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Into that Good Night

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Summary: One girl, alone against the night. Warning: Major spoilers for 'The Descent.'

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Into that Good Night
By P.H. Wise
A Buffy/The Descent crossover shortfic

Disclaimer: Mutant Enemy owns Buffy. I’m not sure who The Descent belongs to, but it isn’t me.

In the depths of the cave, lit now only by the angry red glow of her discarded flare, Juno stood, waiting for death to take her. Her foot was mangled and useless: the pain of it was nearly overwhelming, and she could barely see beyond the red haze of the flare; she wasn’t sure she wanted to see. She could hear them coming, and that was enough. In that moment, she knew she was going to die. Closer now, the sound of the Crawlers, ever closer, louder and louder until it was nearly deafening, echoing and reverberating through the cave.

For just a moment, she was no longer the athletic, adventurous, strong woman, but the terrified little girl; she screamed, and her scream tore through the lightless depths of the cavern like the wail of a banshee, lost, alone, and utterly doomed.

And in that moment, as death closed in on all sides, a still, small voice whispered a question in her ear: “Are you ready to be strong?

As if in answer, she hefted her makeshift weapon.

Power flowed through her; power such that she had never known; raw, unbridled strength pulsed in her veins. The pain in her ankle grew less, and she found it able to support her weight, if barely. As if someone had flicked a switch, her vision surged out and expanded into the darkness of the cave, and she saw them; the Crawlers were charging towards her, their inhuman shrieks calling for her death with all that was within them.

Juno smiled grimly. Lost in the depths of the Earth, her ankle slashed, faced with a horde of charging monsters, and armed only with a makeshift axe jerry-rigged from her climbing gear, she smiled.

‘These guys are toast,’ she thought, and with a primal battle cry, the newborn Slayer charged into battle.


The End

You have reached the end of "Into that Good Night". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking