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Insane road Trips

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Summary: Buffy post Season 7- Xander, Faith, and Andrew on a long trip.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > ComedycwolfFR131696031,1817 Aug 067 Aug 06Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Xander glared out the window at the dark sky. Beside him sat one of the most annoying individuals he’d ever met. Considering he had known Harmony as both human and vamp, that was saying more than he wanted.

“Andrew, why didn’t we stop at that hotel.”

Andrew shrugged as he drove. “The cable was out. And I didn’t want to wake her.” He said, pointing at the snoring Faith.

Xander sighed. “All we were going to do was sleep. And you know that when she hears about it, that crick in her neck is going to cause her to try and kill you.”

Andrews eyes got wide and he stared back at the slayer.

“The road!” Xander yelled.

Andrew yelped and turned around.

They continued to drive, with the occasional snort from the back.

“We could have at least parked for an hour or so to sleep. Why I let you drive I’ll never know.”

“But your…” Andrew paused.

”Yes. My eye. I’ve gotten used to it.”

“You just barely passed the driving test.”

Xander stared for a second. “At least I keep my eye on the road. You’ve got the attention span of a fly. Every time someone swats at you, you go somewhere else.”

“Take that back!”

Faith groaned as she woke up. “So much for sleep.”

Andrew turned to look at her. “I…”


After a little while, Andrew spoke up. “We need gas.”

Xander blinked. “It’s over the halfway mark.”

”We don’t know how far the stations are from each other.”

”Fine. Find something.”

“You said it wrong.”

“I am not quoting Captain Picard!”

“Temper, temper, Mon Capitaine.”

Xander groaned. “Yep. Faith as Q. That’s going to bring nightmares.”

Xander and Faith stared around. “Leave it to Andrew.”


“You found the Twilight Zone.”

They stared out at the deserted exit they’d come to.

“Well, Genius. Where’s the station?” Faith said, while poking Andrew.

“It said go this way.”

”So go there already.”


They turned and went up a hill. As they topped it and started over, the station came in view.

“There it is.”

“Andrew…” Xander groaned. “The pumps are old enough to make Giles remember his youth.”

All three stared at the obviously closed station. The only lights on it or reflected around it, came from the car. There were no stars out from what they could tell.

“Well,” Faith sighed. “At least we still have gas.”

“Would’ve had more if the idiot hadn’t decided to make a pit stop.”

Andrew opened his mouth.

“Just turn around so we can go.” Xander groaned.

“Fine.” Andrew said dejectedly and started to circle around.

Xander blinked as the car continued to turn around slowly. “What the…”

The lights panned over what appeared to be a man from India wearing a turban. He was squatting down next to one of the pumps. He didn’t appear to notice them.



“Go faster.”

As the car peeled out and went back the way they came at 40 miles an hour, they glanced back and saw the outline of the man. Still sitting. Then they turned forward.

“Ok…” Xander started to say as they topped the rise. He blinked at a shape in the middle of the road. It was crouching over something. “Now what?”

The car started down. The shape rose from its crouch and stared straight at the car. They hit it two seconds later. Feathers flew everywhere.

Faith and Xander screamed along with Andrew as he took off up the ramp at a fast clip. The car just barely managed to stay on the road. Then they hit the interstate and took off.

“Andrew! Slow down! We killed the gargoyle!”

Behind them, the Indian man slowly walked toward the remains of the creature.

“Stupid tourists.” He said. “They just had to go and kill a perfectly good owl….”

(4 parts of this are a true story that happened to a friend and people he was traveling with. The exit with the closed gas station at night including the hill, the Indian man, the car struck owl. And the phrase “My god! You hit a gargoyle!” Everything else is Buffy characters and my imagination.)

The End

You have reached the end of "Insane road Trips". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking