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Hall of the Mountain King

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Colorado Springs High". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: General Hammond and SG1 need to verify Xander's story and do a threat assessment of him and all he represents. Weird alien technology ensues.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: FriendshipScorpioFR15414,230125661,1897 Aug 067 Aug 06Yes

Chapter One

TITLE: Hall of the Mountain King
SERIES: Colorado Springs High
SERIES #: 1.2
AUTHOR: Scorpio
FANDOM: SG1/BtVS [Clone-Jack & Xander centric]
GENRE: Crossover, AU
DISCLAIMERS: SG1, Clone-Jack, and anyone you recognize belong to MGM, Gekko & others that are not Scorpio. Xander & the Scooby’s belong to Mutant Enemy & the “Grrr Argh” Monster, not Scorpio. The various original characters do belong to Scorpio, however, so don’t feel too bad for her.

Colorado Springs High Series

Major General George Hammond, head of Stargate Command and the main architect of the soon to be operational Homeworld Security Command sighed tiredly and pinched the bridge of his nose. It was barely 0830 hours and he could tell already that it was going to be a long long day. He hadn’t even finished his first coffee of the day and already he was trying to decide if he should spike it with espresso or whiskey.

Dropping his hand down on his desk, George took a deep breath and looked over at the two men that he considered to be his personal protégés; Major Colonel Jack O’Neill and Lieutenant Colonel Louis Ferretti. The first was his 2IC here at the SGC and the second was his personal assistant in matters concerning the creation of the HWSC. It was George’s plan that when he finally retired, Jack would be ready to step into the command position that he was working so hard to create with Lou as his 2IC overseeing all aspects of interplanetary travel, planetary security and galactic diplomacy. He had personally chosen these two men as his protégés because they both represented the very best that the USAF stood for; smart, open minded, decisive and brimming over with balls-to-the-wall courage in the face of the enemy. Unfortunately, they were both magnets for the strange and unusual. The situation that they had brought to his attention certainly qualified as both.

“Alright gentlemen, we need to get to the bottom of this as quickly and painlessly as possible. I want SG1, Special Agent Jonathan O’Neill as well as Doctor Fraiser to meet us in the conference room for a debriefing in fifteen minutes.”

George stood up and reached for his quickly cooling coffee before turning laser bright eyes on Ferretti. “Colonel, if Doctor Fraiser isn’t finished with her examination of our guest, ask her to join us as soon as she’s finished.” He sighed softly as he watched the two men exchange glances and shrug slightly. “Dismissed.”

“Yes, Sir.”


Two quick salutes were aimed in his general direction before the two younger men spun and walked out of his office. George stared down into his coffee mug for a long moment before turning his head to gaze at the cabinet that he stored his liquor in. He could almost see the whiskey bottle through the wooden door and was mightily tempted to get it out and add a generous splash to his mug. Finally, with a soft snort and a quick head shake, he decided to leave it until later. He had a feeling that he was going to need it. Instead, he picked up his phone and rang his secretary’s desk. He was going to need a coffee and tea service for the debriefing as well as multiple copies made of the preliminary reports turned in by Colonel O’Neill’s teenaged clone and Lieutenant Colonel Ferretti.


General Hammond watched everyone settle down as he walked into the conference room outside his office door. Major Carter and Doctor Jackson both seemed to express mild annoyance at being dragged out of their respective labs as well as curiosity over why young Jonathan was there. Teal’c simply wore that blank facial expression that George had come to decipher as pure professionalism as he watched the two Colonels good-naturedly squabble over the same chair. As he reached the head of the table and placed his folder filled with reports down on it, all the chatter dried up and six pairs of eyes gazed up at him.

“Let’s get started, shall we?” He made a show of taking a quick glance around the table, “Doctor Fraizer?”

“She’s still with our guest, General,” Lieutenant Colonel Ferretti shrugged in mute apology, “she assured me that as soon as she had any results to report she would come on up and brief us.”

George merely nodded his head. Flipping open the folder, George repositioned the topmost piece of paper and then turned his eyes onto the teenaged clone of his 2IC. “Agent O’Neill. I’ve read your preliminary report, but why don’t you explain it all to me in further detail.” His eyes softened slightly and he let a bit of friendly encouragement slip into his tone of voice, “Don’t leave anything out, son. Even the smallest details could be important.”

Nodding, young Jonathan O’Neill stood up even as George sat down. He watched the teen as he visibly gathered his thoughts.

“Sir…a lot of this is going to sound, well…stupid and unbelievable. Part of that is because it, um…is unbelievable and part of it is because I don’t know everything about what happened or why.”

George smiled up encouragement. “That’s okay too, son. Tell us what you can. We’ll figure out the rest.”

