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What Unlocks Memories of the Past

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Watcher Woes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A confused Daniel falls into an awakening of his past. Please, feel welcome to review. Chapters revised.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: HighlanderVivianCaidinFR131314,29303127,6759 Aug 068 Feb 09Yes

Chapter 7


…Memories, Like the Corners of My Mind…

Daniel walked around the campsite, uncharacteristically shirtless. “You wanted an explanation for my behavior,” Daniel snapped, “I’m giving you one! You don’t want to know what’s going on that’s fine with me!” The Immortal exclaimed as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Go on with your tale!” Jack snapped right back at the other man.

Daniel stalked over to the stubborn mortal, head lowered, his hazel eyes held a predatory light in them. “I don’t need to tell you any of this,” he snarled as he turned the startled Jack to face him, “The fact that I know I can trust you without even remembering who I, who any of you are, should mean something!” He snarled as he looked the taller man up and down in a very un-Daniel-like way, almost as though he were sizing up an enemy. “Give me the benefit of the damned doubt, will you?” the intense, cold gaze was unsettling as his eyes narrowed on Jack.

“Loose the accent,” Jack said as he bristled, “I’m more familiar with a lack of accent on you. It’s almost as freaky as talking to the damned Goa’uld.”

“Is this better?” the accent was still there, but not as pronounced.

“Slightly,” Jack grumbled sarcastically.

The seemingly younger man stalked back to the fallen tree and sat down with none of the practiced grace Daniel normally had.

Sam sat a couple of feet away from him while Teal’c and Jack remained standing.

“I was born on the plains in what is now France, the son of a Chieftain of a Celtic tribe. Eventually, I made my way to Sumer and became a captive and ended up tending the Hanging Gardens in Babylon for Semiramis.”

“I thought Daniel was a eunuch,” Samantha said thoughtfully as she looked at him.

A pained expression stole over Daniel's face as he stood up and looked down at her. In a very quiet voice, barely louder than a whisper, though everyone heard him, "One of my serfs pretended he was me, and I switched places with him. His name was Daniel..." he turned away from them as he relived the painful memories. “I’m not a eunuch,” he hissed quietly, “but I had to listen to his screams as they forced such a fate upon him.” He turned back to the other members of SG1, and they noticed the grief and pain on his face.

Sam’s eyes widened as she realized what a nightmare he must have lived through, “I'm sorry, Daniel, I didn’t think about what you must have gone through back then.”

Daniel closed his eyes and settled back on the log as he glanced sideways at her from the corner of his eye. He gave a deep sigh before he shook his head, "Don't worry about it. It happened too damn long ago," he waved a disregarding hand. Then, he continued, “Later, Nebuchadnezzar became ruler, and when writing appeared on the temple wall, no one understood its meaning. I was able to decipher it and relayed the message to the ruler; henceforth I was given every respect and courtesy any court official would have. Until people I had befriended became jealous. They devised a plot to rid the palace of my influence. They told lies about me and suggested the lions’ den as punishment for the crimes I supposedly committed. I was thrown to the lions, which was common punishment in those days, but for some reason they would not touch me. I think they sensed what I was. The next morning, they opened the barrier and I exited, unharmed. If anything, this lifted my status. I became adviser to the ruler. Then Cyrus took over, he sensed what I was, taught me how to survive as an Immortal and freed all of the other slaves and I… I’ve been many things since those days..." he trailed off almost lost in memories. "Until recently, I was Daniel Geiger, though I remember that I was shot so I cannot resume my old life.”

“You have a life,” Jack protested harshly, “as Daniel Jackson, just remember, damn you!”

“Just remember quickly so that we can go home soon,” Sam said quietly as she rested a supporting hand on his arm as she moved closer to him.

“It’s starting to come back in drips and drabs,” he said, then turned to the others, “I was married, but something bad happened to her?”

“Sha’re, she was your wife from Abydos,” Jack said and lowered his head in mourned remembrance.

“Sha’re was implanted with the symbiot Amonet, mate to Apophis,” Teal’c began but was unable to finish the tale.

“You went back to Abydos, on the year to date that she died and found her pregnant with a Harsisus child,” Sam explained, “you delivered the baby and helped protect him from his evil parents.”

Daniel pressed a fist to his forehead as he remembered some more, “She also tortured me to acquire the location of the child. I did not tell her where he was. Teal’c killed her with some kind of energy weapon,” Daniel looked at the large man with the gold symbol embedded into his forehead.

Teal’c frowned and bowed his head, “If I would not have killed her, she would have killed you.”

“Only temporarily,” Daniel gave the often used bad pun.

“We did not know that at the time, Daniel Jackson,” the Jaffa lifted his head as he looked at Daniel.

“You aren’t human?” Daniel said.

“That is correct, Daniel Jackson, I am Jaffa. My race was designed to carry the primta or larval Goa’uld.”

“But you no longer carry one of those things.”

