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Open Arms

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Summary: Spike reflects on what the Hellmouth has been to him. Short, Stand alone...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralStardustFR1315230156029 May 0329 May 03Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Spike or any of the BTVS or AtS groups, that's pure Joss, and since I'm non male... and not named Joss, I don't lay any claim to them. Some minor spoilage for season seven finale, and reflections on seasons 2, 3, 4, and finally 7.

A/N: this came upon me while I was covering for a coworker's shift this morning.

Fic starts here.

Spike looked down at the pendant which was glowing, just a spark at first. It warmed his unbeating heart to be able to help close up shop on the Hellmouth in Sunnydale. Yet at the same time, it felt as though he were destroying something important.

Ah yes, now he remembered, the first time he'd come to Sunnydale. It felt as though something had been waiting with open arms for him to come home. All the trouble he'd caused with his Dark princess by his side that first year. Even after Angelus had been released on the world, Spike felt at home. 'Home? I must be getting soft thinking of Sunnyhell as home.' Spike reprimanded himself, 'but I learned to love her, I found that there was more to life then killing, maiming and writing bloody awful poetry.' Spike chuckled at himself and then gasped in pain as he felt the necklace begin to work. He flashed back to the times he had returned to the Hellmouth, feeling the comfort that the darkness provided.

After Drusilla had left him, he'd come here, searching for a love potion. But then left before it was made. Course he'd made fun of the nancy haired poof that little goldie locks slayer had claimed as her lover. Then after that... It was hard to remember, but the Initiative. The wankers had put that damn chip in his head. Behaviorial modification chip, ha, did nothing to modify Spike's behavior. Not much anyway.

The blonde slayer was standing before him now, saying that she loved him. "No you don't, but thanks for saying it anyway." Spike murmured. Spike watched out of the corner of his eye as Buffy sprinted up the Hellmouthian stairs and away from her proper place. He flash backed again, he'd left her, intending to make things the way they should have been. Vampires are meant to leave a trail of havoc where-ever they go. But no, he'd been effectively neutralized thanks to a bunch of meddling Government brats. And the demon who was supposed to remove the chip instead felt it proper to return his soul. There was a whole lot of things wrong with that picture. And since the darkness of the Hellmouth had reaccepted him, allowed him back into the fold after the ordeal. Spike thought very little of it.

"I want to see how this ends." Spike muttered to himself as he watched the Hellmouth self destruct before him. The open arms which had welcomed him multiple times, were comforting to have around him as the place he called home was decimated. "With open arms you welcomed me, and with open arms you accepted me back into the fold. Now with open arms I return to where I belong." Spike said softly before the sunlight that was around him grew hotter on his skin and burned him alive.

Spike didn't know yet what was next on the agenda for him, but he hoped it was more interesting fun. Perhaps another Hellmouth would open that he could consider home. But untill then, he must wait as everyone else does.

~*~ End ~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Open Arms". This story is complete.

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