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HALLOW MISFITS by spaceman


This New story combines my continuation of Redwitch's fantastic Misfit series - a crossover of GI Joe and X:men Evolution - with my own Halloween World series to create a multi-crossover.

Misfits: After Toad is abandoned to die in a swamp by Magneto, he rescued by GI Joe and is adopted by Roadblock. This sets in motion a chain of events, both comical and tragic, that turns Magneto's Brotherhood into chaos-causing Misfits.

My own additions include X-23 and Penance on a cooking show, Penance saving another world from demon-possessed Squirrel Girl, and my own collection of Misfits added to the main group.

Halloween World: In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ethan Rayne cast a spell that transformed a town into there costumes. In Halloween World, the spell didn't change a town for a night, but changed a world forever. Halloween World is a world of apocalyptic eternal night filled with demons, martial artists, ninja, shinigami, youkai, mage, and summoners. A world of near infinite crossovers.

Now, two people of Halloween World have traveled to the Misfit universe to help a friend from yet another world avenge her father and prevents the plans of criminals armed with advance technology. The problem is Halloween World has left a mark on them and now it's beginning to mark the world.

This is story is slightly more serious than Aeon and contains Character Death (mostly the Bad Guys)

Halloween World
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A continuation of Red Witch's Misfits series. GI Joe x X-Men: Evolution
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A continuation of Aeon Misfits. Hallow Misfits is a multiple crossover that combines Aeon Misfits (GI Joe x X:Men Evo) with my Halloween World massive multi-crossover series.
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