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Inara's Secret

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Horsemen". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Inara's secret comes out. Note, despite being part of a series it is readable on it's own.

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Firefly > GeneralangrymonkeyFR1511,43153312,6967 Aug 067 Aug 06Yes
I own nothing, I am not the genius that is Joss

Summary: Inara’s Secret is revealed.

For some reason I was always curious about what revelations Joss would have made about Inara if Firefly had continued. So from certain comments during the series I made this up.

Important Note: Despite being part of a series, you don’t need to have read There and Back Again, or The Call of the Gathering. I just wrote this because it sort of fits in with that world. There is no mention of Highlander ( except the presence of a sword)

Important note 2: I decided to write this in the second person after reading one of the best short Potter fics I have seen, it is called Playing The Hero and is at

Inara's Secret

You’re running as fast as you can, gun clutched in your hands, hoping and praying to anyone who will listen that they won’t catch you. Next to you Simon is struggling to keep up and keep an eye on his sister at the same time. On his face is a look of grim acceptance; part of him has realized that none of you will be making it out of here alive. You look around and see similar emotions settling on the faces of the rest of the crew. Well, not Wash; it doesn’t seem to have sunk into him yet.

The plan had been somewhat simple; as soon as Mal saw the recording of what happened on Miranda, he made Wash and Kaylee find a suitable broadcast station in the city they had landed in. It didn’t take long to reconfigure the equipment and send the message out across the cortex, showing just what the Alliance had caused.

That was when the shit hit the fan. The Reavers detected the transmission and came down to investigate. Luckily none of the crew had stayed on Serenity, because that was the Reavers first target. With no alternative, Mal decided to try and outrun them.

“Inara!” He’s just called your name. Jayne’s found a sewer entrance and Mal is lowering Kaylee into it. He’s waiting for you. Knowing Mal, he’s hoping to cause a bottleneck and force those monsters to come at us one at a time. Not that it makes much difference, what with there being thousands of them and only a finite amount of ammo. Unconsciously your hand goes to the syringe in your pocket.

As soon as you become aware of your action, you pull back. You don’t know why, but you promised someone never to use it. Still, somehow you know that it provides a way out of here.

As Mal lowers you into the sewer you once again curse your memory and the secrets you keep. You don’t know why or how, but you don’t age. For as long as you can remember your body has been as it is now. However, despite your good health it seems that the limit on human memory is less then 150 years. Your past is a mystery, even to you.

What few journals you have left from Earth That Was make no sense, they speak of monsters and demons and vampires; things that could never possibly exist. Often, you wonder why you would keep these works of fiction when a simple factual journal of your own past would be so much more valuable. And yet... Sometimes you will wake up from a nightmare you barely remember and wonder just what truth lies in the journals.

Simon and Jayne are working together to barricade the door to the small Septic Regulatory Control Room you and the crew have found. It’s a testament to the situation that those two are actually working together for once. Unconsciously, you slide the syringe’s case out of your pocket and stare at it; is it worth it?

River is watching you intently, taking some time off from her hysterics. You have always tried to shelter your thoughts from the girl, however you know she suspects something...

The Reavers are banging on the door and Jayne is out of grenades! They have already managed to burn through two of the three hinges on the door with some kind of torch and are starting on the last. Kaylee has tears in her eyes and Wash is standing next to his wife looking like a lost puppy. That’s when you spot Simon pulling a syringe of his own. You know he is planning on giving it to his sister, he is far too good a brother to let her suffer what the Reavers will do to her.

Suddenly your decision is made for you. After all, what is more important: a promise you can’t remember making, or your family? And in that moment you realize that that is what the crew of Serenity has become to you. “Wait.” The word is barely a whisper but Simon hears it and stays his hand. He was probably hoping for an excuse to put off what he has to do to his sister.

He turns to you, but you offer no explanation. Instead you take your syringe from its case and say a silent prayer to the Buddha. The needle doesn’t hurt as much as you would have expected. As the blood is drawn, you focus on putting all of yourself into the few ounces that will be taken and then you remove the syringe. According to your aging journals, this is the only way the procedure will work, by willingly placing your blood into the syringe you made and marked with runes.

Everyone’s attention has been drawn to you as you pray once again for all their souls. Looking across the room into Mal’s eyes, you mouth the words you have never been able to tell him out loud then extend the hand with the syringe in it as far away from your body as possible.

Inhaling deeply, you say five words, “Let the barriers come down.” With that you force the blood out of the syringe, drop by drop.

Jayne only has time to grunt in surprise as the blood opens a bright white portal that engulfs the room. You feel your body get pulled into a place humans were never meant to be and yet somehow feels like your home. Part of you feels the portal grow and expand beyond the room, then the city, then the planet as every Reaver ship is sucked into it. Then just as quickly, the portal begins to collapse in on itself.

The white light fades and you and the crew are still in the room, being attacked by Reavers. The last of your hope is extinguished as you realize that it didn’t work and you are going to die.

The rest of the crew is staring at you like you have grown a third head, but you don’t care, you have given in to the inevitable. The Reavers continue to bang on the door but then their screams suddenly change. At first you don’t understand the difference, but Jayne does. He says in his typical uneducated tone, “What the hell is scaring the gorram Reavers.”

That’s when it clicks, the screams of anger and rage have changed to those of fear and pain. Even as you listen, those cries are being cut off until all that is left to fill the eerie silence is one person’s soft footsteps as they approach the barricaded door.

When whatever is out there reaches the door, it pauses for a minute before knocking politely. Everyone is so shocked that no one even tries to answer. After a few seconds you hear it get fed up. You hear it pick up the torch the Reavers had been using and watch as it burns through the last of the hinges in under ten seconds.

As soon as the last bolt is severed, the door begins to fall into the hallway. The loud clang of metal on metal it enough to snap everyone out of their shock, and all eyes are on the door as she steps through.

She can’t be much bigger then River. In one hand she holds a curved sword and in the other, some kind of gun. If she is aware that she is covered in blood she certainly doesn’t show it. In fact from the broad smile on her face one would think she had just gotten back from her first date!

The strange girl’s eyes lock with yours and the carefree smile grows, suddenly she speaks, “How’ve you been Dawnie? I missed you.”


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The End

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