our brain.. at least one of them.. lol.. of course we argue about who actually HAS the brain at any given time but still.. lol.. really all of our fans should read our Mary Sue.. it is only at our lj .. it really explains the dif. between Shadith and Aewnuar.. lol.. Shadith is the Dair character and Aewnuar is the Wren character.. cause really we capture ourselves pretty well in there.. lol. and it is Massive.. we are covering over thirty five fandoms .. starting with buffy of course.. it is our guilty pleasure.. Two girls bouncing around the mulit verse trying to find their soulmates.. in a totally unexpected way.. .. i really wish more people would read it but like i said .. guilty pleasure so it will get written anyway.. lol.. anywho.. yeah sesame street.. can you tell there are children in the house.. hehe.. yeah wayyy too much elmo's world that day.. lol.. thanks again Aewnaur
Review By [Duskie] • Date [21 Jan 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Can you tell me..." from Kaien
You know, when I saw Xander-Sesame Street, I almost didn't read it. But I like your other stuff, so I decided to give it a shot. And I'm glad I did. This was good. Could actually see it being longer. Especially if Xander, in the course of trying to find Cordelia and Sesame Street, wandered through other childhood favorites that could very well be demon related. I mean two words for you: Fraggle Rock.
Comments from author:
oh you are evil.. *head desk* that is certainly something AriChanda didn't need going through her head.. lol.. I'll never hear the end of it now.. Fraggle Rock.. groan.. lol.. we are trying to keep these silly plot bunnies down to a minimum.. hoping to actually do drabbles .. you know temptation waits and the mummy returns were actually supposed to be one shots.. lol.. ack.. and just so that everyone that doesn't have kids(and a writing partner) who are obsessed with it.. the reference to dancing veggies and the 'if one dare listens.. one dare hears...' is a Veggie Tales thing... .. lol..

Thank You for your review.. we are insane, yes? .. lol..
Review By [Kaien] • Date [22 Mar 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Can you tell me..." from kizunakat
I love this chapter. I didnt know whether to laugh or freak out. kizuna
Review By [kizunakat] • Date [22 Mar 06] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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