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The Johnny Chronicles by justaguy

Johnny was a character from the short lived TV series ‘Police Squad’ that ran for six episodes on ABC in the early eighties. The series came from the masterminds behind ‘Airplane’ and ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’ and, in my opinion, was one of the funniest half hours ever put on TV. The series concept was reworked into the ‘Naked Gun’ movies. Personally I think the TV show was funnier.

One of the reasons the TV show was funnier was the character of Johnny, Detective Lt. Frank Drebin’s source on the street. He was meant to be a parody of all the streetwise snitches from cop shows that always seemed to know way more than they should about every crime going down.

In every episode Frank came to Johnny’s shoe shine stand to get the crucial info he needed to solve the crime (after a little bribe of course). The running gag was who sat down at Johnny’s chair after Frank left. Dr. Joyce Brothers looking for information on psychological disorders, Dick Clark needing info on a new music craze (and some ‘miracle youth cream’), Tommy Lasorda needing advice on managing his team and so on.

These stories are about some of the other people who came to Johnny for advice and information.

BTW – If you’ve never seen ‘Police Squad’ I highly recommend getting the DVD. You will not be disappointed. There are more jokes (actual laugh out loud jokes) in five minutes of that show than in any sitcom on the air today. The ‘freeze frame’ scenes at the end of each episode are worth the price of admission by themselves.
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