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The Traveller Chronicles by kedrann

This series introduction will be used to build, little by little, a collection of notes about the Traveller Chronicles universe.

Be aware that it will contain spoilers.

Universes list (aka disclaimer, as I don’t own anything of them)

The main universe is a mix of:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Stargate SG-1

With a side of

Full Metal Panic (1st anime series + most of Fumoffu for questions of timeline): the FMP characters have dimensional doubles in the merged universe.

Halloween costume universes

Macross Universe
Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki (including elements from GXP and Okuta Manga)
Appleseed (manga)
Ghost in the Shell (manga)
Battle Angel Alita (including Last Order)
Once Upon a Time… Space!
Space Adventure Cobra
Leijiverse (as usual with the Harlock universe, any attempts at continuity is futile. I will mainly base myself on Endless Road SSX/My Youth in Arcadia, but elements of other Harlock shows will appear.)

Other Universes

The following fictional universes are often cited, but their characters to not appear directly: G.I. Joe, Dune, Babylon 5, Star Wars.



Scoobies and family

Akisawa: (OC (Tenchi Muyo)) Royal Tree of Dawn.

Calendar, Motoko: (Jenny Calendar + Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)) Chief of Macross City Police Department

Giles, Rupert ‘Doc’: (Rupert Giles + Daisuke ‘Doc’ Ido (Battle Angel Alita)) Cyberphysician at the Macross General Hospital.

Hakubi, Buffy: (Buffy Summers + Ryoko Hakubi (Tenchi Muyo)) Special Forces

Hakubi, Dawn:  (Dawn Summers + Sasami Jurai (Tenchi Muyo)) 

Hakubi, Joyce: (Joyce Summers + Washu Hakubi (Tenchi Muyo)) Head Scientist of the Fleet.

Hakubi, Ryo-Ohki: (plush toy of Dawn who became a ‘copy’ of Ryo-Ohki (Tenchi Muyo)) Special Forces.

Harlock, Xander: (Xander Harris + Captain Harlock (Leijiverse)) Captain of the Arcadia

Kuramitsu, Mihoshi: (Tara Maclay + Mihoshi Kuramitsu (Tenchi Muyo)) Tara forsake her name to start a new life away from the abuse of her father. Currently Detective in the Macross City Police Department.

Rosenberg, Willow: (Willow Rosenberg + Kei Yuki (Leijiverse)) First officer of the Arcadia.

Cordelia and the Cordettes

Chase, Cordelia: (Cordelia Chase + Emeraldas (Leijiverse)) Captain of the Queen Emeraldas

Ditchik, Gwen: (Gwen Ditchik + Renda Chlore (OC/Once Upon a Time… Space!)) Currently assigned to Macross Recon with Wesley Wyndham-Pryce and Metro.

Eaglebear, Alita: (Aura Eaglebear + Alita (Battle Angel Alita)) Special Forces.

Jenius, Aphrodisia: (Aphrodisia Dillon + Komilia Maria Jenius (Macross)) Student at Macross High. Friend of Kaname Chidori.

Kalinin, Tessa: (Harmony Kendall + Teletha Testarossa (Full Metal Panic)) Captain of the Stargazer.

Other Known Sunnydalers

Ahriman/The First Evil: (Tucker Wells (Forgotten One) + Crystal Boy/Ahriman (Space Adventure Cobra)) Situation unknown

Sagara, Sosuke: (Larry Blaisdell (Forgotten one) + Sosuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic) Diamond Force Pilot.

Cobra: (Jonathan Levinson + Cobra (Space Adventure Cobra)) Situation unknown

Edelblut, Drusilla:  (Drusilla + Caerula Sanguis (Battle Angel Alita: Last Order)) Combat instructor (hand-to-hand) for Macross Special Forces.

Edelblut, Spike:  (Spike + Victor Byron (Battle Angel Alita: Last Order)) Special Forces.

Kizaki, Gamlin: (Riley Finn (Forgotten One) + Gamlin Kizaki (Macross Seven)) Commanding officer of the Diamond Force (Stargazer).

Hecatonchires, Briareos: (Andrew Wells + Briareos Hecatonchires (Appleseed)) Part of the Arcadia’s Mobile Infantry Platoon.

Madison, Amy: (Unchanged One) Student at Macross High and registered Mage Apprentice.

