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Teen Titans

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Review of chapter "Teen Titans" from Darksoul
Interesting start.
If there IS a pairing for Xander.
I suggest Raven the REAL one. Because quite frankly NONE of the scoobies would accept a meta-human in their bed ugh hello MUTANT!. There would be lynch mobs pitchforks and torches
NOT hugs and kisses. The human factor would NEVER accept meta-human/human relationships X-Men is PRIME example of this.

At least with Raven he has a girl that WILL accept him and try to keep his retard gene(Foot in mouth and brain-deadness) in check. plus they can bump uglies all they like.
Review By [Darksoul] • Date [16 Sep 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Teen Titans" from Vld
Okay, I'll say that's an interesting story... it may go a little too fast for my liking, but aside that, it has lots of promise. When does Dawn start showing her own powers? And I'm afraid I didn't recognize all of the guys in her dream. I think the one that 'felt' like Starfire had done must be Supergirl, and the guy that feels like her must be either Superboy or Superman (I would bet on the latter considering Chloe is in Sunnydale). And Buffy is about to die... again... and get revived... again. While Faith (if she makes an appearance) won't be a Slayer, right?
Review By [Vld] • Date [11 Feb 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Teen Titans" from SFBKludge
A very promising start.

I'll eagerly await the next chapter.
Review By [SFBKludge] • Date [11 Feb 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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