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The key shard realms by MistofRainbows

The series starts with a cross over, mostly a what if this person was a relative. And a question of what would have happened if Willow had had more time to cast the slayer spell.
~Willow's Cousin starts the series off with a Smallville crossover.
~The Ghostly Witch Watchers continues with Willow and crew acquiring their first slayer from another world.
~The buried reports of the 9th Chevron is a sort of side story.. that cuts in part way through the Ghostly Witch Watchers.
~Tara and Immortality is another side story... My version of why the first didn't use Tara's face.
~Willow's Witch Slayers - more adventures of the gang.
~The gang's children head off to school in A wand, a werewolf and a demon girl. This actually starts part way through Willow's Witch Slayers.
~It then shifts back to Willow's Witch Slayers.
~Then it jumps to Gabrielle's reset and the new crew.
~Then it skips ten years and picks up with Gabrielle's family and Adventures.

~Partial Cast list~ It's messy but it's mostly here because a number of people asked.

Ages vary but are rough estimates in some cases.

The Harry Potter that is Gabrielle’s father is a large black wolf animagus. Current age is around his late forties though he looks to be in his early twenties do to his immortality.

Ron Weasley father of William and husband to Alexia. His current physical age do to a trip to the fountain of youth is early twenties actual age is closer to his late forties. His animagus form is a Red eagle.

Ginny Potter nee Weasley = Wife of Harry Potter she is a large red fox animagus. Current physical age is her early twenties do to a trip to the fountain of youth. Actual age is late forties.

Hermione Granger the immortal slayer is married to the oldest Dawn and the older Willow. She’s physically in her early twenties. Actual age is approaching fifty. Animagus form is a large orange tiger.

Neville Longbottom is married to Lexie. He’s roughly the same age as Harry. His house elf’s name is Errana.

Lexie immortal ~ slayer ~ channeler of magic. Computer tech. She’s six foot six inches tall with wavy brown hair and blue eyes. She’s looks like she’s in her early twenties though she is closer to three times that with the amount of time she spent on the station playing with things as well as just living through three decades with her mate Rogue and husband Neville. ~Notable powers include godlike control of elemental magic similar to the wheel of time and immortality.

Violet = D&d slayer with strange violet tattooed symbols on her skin. She has long brown hair.

Alexia = Ron's wife and slayer = Actual age late forties. Physical age early twenties.

William Alexander Weasley = Son of Alexia and Ronald Weasley current age in roughly the same as Gabrielle.

Faith Lehane (older Faith)~ Slayer ~ Immortal

Faith Lehane (younger) ~ Slayer and current girlfriend of Younger Buffy.

Leo Angel Potter son of Harry (older) and (older) Faith (green eyes) Notable powers include Harry style magic as well as mutant abilities do to the alien’s mutation blast. Increased intelligence, increased invention, shape shifting, Body resistance (armor), flight, ability to adsorb kinetic energy, cold generation, Power control ability to increase or decrease a creature’s magical or mutant abilities by an amazing amount. Minor ability to use telekinesis. His girls include Raven ~ Camera girl pokegirl. Kyara his mutant lover (ex-poke girl), Tiffany bunny girl lover.

Gabrielle Tara Rosenberg Red haired green eyed daughter of Willow and Harry (older) She’s got magic from Willow’s line and Harry’s line and has the powers of a number of magical creatures she’s drained over the years including a collection of faerie lords. Notable magical tricks ~ Invisibility and a mist form that allows regeneration.

Lillian Elsie Granger Brown bushy hair with green eyes. Identical twin of Lenora Daughter of Harry and Hermione (wand made of a dark wood)

Lenora Emily Granger Brown bushy hair with green eyes. Identical twin of Lillian Daughter of Harry and Hermione (wand made out of a pale wood) (likes pigtails)

Rose Joyce Summers daughter of Dawn and Harry ~ Notable abilities partial key abilities, Willow style magic and Harry style magic.

Lilyanne Potter Ginny and Harry’s daughter, one year younger than Gabrielle. Red hair.~ Witch

Raisa Kent Clark and Chloe’s daughter, year and change younger than Gabrielle and crew. Same birthday as Lilyanne. A couple of minutes older. Notable abilities ~ Kryptonian powers and abilities.

Trista Baker first year werewolf Hogwarts student with Gabrielle and Rose. Still friends with the gang. ~ Notable abilities = Witch and werewolf of the Anita Blake style world.

Breena Skywalker, slayer six months younger than Lilyanne. Lily bought her on the planet tatoonie for a large ruby. ~ Notable powers Slayer and Anakin sky walker level of force abilities.

