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Tok’ra, Schmok’ra

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Summary: Riley’s great news turns out to be even greater then expected.

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Theme: HumorfayetonicFR131515094,6336 Aug 066 Aug 06Yes
Title: Tok’ra, Schmok’ra

Author: fayetonic

Rating: PG-13 to be safe

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Stargate SG-1. I write because I can.

Spoilers: Chosen for Buffy, and The Tok’ra Part 2 for Stargate

Summary: Riley’s great news turns out to be even greater then expected.




She had survived the battle with the First. She had kicked some Uber-Vamps asses and yet here she was laying here in the hospital, finishing her last batch of chemotherapy.


You would think being the Key to all dimensions would give her immunity to all diseases, but of course not! It seems when the Monks made her into human form they hadn’t done any research into her parent’s medical history. So here she was, Dawn Summers, dying of the same cancer her mother had died from.




The chemo wasn’t going well at all. Besides the obvious side effects of hair loss and throwing up, she was also experiencing massive migraines. So it wasn’t any surprise when the doctor came in last week with a grim expression on his face and a CAT scan in his hand.


He was showing no emotion on his face but his sympathetic eyes were enough and Dawn just knew.


“It doesn’t seem like the chemotherapy is working, Ms. Summers,” he had said.


“So, what are my options?” she had replied, accepting the inevitable.


“We could try radiation therapy,” the doctor answered. “Or if you would agree to it, surgery.”


“Are you crazy? My mother basically died from surgery!” she had yelled, and then proceeded to dry-heave into a basin.


“Or you could stop treatment all together… there are quite a few homeopathic remedies around these days,” he added.


“I think that would be best. I don’t think my body can handle radiation treatment, or god forbid surgery!” she replied, easing her aching body slowly back down to the bed.


The doctor nodded and before he left, he proceeded to order the nurse to inject her with painkillers.


And then three days later Riley had called with great news.



Apparently, the Air Force had a cure snake thingamajig.


Major Samantha Carter and her father (who was also in the Air Force) Jacob appeared and Dawn after signing loads of disclosure agreements, she was told of snake aliens pretending to be gods, and the Tok’ra. Jacob’s symbiote Selmak introduced herself and Dawn couldn’t but help but flinch a little remembering the whole Glory incident.


“Before I give you my answer, can I ask you a question?” she questioned, Jacob/Selmak.


“Sure kiddo, ask away!” Jacob replied, and Dawn smiled remembering the Scoobies.


“This ghoul…”


“Goa'uld,” Sam corrected gently.


“Right, these Goa’uld… There wouldn’t happen to be word of one named say Glorificus, would there?”


Jacob frowned, looking like he was having a conversation with himself except he actually was because Selmak was there and how weird was that.


“Selmak says that she does not recall a Goa’uld named Glorificus,” he smiled reassuringly.


“Okay, well as long as my snake doesn’t try to kill me, then I’m in!”


And so began the adventures of Dawn Summers, Key, and Tok’ra.



The End

You have reached the end of "Tok’ra, Schmok’ra". This story is complete.

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