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What Unlocks Memories of the Past

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Watcher Woes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A confused Daniel falls into an awakening of his past. Please, feel welcome to review. Chapters revised.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: HighlanderVivianCaidinFR131314,29303127,6769 Aug 068 Feb 09Yes

Chapter 6


…Memories, Sweetened Thru the Ages Just Like Wine…

“I’ve found another room…it appears to be what would once have been an air traffic control… room, well its obviously not a tower… there are instrument panels, the symbols are Goa’uld, just tells you what the buttons are for, wait, I’ll video tape… I’m guessing this place is similar to the room Sha’re showed me back on Abydos, though a little more elaborate as if this was a stationary palace with room for the Mother Ship obviously… Don’t know if old Quetzal is still alive. This place seems to have been abandoned for a long time; I would think he’s out of commission. Please don’t let us find a Sarcophagus. Damn, Jack is rubbing off on me. Note to self: spend some time with Sam and the geeks in acquisitions, get back into the lingo, since my de-ascension I’ve been spending too much time with Jack.”

He turned off the tape once more.

“I didn’t have to know that, Daniel,” Jack sounded aggravated that Daniel thought he was spending too much time with him. But he would forgive him anything, if Daniel would just come back to himself.

“I de-ascended? What the hell does that mean?”

“You died from radiation poisoning, but Oma helped you to ascend,” Sam tried to explain.

Daniel shook his head, which effectively shut her up, “That’s impossible.” He scoffed.

“You died, Daniel,” Jack said, “you came back.”

Angry blue eyes glared at all three strangers. On their faces and in their body language was something he did not want to identify. They were not lying.

“I cannot die!” He yelled at them in a panicked tone as he sensed they were not lying to him.

“You what?!” Jack asked as a feeling of apprehension stole over him.

“I said!!!” Daniel yelled as he pulled the knife from the strap and turned it toward his chest, “I. Cannot. Die.” Each word was punctuated with a stab of the knife. Blood began to pour in rivers from the puncture wounds and Daniel fell to the ground as blackness stole over him.

Sam, Teal’c and Jack ran to their friend and crouched down as they surrounded his body. Everyone was shocked into disbelieving silence.

“No, Daniel!” Sam checked her friend’s pulse and found none. She ripped open the black t-shirt to find his chest covered in blood but no wounds. 'Where the heck are they?' she wondered to herself as she wiped his chest with the edge of the ruined shirt. His skin was unblemished.

“Was he insane? Again?” Jack asked no one in particular. ‘Not another incident like Charlie,’ he thought to himself despondently as he lowered his head dejectedly.

Teal’c frowned as he looked down at his now dead friend.


…Who Wants to Live Forever?...

Daniel’s body jerked suddenly and was wracked with shuddering breaths that violently lifted him to a seated position.

The other three members of SG1 eyed him with suspicion. None of them felt the presence of a symbiot.

Daniel opened his still hazel green eyes and looked at the other three with a confused expression in his blue eyes. “You’re Jack,” he said to the gray haired man as he pointed.

“Yes, I’m Jack, we’ve established that already,” O'Neill said sarcastically.

“I’ve just gained some memories while I was out,” he told him, “You’re a Colonel in the United States Air Force.”

Then he turned to the woman, “You’re Samantha Carter, you’re a Major and have a doctorate in Astrophysics.”

Sam's smile was overshadowed by concern as she looked at her friend, “Yes, that’s me.”

Daniel then turned towards the large black man, “You’re Teal’c… Jaffa… ex-Prime to…” he closed his eyes and concentrated on the information, “A… a... apophis.”

“That is correct, Daniel Jackson,” he said with as much of a smile as his lack of general facial expressions allowed.

“What the hell just happened?” Jack asked Daniel as he helped the shorter man rise to his feet, “Why did you stab yourself? And why did you come back?”

“I should never have done that in front of you," he sounded apologetic. "Most mortals don’t know,” he said as he looked away from them, up toward the alien sky.

“Search your feelings,” Sam said, “you know we’d never betray your trust.”

Daniel closed his eyes and searched within himself. He had a sense that she was telling the truth and nodded. “This body remembers if the mind’s not willing,” he said and scrubbed a hand over his face then removed his ruined shirt with none of Daniel's previous modesty. He finally turned to them with an odd expression on his face, “I’m an Immortal, and I cannot die.” He began his story, “I’d say I was born roughly in 622 Before the Common Era. I was a slave in Babylon and in approx 533 BCE I was set free by Cyrus the Great.”

“Daniel!” Sam interrupted, “Daniel, from the Book of Daniel in the Bible.”

“Yes, the prophet,” he nodded he nodded in a courtly manner.

Jack stood and walked a few steps away from them, “I don’t think so.”
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