Sylvie is a white weretiger (tends to draw out her words) Long time friend and lover of Gabrielle. As of Gabrielle’s family and adventure’s she’s completed her art degree and now lives with Gabrielle full time. Anita Blake style weretiger.

Erana Carter: Purple haired. Scientist. Pilot and general problem solver (based off of Pokegirl research far back in her line. Related to Samantha Carter of SG-1. Notable abilities ~ Ability to use pokegirl techs.

Max Sheppard (girl) Nearly fearless fighter Pilot. A bit of restless girl. Dislikes sitting in one place for long (save the pilot’s seat), demolitions girl, Ability to project energy from her fingers. Notable abilities ~ Ability to use pokegirl techs.

Mary has long red hair, she’s a knuckle dragger ie security force. Skills include star drive engineer, combat engineer and weapons platform, Notable abilities ~ Ability to use pokegirl techs and the ability to fly.

Gwen vat born, spent her first five years in child care facilities before being sent to school. Age 29, enchantress, blue skinned elf girl botanist aced her flying class. Sabrina was her ancestor.

John O’Neill: Clone of Jack O’Neill (Strength and speed tattoos.)

Amanda Burns (oc) (electronics specialist, reserves) (likes writing mission reports) Strength and speed tattoos.

Patrick O’Malley (oc) sworn in as a knight of Avalon (had a grandma that told old folk stories) (Celtic symbols for strength down your arms ands and speed on his legs, magical tattoos. On his back is another tattoo of a naked girl dancing around a bonfire during a thunderstorm, )

Jason (oc) likes jokes. Fairly large athletic man that makes it through life on a combination of wit, muscle, skill, smarts and more than a dash of humor. Strength and speed tattoos.

Marie Neve Raven has brownish wavy hair, blue eyes. Rogue and Lexie’s daughter via the baby cloning device (doctor who like tech.) Notable powers ~ Ability to drain people like her mother and the god like ability to control via magic like the Wheel of Time’s magic only not gender biased.

Jade Harris, brown haired girl, brown eyes. Daughter of the older Xander. Notable powers~ Ability to curse people watcher level ability with magic.

Helen ~ Mooncalf = Gabrielle’s pokegirl. C-Cup pokegirl that generates breast milk magically. Has a number of Psychic powers and abilities as well as pokegirl magic techs.

Bella ~ Daughter of Helen - Mooncalf ~ Psychic abilities and eventual milk generation.

Joiya Al’Thor Egewene and Rand Al’Thor’s child that Dawn pulled from Egwene’s test.~ Notable abilities ~ Panwere (Anita Blake) and a Channeler (Wheel of time magic user.)

Mandragoran, Elnore.~ Panwere Channeler
Mandragoran, Maric. ~Panwere Channeler
Rasha ~ Girl from the island of madness. Red hair 12 in 1500 ~Panwere Channeler
Kia Red haired sister of Rasha ~Panwere Channeler
Mashira - friend of Rasha ~ Panwere Channeler
Marinna - Friend of Rasha ~Panwere Channeler

Amy Starke Veela mother of Rose’s child Lilith

Lilith ~ Half Veela child of Rose. Red hair ~ Ability to generate flames. Kryptonian powers and abilities. Ability to split her perspective and self into four different worlds via key like power.

Asura ~ Half Veela Child of Rose. Half sister of Lilith ~ Abilities Kryptonian abilities and the ability to summon mythical creatures from varies realms as a key based ability

Hecate Snape ~ Daughter of current world Snape and Hekate goddess of magic. Abilities Wizarding magic and Demigoddess powers.

Jenny Calendar = Techno Pagan from the world that got screwed up by Aliens.
Islay Black = Sirius’s alt from a different Harry Potter world.

Abby - Mistoffeles I.e. a cat girl illusionist. Notable powers include illusions and teleportation. One of Gabrielle’s Pokegirls.

Morrigan ~ blue skinned elf pokegirl that belongs to Gabrielle. Notable skills include magic and sword craft.

Sarah ~ Gabrielle’s alpha pokegirl. A magic card wielding pokegirl that looks thirteen.


Jesse McNally ~ Xander’s friend. Notable abilities include lightsaber training as well as adept level magic use. He is also a panwere.

Rebecca McClay ~ Tara’s mother. Magic use as well as being a panwere. She’s also since the attack by the aliens an altered human that has claws even in her normal form as well as a tall that can phase through things.(only the tail though.). Protected senses and an incredible resistance to electricity. She’s also got an amazing ability to control earth.

