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1812 World. by DaveTurner

It's the 1950's in a world were the USA lost the war of 1812...really, really badly! North America is ruled over by the British and the Mexicans.

Charity O'Donoghue and Bunny Winters are Hunters, girls chosen by an uncaring fate to fight the forces of darkness in all their forms.

Charity works for the British Commonwealth's Nightwatch organisation; Bunny for the Mexican branch of the Congregación Sagrada Suprema de la Oficina Santa. Unknown to these young women their lives are irrevocably entwined and they will have to bury their differences to fight the greatest threat the world has ever faced!

NOTE: 10th May '09.
Owing to a slight change in the sight rules I don't feel that the next stories in this series fit in with the TTH ethos. The truth is they're not really BtVS xover fics and are becoming more 'original' as each story passes.

Further stories in this series can be found at;

Where I'm know as 'Hussar'.


Due to Fictioncentral closing down this series has been abandoned for the foreseeable future.
A Corsican dies nine years early; the USA losses a war and everything changes. In 1949 a Commando raid on a sleepy Californian town brings some familiar characters together.
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Charity O'Donoghue (Nightwatch agent and scourge of the forces of darkness) is on her way to spend Xmas with an old friend until she breaks down near the little village of ‘Freedom’.
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