Mears, Warren: (Warren Mears + Desty Nova (Battle Angel Alita)) Situation unknown

Wilkins, Richard III: (Unchanged One) Mayor of Macross City

Wyndham-Pryce, Wesley: (Unchanged One) Macross Recon and teammate of Gwen Ditchik.

Other characters

Bowman, Goa Guld: (OC (unnamed) + Goa Guld Bowman (Macross Plus)) Commander of Space Wolves squadron (Arcadia)

Carrington, Timothy: (OC + Admiral Global (Macross)) Admiral of the Traveller Fleet, Father of Milia Jenius.

Calloway: (OC (Unchanged One)) Tactical officer of the Arcadia.

Chidori, Freyja: (OC (Unchanged One)) Stepmother of Kaname Chidori, archeologist and professor at the Macross University.

Chidori, Hildr: (OC + Milia Fallyna Jenius (Macross)) Kaname’s half-sister. Currently part of Dawn’s circle of friends with Mylene Jenius.

Chidori, Kaname: (Dimensional Twin of Chidori Kaname, merged with the ‘her’ from Full Metal Panic). Student at Macross High and friend of Aphrodisia Jenius and Tessa Kalinin.

Ditchik, Cathy: (OC/Unchanged One)). Sister of Gwen Ditchik.

Ditchik, Hikaru: (OC + Hikaru Ichijyo (Macross)). Commander of Maverick Squadron and father of Gwen.

Ditchik, Misa: (OC + Misa Hayase (Macross)). First officer of the Macross and mother of Gwen.

Eaglebear, Claudia: (OC + Claudia LaSalle (Macross)) Navigation officer of the Macross and mother of Alita

Eaglebear, Roy: (OC + Roy Fokker (Macross)) Commander of Skull Squadron, CAG of the Macross and father of Alita.

Gutierrez, Mercedes ‘Psi’: (OC + Lieutenant Mercedes (Once Upon a Time… Space!)) Detective in Macross City Police Department.

Hades:  (OC (Appleseed)) Bioroid specialized in bio-engineering, physician at the Macross General Hospital.

Jenius, Maximilian: (Max Dillon (OC) + Max Jenius (Macross) Commander of Storm Rider Squadron, father of Aphrodisia and Mylene.

Jenius, Milia: (OC + Milia Fallyna Jenius (Macross)) Commander of Space Angels (all-female) Squadron, mother of Aphrodisia and Mylene.

Jenius, Mylene: (OC + Mylene Flare Jenius (Macross)). Sister of Aphrodisia. Best friend of Dawn.

Kalinin, Andrei Sergeievich: ( Dimensional Twin of Andrei Kalinin, merged with the ‘him’ from Full Metal Panic). Father of Tessa Kalinin, Tactical officer of the Stargazer.

Knute, Deunan: (OC (unnamed JAG Lieutenant) + Deunan Knute (Appleseed))

Laval, Pierre ‘Pierrot’: (OC + Pierrot (Once Upon a Time… Space !): Captain of the Keflavik and commander of Macross Recon force.

Madison, Stephen: (OC + Jyhad (Space Adventure Cobra)): Current archmage of the Fleet and Head of the Thaumaturgy Department of Macross University. Father of Amy Madison.

Mardukas, Richard: ( Dimensional Twin of Richard Mardukas, merged with the ‘him’ from Full Metal Panic). First officer of the Stargazer.

Oyama, Tochiro: (OC (unnamed boy, Forgotten One) + Tochiro Oyama (Leijiverse))

Persephone:  (OC (Appleseed)) Bioroid specialized in bio-engineering, physician at the Macross General Hospital.


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YAHF. As a cosmic entity from another reality meddles with Ethan’s spell, history changes its course for the Sunnydalers.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings • (Current Donor)kedrann • FR18 • Chapters [31] • Words [151,953] • Recs [53] • Reviews [410] • Hits [158,677] • Published [8 Dec 10] • Updated [21 Apr 13] • Completed [Yes]
This is a collection of stories told by people in the Traveller Chronicles universe and helping flesh out the world without burdening the main story.
You can add chapters to this story Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings • (Current Donor)kedrann • FR18 • Chapters [4] • Words [5,856] • Recs [4] • Reviews [26] • Hits [8,324] • Published [24 Apr 12] • Updated [20 Jul 12] • Completed [No]