Nodding again and taking a deep breath, the young teen clone began, “It started out like a typical night. I had a couple friends over for a supposed study session. Only, I seemed to be the only one interested in studying and my friends were more interested in raiding my beer and watching some T&A on pay-per-view.”

“You study? Doesn’t sound like the Jack I know.” Everyone grinned or snickered at Doctor Jackson’s muttered aside. Everyone, that is, except Jack and Jonathan.

“Hey! I resent that!”

“Jack’s right Danny. That study session wasn’t even for my benefit. I may not be as smart as the wonder-twins here, but high-school science isn’t enough to kick my ass. It was for Justin who’s in danger of loosing his spot of the hockey team if his grades don’t come up. Studying may not be my favorite thing, but those who know me also know that if I’ve got a job to do, it gets done. No matter how annoying it might be.”

There was a brief pause during which Doctor Jackson aimed apologetic eyes at both O’Neill’s. Finally, Jonathan rolled his own eyes, sighed and continued.

“So basically, I spent an unproductive evening in the presence of two oblivious teenagers and despite my current physical condition, I haven’t been an empty-headed kid in over thirty some odd years. After they left, I started to clean up my apartment. The incident happened when I was taking out the trash. I was…well, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.”

George watched with a sense of empathy as young Jonathan blushed with this admission, even as the others looked at him with either pity or confusion.

“Anyway, I happened to glance up just in time to see a shooting star. I remembered some silly little thing my ma used to say about wishing on falling stars, so I…uh, I made a wish. That’s when a strange voice came from behind me saying ‘Wish granted’. I spun around quick enough to see…the alien D’Hoffryn. It waved at me, grinned and disappeared in a ball of fire. Almost immediately after, Xander Harris appeared in the air in front of me and dropped to the ground like a stone. He was…”

Doctor Jackson cut Jonathan off mid sentence, a look of fascinated concentration on his face, “Wait. Wait a minute. You made a wish…” he blinked in confusion, “Um…what was the wish? Exactly.”

Jonathan blushed a bright red and turned his face away to stare at the wall. George wanted to take pity on the young man, but he understood why Doctor Jackson wanted to know.

“Son, I’m sorry if this line of questioning seems to be personally invasive, but you have to understand our position here. This alien being spoke the words ‘wish granted’ before he dropped our guest at your feet. We need to know how this young man is granting your wish in order to determine if he’s a threat to you or the SCG.”

“Yeah…I get it. It’s just…a bit embarrassing. Like I said, I was feeling pretty bad. Hell, I was indulging in a bout of self-pity, truth be told. I mean, I look like a kid, but I’m not. I’m an adult, a highly trained and very dangerous adult that just happens to be trapped in the body of a teenager. That fact puts me on the outside looking in no matter what. Adults can’t see past my outside and so treat me like a dumb kid and teenagers think I’m hopelessly out of touch since gossiping about the latest pop star isn’t my number one priority in life.” Blushing and refusing to look anywhere but at the steel-gray wall across the room Jonathan continued, “I wished for someone to come into my life that understood me completely. I friend that wouldn’t either talk down to me like I was an idiot teenager or treat me like a paranoid psychotic ready to snap at any minute.”

There was a long and painful silence as everyone considered what Jonathan had said, as well as what he didn’t say. Each person at the table was guilty of ostracizing the young clone. He had been dumped into Ferretti’s capable hands and then forgotten as everyone assumed he would be fine. It was never really taken into account that Ferretti was usually away on HWSC business or that Jonathan was used to being in a position of command as well as extreme physical danger. He must have been slowly going nuts pushed aside as he was.

It was finally Teal’c that broke the guilty silence with his cool calm tones, “You essentially expressed a desire for a warrior such as yourself to, as you say, watch your six. One who has also experienced being…physically altered.”


“Do you think he’s a clone that’s been…uh…de-aged as well?”

Jonathan glanced over at Major Carter and shook his head. “No. No way. I specifically mentioned that I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through being cloned. It’s no picnic to have an original out there living your life when you can’t. I wouldn’t want that for anyone.”

Colonel O’Neill blushed and frowned at that even as he held up a finger towards his clone, “Hey! I didn’t ask for this anymore than you did.” George watched him grimace and gesture with the flustered frustration dealing with his clone usually brought about. “And you know that if you ever need anything that I’m just a telephone call away. The same goes for anyone here at this table. You’re not…you know, alone.”

Jonathan nodded and gave a weak smile, “Yeah. I know Jack. I know.” The others all averted their eyes briefly in acknowledgement that despite all good intentions, it wasn’t enough and it wasn’t the same. The best they could do is simply try to make young Jonathan’s life as easy as possible until he was once again old enough to join the program.