Willow Rosenberg (younger) ~ Master level magic user and Panwere. Girlfriend of Gabrielle’s and Vivian‘s.

Tara McClay (older): Immortal Witch. Died and got sent to another world. Met the cheerleader from heroes and moved to Avalon’s world.

Tara McClay (younger): The Tara from the younger Buffy world. Likes Willow, Gabrielle and Vivian. Notable abilities: Panwere and Magic.

Dawn Summers (younger) ~ Love interests include Xander, Maggie and Rose. Notable abilities include magic, Glory’s hell goddess powers and key based powers of world creation.

Buffy Summers (younger) ~ Slayer infused with the power of Olaf the Troll. She’s a few inches taller than the original Buffy because she asked Gabrielle to give her more height. Notable skills include lightsaber training.

Sally McNally Jesse's half veela daughter ~ Buffy verse magic as well as half veela abilities. Panwere.

Briana = Buffy's veela half daughter Notable powers = half veela powers as well as Kryptonian powers.

Amelia and Emily Summers Buffy's twin half veela daughters blond. Notable powers = half veela powers as well as Kryptonian powers.

Alexandria = Xander's half veela daughter. Half Veela powers. Panwere

Tempest Summers = Rose Summer's child with the younger Willow light red hair Notable powers: Master level magic though untrained for Buffy world magic. Powerful if only slightly trained abilities in Harry Potter‘s magic. Kryptonian powers and abilities. House elf powers of teleportation and minor elf magic from Willow. Unknown at this time if she has key based powers.

Gypsy Rosenberg = Gabrielle's daughter by younger Glory enhanced Dawn. Notable powers: Master level magic though untrained for Buffy world magic. Powerful if only slightly trained abilities in Harry Potter‘s magic. Kryptonian powers and abilities. Hell goddess powers. Various abilities related to the faerie folk. Invisibility. Telepathy.

Valerie Rosenberg = Gabrielle and Marie's daughter: Notable powers: Master level magic though untrained for Buffy world magic. Powerful if only slightly trained abilities in Harry Potter‘s magic. Kryptonian powers and abilities. Godlike powers of Wheel of Time magic like her mother. Various abilities related to the faerie folk as well as invisibility and Telepathy.

Harry Potter (younger version) the Harry Potter from the Harry world the gang lives in during Gabrielle’s family and adventure’s. Notable powers: Magic, Increased intelligence, Flight, the ability to drain people’s health by touch if he wants. Regeneration, the ability to mold other objects. The ability to convert objects into other substances. The ability to collect substances by focusing on a type of substance and teleporting it to an area nearby.

Heather Potter is the alternate Harry from Islay’s world. Notable powers: Legendary Magical ability once trained. Intelligence is genius level. Telepathy and a number of remote sensing powers. Heat generation. The ability to teleport others and the ability to generate a force shield. Mind shield and several other abilities that she hasn’t discovered yet.

Banshee ~ Antihero of Skyrim. Notable abilities = Soul of a dragon, magic and skill with blades and thievery.

Banshee the younger ~ Hero of Skyrim. Notable abilities = Soul of a dragon, magic and skill with blades.

Beatrice ~ Skyrim conjurer that Gypsy and gang rescued from the necromancers. Now the caretaker of Mione’s crystal house in Skyrim.

Mione = Hermione slightly older than the younger Hermione version. Notable powers: Powerful Witch potential. Genius level intelligence. Flight at 225 mph, almost complete invulnerability to magic. Weather control of an amazing level. She is supernaturally tough enough to shrug off high caliber mounted guns at close range without damage. Supernatural levels of regeneration that include the ability to regrow limbs. She’s got the ability to transfer or copy a person’s mind into other life forms. She’s also got the ability to create life forms that she’s studied before. She doesn‘t understand the extent of this power and is leery of using it for moral reasons as more than half the creatures end up dead within days of her creating them.

Vivian ~ Willow the younger’s younger sister. Loves Gabrielle, Willow and Tara.
Maggie ~ Willow the younger’s younger sister. Loves Dawn
Emma ~ Willow the younger’s younger sister. Loves Faith and Faith.

Avari Longbottom Neville's younger sister.

Cassie Potter Harry's younger sister (a little over a year younger) Witch

Caitlin Rosenberg = Vivian and Tara's daughter. A couple of months younger than Harry. Kryptonian powers with Willow's style of magic as well as Harry Potter style magic. (untrained in the Harry Potter magic.)

Wren Summers = Younger Faith and Buffy's daughter. About 5 years younger than the younger Harry.

Morning Glory = Teenage centaur girl that Heather liked to peep on in the forbidden forest.
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