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What Unlocks Memories of the Past

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Watcher Woes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A confused Daniel falls into an awakening of his past. Please, feel welcome to review. Chapters revised.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: HighlanderVivianCaidinFR131314,29303127,6769 Aug 068 Feb 09Yes

Chapter 2



For a long time, Dr. Daniel Jackson had problems with his memory. He was found by Nicholas Ballard floating in the Seine River in Paris France, Nick had said Daniel was his grandson. But for some reason, Daniel did not remember anything before being found. After being told that his parents had died when he was four by an exhibit falling on them, Daniel had recreated that moment in his head thousands of times as he tried to remember the event. Obviously, he knew 23 languages, obviously he knew about anthropology and knew about archaeology, but other than that he knew nothing of his life prior to his drowning. What happened that he had ended up face down in the Seine River nine years ago? He always wondered to himself.

SG1 had been off world for an hour and a half and were scheduled to return to base the next day.

Daniel was inside the ziggurat video taping the South American hieroglyphs to translate when they got back to the SGC. However, he did not notice the knot on the floor that the heel of his combat boot came into contact with.

Suddenly, a rumbling sound was heard throughout the structure. The stone floor Daniel stood on began to crack and crumbled.

The linguist fell twenty feet, hit his head on the stone floor and was knocked unconscious.

Major Samantha Carter heard the rumbling, called the others and waited until they reached her position. Their heads turned towards the ziggurat. They noticed that the dust had finally settled.

All three headed into the temple and made their way to Daniel’s position.

Jack and Teal’c held a rope while Sam shimmied down it with a penlight in her mouth. Worry was etched in her face as she thought of Daniel in this darkness.

As she reached the bottom, she began to scan the area with the small light. Then she checked over her friend. “He’s out cold but breathing, sir,” she yelled up to her CO. “I’m going to check him for injuries before I move him.”

“Be quick about it, Carter,” Jack yelled down, concerned for his friend.

Sam checked Daniel over for any wounds. She ran her hand over the back of his head and came away with wetness. She shined the light on her hand and found that it was red with his blood.

“He’s hurt badly, Colonel,” Sam yelled as she inspected the back of his head for any wounds. She was surprised when she did not find one, “I don’t see a wound though, it could be a puncture.”

“Let’s bring him up to the surface, Carter, and we can examine him better up here,” Jack yelled back down to her.

Sam jury rigged a way to support Daniel’s neck. Then she pulled him to lie directly under the hole in the ceiling.

Jack lowered one of those silver thermal blankets with climbing hooks pierced through the tough material and hooked onto the rope in a makeshift travois.

Sam heaved Daniel onto the travois and clipped the hooks together onto a loop she made in the rope. “Okay, you can hoist him up now,” she yelled up to them.

Jack and Teal’c carefully pulled Daniel up to the surface then lowered the rope to help Sam.

Teal’c lifted Daniel as if he were a babe, carried him out of the ziggurat and put him down on the ground near their campsite.

“Okay, campers, here’s the plan,” the Colonel cracked his knuckles and stretched before he issued orders. “Teal’c, run ahead to the ’gate, dial earth and let Hammond know what happened to Daniel. Let him know that we’ll stay here til he regains consciousness, then head back to the ’gate as soon as he's able. Then come on back.”

Teal’c gave a slight bow, grabbed up his staff weapon and hightailed it towards the Stargate at a fast jog.

Jack and Sam worked together to situate Daniel in a tent at the campsite.

Teal’c made his jaunt to the ’gate in record time, sent his report to General Hammond and rushed back to O’Neill and Major Carter to assist watching over Daniel Jackson.

The three conscious members of SG1 set up watch at one hour intervals to keep an eye on their friend in hopes he would wake up shortly.

Sam took the first watch, during which time Daniel did not awaken.

Teal’c took the second watch, and nothing happened.

During Jack’s watch, near the end of his hour he stood outside of the tent watching the spectacular view of the large gas planet beyond.
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