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A Watcher Most Charmed by toots

The Roster

This will all make more sense after you’ve read the first couple of stories as this roster is current. So. There be spoilers for the stories of this series. Read at your own risk.

I’m sorry, I can’t do an out and out family tree. The coding on the site makes it look funky. Instead, you get a roster. I tried to group the people but everybody’s something to somebody. Also, I tried not to list the same information twice. For example, I put Xander as Adanna’s Watcher. I didn’t turn around and put the same information under Adanna’s section.

The Charmed Ones
Prudence Halliwell: oldest daughter of Victor Bennett and Patty Halliwell; married to Andrew Trudeau; a Slayer; Charmed powers: telekinetic and astral projection; a photographer

Piper Halliwell: second daughter of Victor Bennett and Patty Halliwell; married to Leo Wyatt; mother to Chris, Wyatt, Melinda, and Phoenix Halliwell; a Slayer; Charmed powers: molecular immobilization and combustion; owner of P3

Phoebe Halliwell: third daughter of Victor Bennett and Patty Halliwell; a Slayer; Charmed powers: premonitions and levitation; advice columnist; possibly involved with Coop

Paige Matthews: adopted by Helen and Darren Matthews; biological daughter of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder; DNA contributor to Amity; a Slayer; Charmed powers: telekinetic orbing; Whitelighter powers: orbing; works with Angel Investigations, San Francisco; possibly involved with Gunn

Leo Wyatt: married to Piper; father of her children; Whitelighter

Andrew Trudeau: married to Prue; private investigator

Coop: a Cupid; may be involved with Phoebe

Charles Gunn: Council lawyer, N.A. branch 2nd in command; possibly involved with Paige

Christopher Perry Halliwell: Leo and Piper’s son from an alternate dimension’s future, in his twenties; telekinetic orbing and orbing; involved with Marcus and Amy

The Scoobies
Xander Harris: son of Victor Bennett and Jessica Harris; half-brother to the Charmed Ones; mate to Faith and Oz; adopted father to Dessa, Adanna, Jalila, Bahir, Jaime, Rowena, and Nixie; biological father to Dawn Summers (through magic), Jon O’Neill (through alien tech), Amity, Hallie, Harley, and Summer; Watcher to the Charmed Ones, Adanna, Jalila, and Dessa Harris, Faith LeHane, and Rona Indigo; Council-to-SGC liaison, Head of Antarctica Council branch, and Scion to Ares; has the occasional prophetic dream

Faith LeHane: Senior Active Slayer (or Alpha Slayer); mother to Hallie, Harley, and Amity; surrogate to Xander’s brood; mate to Xander and Oz

Daniel ‘Oz’ Osbourne: werewolf; Director of Technologies; mate to Xander and Faith; father to Amity; surrogate to Xander’s brood; cousin to Jordy

Buffy Summers: Omega Chosen; daughter to Joyce Summers, Sister/Mother to Dawn Summers; Special Projects Director; training designer and overseer; possibly involved with Methos; Immortal

Methos: the oldest Immortal; Xander’s priest; possibly involved with Buffy

Willow Rosenberg: White Goddess; Wiccan and Magical Aid Organizer; Director of Magical Research; mate to Tara

Tara MacClay: Council herb and aura expert; mate to Willow

Dr. Rupert Giles: Head of Council; involved with Joyce Summers

Joyce Summers: Mother to Buffy and (sort of) Dawn Summers; involved with Rupert Giles

Spike: vampire with a soul; a member of Angel Investigation, San Francisco; father to Summer Edith Harris

Fang Gang
Angel: souled vampire; ancestor to Xander, among many others; father to Connor; possibly involved with Cordelia and Doyle; owner of Angel Investigation, San Francisco

Cordelia Chase: Powers’ blessed Seer; former ascended; works at Angel Investigation, San Francisco; possibly involved with Angel and Doyle

Allen Francis Doyle: former Powers’ blessed Seer; Half-Brachen, half human; half brother to Danny; possibly involved with Cordelia and Angel; school teacher for Council children

Krevlorne of the Deathwok Clan ‘Lorne’: anagogic demon; owns Caritas III; Runs the Top Hat, Baron Samedi’s, and the Black Masquerade for the Council

Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle: Tech Department 2IC; involved with Wesley

Wesley ‘Wes’ Wyndham-Pryce: Head of N.A. Branch; Watcher to Tonks and Chao-Ahn; involved with Fred

The Scions (plus a few)
Dawn Summers: Interdimensional Key; Scion to Enyo; involved with Connor; magically the daughter of Xander and Buffy

Connor Angel: Miracle Child; Scion to Bia; involved with Dawn

Rona Indigo: Sunnydale SIT; Slayer; Scion to Nike; involved with Danny

Daniel ‘Danny’ Doyle: Quarterbreed (1/4 each of Brachen, Summer and Wynter Fae, and human); Scion to Nemesis; involved with Rona

Jordan ‘Jordy’ Osbourne: werewolf; cousin to Oz; Scion to Ate; involved with C.J.

