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New Worlds by charmingangel


Title: New Worlds
Author: Betty
Fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Buffy, Supernatural & True Blood
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or fandoms. I wish I did… *g* I don’t make any money with this! I’m just writing the story for fun and hope someone else will enjoy it, too.
Summary: After finding a lost woman from another universe the Doctor finds a way to travel to other realities (fandoms) safely. Trying to get her home he picks up some new (and old) companions.
Warnings: Some canon characters are dead in certain realities. But they might be alive in other realities. So noone is gone for good... ;-)

The story will be written from different points of view again. This way thoughts can be included for several characters and a better inside into the character is possible.

I’m German and my English isn’t and probably never will be perfect. I hope I don’t make too many mistakes. Feel free to point out errors so I can learn and improve.

I didn’t have a beta reader for the first chapters of the fic, so there probably are still some mistakes. Feel free to point them out so that I can correct them and improve my English.

About the story:

It is a multi-crossover. The following fandoms will definitely be included: Buffy (/Angel), Doctor Who, Supernatural, Torchwood and True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Novels. There probably will be some other fandoms added later and several might guest star.

The Doctor finds a way to travel between universes (realities). Different fandoms are different realities. The only exceptions are Buffy/Angel and Supernatural. For the purpose of my story I’m assuming they are set in the same world. I know there are differences in these shows, like the vampires for example. Since all this is AU I’m just going to dismiss the differences. In my Buffy/Angel/Supernatural world there are different kinds of vamps/demons, etc. Buffy & co simply met different ones than Sam & Dean. ;-)

The Doctor is going to travel and pick up people from different realities. I think the TARDIS is big enough for a lot of companions. *g*

As not everyone will know every character and fandom I will add links to character information on Wikipedia. I will also add some icons and other fanart throughout the story. All fanart is made by me.

fandoms & characters:

main characters:

Buffy / Supernatural:
Illustration Buffy Summers: Buffy is 26 years old now.
Illustration Dawn Summers: Dawn is 20 years old now.
Illustration Dean Winchester: Dean is 30 years old.
Illustration Faith Lehane: Faith is 24 years old now.
Illustration Ruby: I made up my own backstory for Ruby. If you want you can check it out in the profile of my old rpg journal: Or you can figure out more about her in my fanfic.
Illustration Sam Winchester: Sam is 26 years old.
Illustration Willow Rosenberg: Willow is 26 years old now.

All Buffy characters come from about 3 years after the Angel finale/ 4 years after the Buffy finale. I haven’t yet read any Buffy or Angel comics, so they will not be included.
There is a slayer school in Cleveland now, where another hellmouth is located.
Faith has been training Dawn for a while and they became friends.
While checking out some demonic activity Faith & Dawn met Sam & Dean Winchester. Faith & Dean immediately hit it off. That gave Sam & Dawn time to get to know each other and fall in love. They however didn’t admit that and split up. Sam & Dean went on travelling through the US while Faith & Dawn went back to Cleveland.

The Supernatural characters come from after the season 3 finale. Nothing that happened in season 4 will happen in my fanfic (besides Dean coming back from hell). Ruby will stay blond. ;-)

Doctor Who/Torchwood:
Illustration Captain Jack Harkness:
Illustration Dr. Martha Jones:
Illustration Rose Tyler:
Illustration the TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space):
Illustration the 10th Doctor:

The characters come from after Planet of the Dead / Children of Earth.
Rose will come into the story a bit later.

True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Novels:
Illustration Eric Northman: Eric comes from an AU version of the books. In this AU world Sookie died in Dead and Gone. About a year has passed since then.

These are the main characters for now. More might be added later. ;-)

minor/recurring characters & guest stars:

Illustration Angel:
Illustration Cordelia Chase:
Illustration Doyle:
Illustration India Cohen: India would be 29 years old now. Since India has only been in Buffy books and not the show there is no canon actress for her. So I chose Summer Glau to portray her.
Illustration Kennedy:
Illustration Rupert Giles:
Illustration Tara Maclay:
Illustration Xander Harris:

Doctor Who:
Illustration Amy Pond:
Illustration Rory Williams/Pond:
Illustration the 11th Doctor:
Illustration the Master:

Legend of the Seeker:
Illustration Cara Mason:
Illustration Denna:
Illustration Kahlan Amnell: After defeating the keeper and sealing off the underworld it was time for Kahlan to go back to Aydindril, where she is now.
Illustration Richard Cypher (Rahl):
Illustration Zeddicus 'Zedd' Zu'l Zorrander:'l_Zorander


the following pairings will definitely end up together:
- Faith Lehane & Dean Winchester
- Dawn Summers & Sam Winchester
- Buffy Summers & Eric Northman
- the Doctor & Rose Tyler

There will be some flirting and more between Faith & Jack as well.
Jack will flirt here and there, like he usually does. In the end he will probably get together with Martha Jones.
The Doctor finds a way to travel to other realities (fandoms) and picks up some new companions on the way.
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