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Slayer's Witch by acs

This series takes place in a AU/Crossover world that includes:

The Buffyverse
The Potterverse (Stories with Faith and Ginny Weasley)
The Charmed universe (Stories with Buffy and Prue Halliwell)
The Highlander universe (Stories with Dawn and Amanda)

Note: The stories in this series directly involving Buffy and Faith are in my FFA entry:

[1] Not So Charmed Buffy encounters the not-so-alive Prue Halliwell (Occurs before "Gone")

[2] Faith in Winter Faith meets Ginny Weasley (Occurs after "Gone" - explains the series title)

Miscellaneous Multiverse Crossover Background

o The Watcher's Council knows about the wizarding world but there is little contact between the two. Most wizards think slayers are a myth. The Council and the Ministry of Magic came to an agreement a long time ago (centuries) not to interfere with things in the other world that didn't concern them directly.

o Slayers can't do wizarding magic. Most never come into contact with wizards but several squibs had been potential slayers activated when Willow did her spell. The Ministry and Council have managed to keep that from becoming common knowledge.

o The magic of the Charmed Ones is a rare variety of wandless wizarding magic practiced by only a few families who'd immigrated to the New World centuries ago. The rest of the wizarding world consider their existence and abilities to be a legend. For some unknown reason The Powers That Be (TPtB) decided that these kind of witches needed guardian angels, aka White Lighters.

o Willow's wiccan magic is similar to that of the Charmed Ones but originates from a completely different magical/religious tradition - hence - no White Lighters for witches of that sort. They don't need that kind of moral support.

o Immortals are the few beings who seem to know about the different types of magic in their world.
Crossover Story 1. Gone
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