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Bitter Friends and Good Enemies

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Review of chapter "Bitter Friends and Good Enemies" from LucStar
Oh boy, this turned out to be quite the story. Loved the appearance of the Scooby Gang. Though, not much happened with the Gargoyles but it was good to have them make an appearance here and there. Talking about the Gargoyles - you know, I’ve never really taken the time to sit down and see the entire series. I really have to do that one of these days. Oh well… back to the review.

I liked the Faith not interested in redeeming herself angle in your universe. While I’m all for Faith chasing redemption in most fan fiction - it’s nice to see her stray from the path of heroism and stay strayed. Not that it usually works out for her. Though, with Faith gone, I have to wonder. Who is going to be the fourth slayer since Buffy’s Calling. Guess I’ll find out in the next story.

As for what that Fay meant... man... I think I know but I'd rather read the next story to be certain. In the mean time I'll start feeling sorry for the Buffy of your universe. Damn... she never seems to catch a break.

Take care, keep up the good work.
Review By [LucStar] • Date [2 Jul 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Bitter Friends and Good Enemies" from WhiteWolf
Let me guess he made an immortal out of her until all the demons are dead or 'removed' from Earth. Nice story.
Review By [WhiteWolf] • Date [3 Aug 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Bitter Friends and Good Enemies" from immortalwizardelffan
OH SHIT! The damned Fae made Buffy Immortal didn't he? That sooooo bites. Poor Buffy.
Review By [immortalwizardelffan] • Date [3 Aug 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Bitter Friends and Good Enemies" from aforestgrew
Ahh! Did he make Buffy immortal? The way I interpreted the poem was that Buffy will be a slayer until the last demon is gone from the Earth. Very cool twist. I enjoyed the story and I thought that everyone was very in character. I also really liked the way in which Xander was portrayed. In too many fics, authors write Buffy as an egomaniac who takes Xander completely for granted, which, in canon, I don't think she does. They then turn Xander into this overpowered arrogant person, while I think the appeal of him comes from the fact that he is just a normal human. I think you understand and write canon-Xander very well. Can't wait to see what comes after this :)

Review By [aforestgrew] • Date [3 Aug 06] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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