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The Tale of Bilbo the Hobbit and His Adventure

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Review of chapter "The Tale of Bilbo the Hobbit and His Adventure" from (Moderator)KaylaShay
One year ago, it seems to be,
I left you a review with verses three.
But it seems no others came to play,
And because of that, I'm back this day.

This poem of yours still makes me smile,
And because of that, I'm going to share a file.
It will cause you to laugh and sputter,
But one look at it makes me shutter.

You said it was ashame you couldn't have a glance,
But thanks to computers, here is your chance.
I must warn that link below is quite large indeed,
So clicking it might test out your internet speed. (26.95MB; right click to download file; Quicktime File)
Comments from author:
It is a poor time indeed when only one or two come out to play
With the spirit needed on this rhyming review day
It makes my heart light that you’d review again
I’ve clicked on the file and once I see what it does contain
Edit this reply I shall
Review By [(Moderator)KaylaShay] • Date [13 Mar 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Tale of Bilbo the Hobbit and His Adventure" from (Moderator)KaylaShay
Once, a few years ago,
I was in a Hobbit musical show,
Your poem presented on this site,
Reminded me of our performance night.

I was one of thirteen dwarves who marched,
But after all the song and dance I was parched,
Your poem was decent, I must confess,
Because it reminded me of our theatrical mess.

Now I take a deep breath and sigh,
And ask for a piece of pie,
Because I reviewed in length and rhyme,
It just took me a 'really' long time!!!
Comments from author:
Since you asked so nicely
I can not deny
So in thanks, here's a pricey
Piece of pie

I’m sure your performance
Was a delight
Too bad I could not catch a glance
This is the last I can rhyme tonight.
Review By [(Moderator)KaylaShay] • Date [14 Mar 06] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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