“So,” George began in an effort to get the meeting going in the right direction again, “you made this wish and the alien…D’Hoffryn granted it by dropping our guest at your feet. What happened next?”

“Harris looked around and realized that he wasn’t where he should be and that he had been physically changed. He seemed disoriented at first, but when I described the alien that I had seen, he recognized him enough to…summon him. I’m not sure how exactly. He just sort of yelled the guy’s name and he appeared in another ball of fire.” Jonathan shrugged his apology at not understanding the mechanics behind it and continued. “The alien D’Hoffryn then explained that his kidnapping of Harris was…I guess legal is the correct term, as it was in response to a wish. Apparently, this move was one that Harris can’t or shouldn’t counter due to whatever reasons, but D’Hoffryn was pretty smug about it. When asked to clarify exactly what he had done, D’Hoffryn admitted to kidnapping Harris, altering him physically to the age of 15 human years and then shifting him into an alternate reality. Ours. Once in our reality, D’Hoffryn brought them both backwards in time until they reached last night. It was at that point that he dropped Harris at my feet.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Waitaminute, here.” Colonel O’Neill had the expression on his face that let everyone know that he just heard something that made his head hurt and his teeth itch. “Are you trying to tell me that the kid currently down in the infirmary is a time traveler from another reality? And that he’s not really a kid at all?”

Jonathan rolled his eyes, “Yeah Jack. That’s exactly what I’m saying. According to Harris he’s supposed to be a Commander in some demon-fighting army and that he was in the process of training up his successor when he got kidnapped.”



Colonel O’Neill and Doctor Jackson spoke at the same time; one in a tone of derision and the other in a tone of curiosity.

“Yeah. I had the same reaction, but according to Harris it’s a word used to describe any one of a number of species of hostile ‘dimensional monsters’.” Both hands came up to form finger quotations around the words. “Look. I can only tell you guys what D’Hoffryn told us both. He basically used my wish as an excuse to bring Harris here, which was his real goal. The reason for this is that he, and others he briefly mentioned, believes that there is some sort of threat heading our way that will eventually defeat us. After we are gone this supposed threat will do something to damage Harris’ reality as well. By sending Harris back in time and into our reality, the one where the original threat manifests, they hope to be able to stop it before it happens.”

George paused a moment and then gave a pointed look towards Samantha Carter sitting down the table from him and looking pensive. “Major? Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?”

“Well…Sir. We know that travel between realities is not only possible, but a fact. We also know that manipulating time is possible although beyond our current technology. That doesn’t mean that other races couldn’t have found a way to successfully manipulate the timestream or to physically travel through it. So, hypothetically, this is all in the realm of possibly being true. My concerns tend to fall under, ‘what now’. I mean, it’s possible that this Harris will soon begin to suffer from Entropic Cascade Failure and if he does, how do we send him home. So far, that’s the only way we know of to stop or reverse the breakdown of reality within an alternate universe doopleganger.”

“Um…” Doctor Jackson fiddled with his pen for a moment before tapping it thoughtfully on his notepad. “Also, his physical presence here as well as the reasons for his being in this reality is somewhat worrisome. After all, we only have D’Hoffryn’s word that there is trouble coming. That’s pretty vague. We don’t even know what form this supposed ‘trouble’ is going to take. Either way, Harris’ presence here can only corrupt the current timeline, but do we really know that that’s a good thing?”

George tilted his head and gave the head of the Anthropology Department a questioning look. He had learned long ago that Doctor Jackson often saw a situation far differently than his military trained companions, and as such, he often saw things that they overlooked or didn’t consider. That meant that, even when his advice couldn’t be taken for strategic reasons, it was still a good idea to hear him out.

“What exactly do you mean, Doctor? How could learning of a future threat ahead of time be a bad thing? I would think that it would be helpful to be able to prepare in advance.”

Doctor Jackson nodded his head slowly in tactic agreement. “Yeeessss…but only if it really is a threat that’s coming. I mean, suppose that this alien, D’Hoffryn, is telling the truth. He has somehow found a way to bring an agent backward in time and across the dividers between the various realities to stop some enemy from destroying this Earth and the Earth that Harris came from. What, exactly, is D’Hoffryn’s definition of destroy? We know what it means to us, but to him it could mean that all the humans on Harris’ Earth suddenly become vegetarians and he’s the world’s biggest producer and seller of meat products.”

“Ah…Danny. I don’t think that’s a very probable guess.”


“No. Jack’s right, Daniel. I actually asked D’Hoffryn that myself. I said, why do you care and he told me that he cared because if there were no humans left he couldn’t enjoy torturing them.”
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