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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

New Watchers by Feygan


There are four ranks of Slayers:

Slayer 1st-Class
Slayer 2nd-Class
Slayer 3rd-Class
Slayer 4th-Class

An SFC 4th-Class is the best.

the Charter--the rules by which the Watchers Council and the Slayers are allowed to operate.

review board--every action a Field Slayer or Field Watcher takes can be called up before a review board. There are always three Watchers and three Slayers on any board.

rogue--a Slayer that goes against the Watchers Council.

Rogue Retrieval Force of the SFC--RRF. They are sent out wherever they have to go to bring back the rogue... or terminate her.

Slayer Command--the older Slayers that no longer go out and fight. They train the younger Slayers.

Slayer Field Command--SFC. Active Slayers; those that go out into the field and fight.

Special Operations Branch of the SFC--(Black Ops) working behind the scenes, they do whatever needs to be done


Watcher Command & Control--Watcher C&C. Headquarters; where the orders come from.


Watcher's Couuncil--



Watch-Master--a special rank created for Dawn Summers.



Watch-Master Dawn Summers--the Immortal Watcher. One of the original members of the NWC, it was discovered that at eighteen she had stopped aging. She is one of the most respected and revered members of the Watchers Council. She is only assigned the most difficult tasks, though she sometimes volunteers herself for regular duties.

SFC 4th-Class Emily Danvers--member of the Special Operations Branch of the SFC. 17 years old.

SFC 4th-Class Kay MacPherson--member of the Special Operations Branch of the SFC. 18 years old.

SFC 4th-Class Erika Hutton--rogue Slayer. Member of the Special Operations Branch of the SFC. 19 years old.


Watch-Master Dawn Summers, with Emily Danvers and Kay MacPherson, is on a retrieval mission to bring back Erika Hutton.
NWC pt 1. The Watch-Master is sent to retrieve a rogue Slayer, beginning the adventure.
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