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White Knights and Dark Lords by Sherza

White Knights and Dark Lords

White Knights

Dark Lords

Banners by the wonderful TexasAries

White Knights and Dark Lords opens in the summer after Harry's fourth year, and approximately three years post-Sunnydale. The New Watcher's Council got wind of trouble thanks to that ritual/potion that Voldemort used to get himself a new body. As it used earth magic, it threw up a big beacon that said 'troublemaker here!' for the NWC. They investigated, stumbled across the wizarding world, found out a bit of what was going on, and went 'oh no you don't!'

They sent in Xander and Spike. Spike had left L.A. immediately after getting a solid body again, rather than hang about with Angel, and ended up in Africa with Xander, where the two of them learned to get along and eventually became friends. Xander and Spike go fetch Harry, and chaos ensues.

Council and Ministry picks up immediately after WK & DL ends. It is a far slower-paced fic, and has a good deal of introspection, character evolution, and 'picking up the pieces' that were left dangling left, right, and center in WK & DL.

Good things to know:

Earth magic: Tends towards area effects (teleportation/apparation, potions, balls of flame/wind/etc), and takes longer to enact (chants and chalk diagrams on floors, etc).

Wand magic: faster, pinpoint accuracy, but generally unable to affect more than one person/thing at a time per spell.

Wand-wizards can use earth magic, but generally in very small amounts, and never couched in terms of earth magic (wandless magic, apparation, etc). The ones with the strongest connection to earth magic tend towards careers/hobbies that allow them to utilize that ability to the full. Potions Masters, Herbologists, and some healers. While it is not impossible to be both a strong wand-wizard and a strong earth-witch, no such creature exists yet, as the Wizarding world does not teach earth magic as such, and no earth witches have received traditional wand-wizard training.

Werewolves are the three-night BTVS variety, but have the look of Lupin in the movies. Vampires are the BTVS variety. The Wizarding world has a limited awareness of the demonic world ... some of the 'dark creatures' are actually smaller demons with different names than what the BTVS folks know them by. Blood magic (like in BTVS) is very, very bad.

The Old Council did know about the existence of the Wizarding world. Way back when, a Potential was born to a pureblood family, and they snatched her. Cue some very upset wizards. Eventually, things got smoothed out. The Council adopted a hands-off 'need to know' policy since the wizarding world is so insular, with only one or two key people knowing of the Wizarding world. When the Council got blown up, the knowledge went with them.

If you dislike manipulative Dumbledore fics, run away now!
The New Watcher's Council has discovered the Wizarding World and Voldemort. Voldemort is about to find himself in more trouble than he can handle. AU 'season 8' for BTVS/Angel, end of GoF for HP. Banners by TexasAries! Expanded and edited!
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They came, they saw, they conquered. Now, can two disparate groups learn from, and to live with, each other? Can the Ministry become something other than an anachronism?
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