“No, I now take tritonin to compensate for lack of immune system,” he told his friend.

“Let’s get back to that recording,” Daniel said as he ran a hand through his hair. He turned the tape on and they continued listening as the events unfolded further…

“I think I’m ready to head out… Unfortunately, we’re not going to find anything about Ancient technology or the whereabouts of the Lost City here…” the recording was stopped once more.

“What is this Ancients that I speak of?” he asked.

“It is a race of beings that terra-formed Earth millions of years ago,” Samantha advised.

Daniel held up a hand to stop her, “The Ancients… some call my race that, but it’s not us. Ancients,” he let the word role off his tongue, “Not Ancients… Belius.”

“Belius?” Jack questioned.

Daniel closed his eyes and pulled the information from his mind, “The Belius were similar to my kind but developed differently. Hardly any other Immortal would know who or what they were unless they’re a minimum of I’d say three thousand years old. They’re benevolent, pacifists, though they have similar abilities but they’re not from Terra Firma, I know that now.”

“Similar abilities?” Sam said wonderingly.

“The older an Immortal gets the stronger in Quickening he or she becomes.” He explained with an off handed wave of his hand. “Did I get…ostracized... for believing that the Pyramids were built by aliens?”

“Yes!” Jack said with a flippant wave of his hand.

“Damn, if I’d have been me, I’d have known better,” he said with a long-suffering sigh.

“What are your ‘special abilities’?” Jack asked with a scoff.

Daniel eyed the taller man with that cold, Predator’s look once more before he answered, “Besides being able to heal myself, I can sense when others of my kind are in close proximity and can recognize others of my kind just from their quickening. I can diminish my quickening to make others think I’m just a plain mortal, or can cause pain in another Immortal with my quickening. And I have prophetic dreams.”

“Prophetic Dreams?” Sam and Jack said simultaneously.

“Yeah, remember... Daniel from the Bible?" he said sarcastically, then continued, "Its more of a curse than a blessing. I wouldn’t have had text written about me if I had not been well known for things that happened to me back then.” Daniel smirked and shook his head as another memory fell into place, and realization dawned. He looked from the Colonel to the Major with a strange light in his eye. ‘Why did I never see it before now?’ he thought to himself, ‘Because now I’m like a stranger looking for the first time, like a third party observer.’

“What?” Jack had a familiar tone in his voice, that middle ground from aggravated and angry.

Daniel smirked and used the same tone, “Nothing, Jack.” He looked at the younger man with an expression of, ‘I know something.’

“So where do we go from here?” Sam wondered aloud.

“Back to that infernal recording,” Daniel said as he pressed the play button once more.

“So I guess we can just pack it up and get the hell out of Dodge,” he chuckled, “I’m channeling Jack again.”

“So I guess this means that we can leave?” Daniel asked as he turned the tape off once more.

“Yeah, but we’re not finished,” Jack sounded aggravated.

“Of course not,” the Immortal said, “I still have not remembered everything.”

“The truth may be revealed in traveling through the Stargate,” Teal’c said in his near monotone voice.

“Sure,” Daniel sniped sarcastically, "let’s boldly go where no man has gone before. What is this 'stargate' anyway?"

"The Chappa'ai," Teal'c said, "is the ring of the gods. It is what transported us from earth to this planet."

"I've never heard of a stargate or a chappa'ai... but the ring of the gods is in the United Kingdom," Daniel said with a slight smirk.

"Stonehenge?" Sam questioned curiously.

Daniel shrugged, "That's what it was called when it was first built... a friend of mine watched it being built."

"We're getting off topic," Jack said angrily. "You, Daniel, are the one who translated the symbols correctly on the cartouche. You are also the one who figured out that we needed six constellations to calculate the destination and the damned point of origin for the 'gate. You, Daniel, were instrumental in getting this program up and running."

Daniel eyed all three of them for a long time as he weighed his feelings, the memories that were beginning to assimilate and fall into place and their body language. "I'll bite, let's go."

He moved to the tent and disarmed the guns professionally. As he did this, he threw each gun to its rightful owner though he kept a new pistol for himself.

"Hey!" Jack complained as he caught his weapon and checked it. No ammo, not even one in the chamber.

Daniel ignored him as he pulled the strange devices up from the ground and looked at them. He knew they were some kind of weapon but he still did not remember how to use them. He shoved them in a rucksack that looked like something he might carry and haphazardly tossed it over his shoulders. He retained the staff and carried it like a javelin as he exited the tent.

"Hey, what's the big idea?!" Jack demanded angrily.

"When..." Daniel replied equally angry, "If... I decide to trust you enough to give your weapons back, I will. Now, why don't you three dismantle camp and I'll 'guard' the perimeter," he sounded sarcastic. He moved away from them to look out into the dense forest and listened to the alien insects as they made noises he was hearing for the first time.

Jack complained to the others as they worked together to pack up for the trek back to the stargate.
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