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Fanart to admire or inspire

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Review of chapter "Jack/Buffy" from Amai
I can't see any of the pictures!
Review By [Amai] • Date [18 Aug 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "A few bar thingamajigs" from rivrgrl
inspired alright. thought the idea of Illyria and Teal'c or Rodney and Anya makes me feel apprehensive maybe. I mean both Rodney and Anya are not noted for thinking before speaking. though it would be funny if in the middle of a debriefing Anya were to blurt out " His as sexual satisfying as he is smart so I would listen to him if I were you. That is if you want to live." as for Illyria and Teal'C well I'd feel sorry for their enemies. and someone should seriously do a Carson/Tara pairing.
Comments from author:
LOL! Classic Anya-isms. Or..."If you're so smart why am I not having orgasms right now? You are worrying about the Wraith when you should be worrying about what I am holding behind my back." Is it a spatula? Some type of kinky ancient device...who knows! :p
An Illyria/Teal'c paring would be awesomesauce, but Carson/Tara would be so fitting! That needs to be one of the next great crossover ships :D
Review By [rivrgrl] • Date [26 Mar 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "More of the whatsits...and whosits" from Keshkreature
With some of the smaller bars that you wanted to make into banners, why don't you just find something, like maybe a panoramic view of Sunnydale to insert into the middle? Then the TTH words would go over that part, and we'd still see the people? Not sure if that's hard or not, since I can't do photo manipulations, but I always love having more banners to chose from. I really like the one of Buffy/Jack to one side, and the pic of Illyria and Ba'al was very nice.
Comments from author:
Thanks for the idea's!
The thing with the banners, though, is that different people have different sizes for their browser, which is annoying beacause a really awesome pic will get stretched or scrunched depending on the size of the browser.
They say that the pic has to be 1120 x 125 pixels, but most people have browsers that will smush that size, making the pics look funny. I'm still working on finding the right fit for a banner, though. Thanks for the ideas. I came up with this pic
but it has the same problem with size scrunching...but I'll keep working on it :)
Edit: I just get Firefox (I had Internet Explorer 6) for my browser and the scruntching went away, so now I can make some really cool banners!
Review By [Keshkreature] • Date [22 Jun 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Jack/Buffy" from rayningstars
Ooh, I like this one. It looks like they're actually in the same picture.
Comments from author:
Thanks, that's one of my favorites also :)
Review By [rayningstars] • Date [28 Apr 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "More of the whatsits...and whosits" from kimbclar
Great pics!
Comments from author:
Thank you!
Review By [kimbclar] • Date [4 Feb 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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