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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Lin
I like that Dru and Snape have a connection to eachother simply because there are very few fics i have seen with teh two of them as the main characters.Though it makes no sense that they were "old school friends" Before Dru was turned (i'm fairly sure i remember the tv episodes correctly though i could be wrong)Dru thought of her sight as evil, meaning she would think of magic as Evil. Not to mention..hello vampire, if snape went to school with James and Lilly and all that crew supposidly it was only 20-30 or so years before..
I mean i guess you could just throw up a disclaimer saying AU but..still...just...does not sit whit me right.
Sorry, i'm honestly not trying to be so critical, perhaps it would make more sense if she knew him while he was in school, though didn't attend her self..or maybe thats what you ment the whole time..

:: Shrugs::
Review By [Lin] • Date [5 Jun 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from stonewar
I'm sorry but that didn't make a damn bit a sense.
Comments from author:
That's alright, I should have put a warning about the potential spoilerage for Half Blood Prince. I'm wondering how or when Severus found out about receiving his most treasured position. And who could have delivered the message that was even remotely trust worthy... without really seeming trustworthy. There may be more to this because other things popped into my head after reading the book that I want to explore the what-ifs.

Thank you for reviewing.
Review By [stonewar] • Date [8 May 06] • Rating [3 out of 10]
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