Cassandra Jean Newton Summers ‘C.J.’: prophetess; marked by Apollo; involved with Jordy

Katherine ‘Kit’ Horvath: Hereditary witch; Scion of Eris; possibly involved with Carlos

Carlos Vega: Energy Mage; Scion to Athena; possibly involved with Kit

Amy Madison: Hereditary witch of considerable power; involved with Marcus and Chris

Andrew Wells: Magical Research 2IC; involved with Cassie

Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Fraiser: Alien, adopted by Dr. Janet Fraiser; witch

Jonothan ‘Jon’ O’Neill: Clone of Jack O’Neill with DNA patches from Xander Harris; has prophetic dreams occasionally

Ardeth Bay ‘A.B.’: apprenticed to the Council; of Medjai ancestory

Temple Dogs: Mummy, Bonzai!, and Astraea

The Sunnydale Six (plus one) stationed at the SGC
Second Lieutenant Amber Groves, Ph.D.
Lance Corporal Percy West:
Corporal Tor Hauer
Second Lieutenant Kyle DuFours
First Lieutenant Aura Barren, Ph.D.
Corporal Rhonda Kelley

Heidi Barrie: Watcher and author

Xander’s Kids Thus Far
Nixie: Faeling, 11 years old, adopted
Jaime: Faeling, 13 years old, adopted
Dessa: Slayer, 14 years old, adopted
Jalila ‘’Lila’: Slayer, 8 years old, adopted
Adanna ‘Addie’: Slayer, 9 years old, adopted
Bahir: of Medjai ancestory, 6 years old, adopted
Rowena: Faeling, 3 years old; adopted
Hallie: twin to Harley, weeks old, given birth to by Faith
Harley: twin to Hallie, weeks old, given birth to by Faith
Amity: an egg conception; has DNA from Xander, Oz, Faith, Tonks, Paige, and Amanda; weeks old
Summer: Miracle Baby; has DNA from Xander and Spike; weeks old

The Wanders
Marcus Flint: Wizard, priest to Dawn; involved with Amy and Chris

Nymphadora Tonks: Witch; Slayer; involved with Charlie Weasley; DNA contributor to Amity

Harry Potter: Wizard; involved with Ron and Hermione

Hermione Granger: Witch; Slayer; involved with Ron and Harry

Ronald ‘Ron’ Weasley: Wizard; involved with Harry and Hermione

The Weasley Family: Molly, Arthur, Charlie, Bill, George, Fred, and Percy: Pop in whenever the hell they feel like it but aren’t steady players

Neville Longbottom: Wizard; the Council’s Junior Herbologist; Priest for Jordy; involved with Pansy

Pansy Parkinson: Witch; Priestess for Connor; involved with Neville

Blaise Zabini: Wizard; Priest for Kit

Luna Lovegood: Witch; Watcher-in-Training, Field research; occasionally writes for the Quibbler

Draco Malfoy: Wizard; Priest for Rona

Ginevra ‘Ginny’ Weasley: Witch; Training Council Mediwitch

Gregory Goyle: Wizard; Priest for Danny; involved with Millie

Millicent ‘Millie’ Bulstrode: Witch; Priestess for Carlos; involved with Goyle

The Immortals
Duncan MacLeod: Immortal boy scout; Richie’s teacher

Richie Ryan: young Immortal; Duncan’s student; a thief; owes Xander a huge favor

Amanda Darieux: Immortal; thief; Nick’s teacher; DNA contributor to Amity

Nick Wolfe: New Immortal; Amanda’s student

Connor MacLeod: Immortal; Duncan’s teacher and distant kinsman

SG-1 (plus one)
Colonel Jack O’Neill: trying to retire; SGC-to-Council liaison; ATA gene; half brother to Victor Bennett and Uncle to his children

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Ph.D.: half of the brains of the operation; SGC-to-Council liaison; tech and explosives expert

Dr. Daniel Jackson: the other half of the brains; language and people expert; SGC-to-Council liaison

Master Teal’c: a warrior of the highest caliber; SGC-to-Council liaison

Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell: the new guy; pilot; SGC-to-Council liaison

Vala Mal Doran: alien, thief, probationary member of SG-1; SGC-to-Council liaison

Major Janet Fraiser, M.D.: retired from active duty; Council CMO; mother to Cassie

Stargate Atlantis
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Military commander of Atlantis; member of SGA-1

Dr. Elizabeth Weir: the civilian leader of the Atlantis outpost

Dr. Rodney McKay: lead scientist of the Atlantis mission; member of SGA-1

Dr. Carson Beckett: head of the Medical division of the Atlantis mission

Teyla Emmagen: leader of the Athosians; native guide on SGA-1

Ronon Dex: former Runner; member of SGA-1

Dr. Radek Zalenka, Major Evan Lorne, and various others: Atlantis members that may crop up as they see fit.

There will probably be various and sundry gods and goddesses, Powers, and Ancients popping in to bother and bewilder our fair heroes. Plus, there’s going to be villains and friends that aren’t listed popping up. If I told you everything, it’d take away the purpose of the story.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the main cast of this little series. Isn’t it huge?
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