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Blue Belle Universe by JoeHundredaire

Assorted bits and bobs of the main Blue Belle universe that have been released early because they feature events - and characters- outside of the main story line.Dramatis Personæ:
Cordelia Chase: Head of the Cordettes, varsity cheerleading captain, and a bit of a cheertator. Magneto's granddaughter and fellow magnokine. Inherited green hair from her mother. Inherited the Black Cat's bust from Halloween. More excited about the former than the latter.
Michelle Flaherty (Ministique): The shapeshifter formerly known as Xander. Got genderbent - and turned blue - thanks to poor taste in Halloween costumes. Thinks Cordy's mom has got it going on.
Willow Rosenberg (Poe): Former geek turned snarky goth. Secret webcam princess. Just discovered that she's a mutant. Also found out that her father isn't actually her father. The former is connected to the latter.
Janet van Dyne (Wasp): Winsome. Mutant. Cheerleader. The token Asian girl. Sometimes has a hankering for caterpillars. Likes to tell people about it.
Gwen Ditchik: Assistant captain of the varsity cheerleading squad and Michelle's BFF. Flatscan. Wants to smurf Michelle's smurf really smurfing hard.
Harmony Kendall: Accidentally got imbued with the memories of a stripper on Halloween. Knows how to work two different kinds of poles these days. Cordette but not a cheerleader because they don't trust her to walk and chew gum. Bit of a slut. Kind of dumb. Happy, though.
Aphrodesia Michaelis: Dressed as a Rule 63 Captain America for Halloween. Now a parkour princess. Cheerleader and Cordette.
Aura White: The one black girl in Sunnydale. Cheerleader. Cordette. Aphrodesia's bff.

Chellettes:Santana Lopez: Cheerleader. Mutant. Barista. They say she's a slut but she knows better. Generally the brains out of her and Brittany, but sometimes her girlfriend can surprise her.
Brittany Pierce: The only person who loves unicorns more than Harmony. Cheerleader. Mutant. Barista. Talked Santana into the former and got talked into the latter. Her two favorite things are talking to people and melted cheese.
SHS Faculty, Staff, and Students:
Rupert Giles:
Buffy Summers:
Missy Pantone:
Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Boston Residents:Faith Lehane: Thinks being a Slayer is wicked pissah. Planning to live fast, love hard, and die young. Recently found two lovely blondes to help her out with the 'love hard' part of things. Knows that not everything can be solved with violence, but prefers things that are.
Tara Maclay:
Diana Dormer:
Avengers Initiative and SHIELD:

Giants Among Men, Inc:
Hank Pym:
Scott Lang:
Cassie Lang:
Sam Peters:
Kaida Satou:

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