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What Unlocks Memories of the Past

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Watcher Woes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A confused Daniel falls into an awakening of his past. Please, feel welcome to review. Chapters revised.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: HighlanderVivianCaidinFR131314,29303127,6769 Aug 068 Feb 09Yes

Chapter 1

TITLE: And Now For Something Really Different

DISCLAIMER: MGM, Showtime, Gekko or Double Secret productions owns Stargate SGI and all of its entities. Davis Panzer/Gregory Widen owns Highlander. Other crossovers to come.



SPOILERS: Highlander is set after the season. Stargate is set at the beginning of Seventh Season somewhere before "Fragile Balance".

Summary: Memories forgotten long ago have a way to break free.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: If there is a challenge related to this story please feel free to let me know.


…Many Moons Later…

Daniel spent several days trying to remember what had happened in the cave with the sea creature. All he could recall were images of the desert sands and a pyramid. He told himself that those were memories of Abydos that the creature had him recall and he had himself firmly convinced.

It had been nearly eight years since he thought of anything having to do with that creature and that underwater cave. Many things had happened from then ’til now. ‘So what made me think of it now?’ he wondered to himself as he looked around at the perimeter of the clearing they had set up earlier that day. Daniel looked around at his fellow teammates as he took in the dense jungle beyond the area of the 'gate.

"Come on, Daniel,” Jack said as Teal’c and Major Carter headed toward a cut path that SG6 had made into the overgrowth during their stay on this planet. “Let’s go find your rocks,” the Colonel said as he waved his hand in that direction.

“It's a ziggurat, Jack,” Daniel said as he rolled his eyes, adjusted his glasses and filed in behind Sam as Jack took the rear.

Looking up through the trees, Daniel noticed the twin suns as they gleamed down on them. A large planet loomed over the atmosphere and if he concentrated, Daniel could feel the pull of its great mass.

“How long did Colonel Sumner say it would take to get to the ziggurat?” Sam asked as she turned to look at her other two teammates.

“Marshall said it took about an hour to reach the rocks,” Jack said with a smirk.

Daniel rolled his eyes and ignored the comment as he continued to follow the others through the jungle.

An hour later the four team members of SG1 reached the vine covered ziggurat.

“How will we get inside the thing?” Jack asked as he looked along one side and back down the other.

“Well, we have to pace the perimeter,” Daniel said with a frown as he realized he was taking on more and more military lingo. He shook his head as he continued along the stone side, “There should be a face carved in stone, the mouth will be the opening.”

“Carter, you go with Daniel,” Jack said as he scanned the area, “Teal’c and I will head to the right. Give us a holler if you find it first.”

“Yes, sir,” Sam said as she trotted over to Daniel. “So what do you think is inside?” she asked as she followed him.

Daniel shrugged as one of his rough hands trailed along the side of the rocky surface of the large stone bricks.

“Do you think it might have anything to do with the Lost City?” she asked as she watched her friend.

“I don’t know, Sam,” Daniel said with a slight smirk, amusement played in his blue eyes as he looked over at her.

After walking along side the pyramid like structure, the pair finally turned the corner of the ziggurat and they gazed at the face carved in the surface.

Daniel grabbed the camcorder hanging off the strap on his backpack; he began to take a video recording to file into the computer when he got back to the base. “Oh, wow, Sam!” he sounded so excited, “This is amazing! This is the first time humans are actually able to see temples of Mayan or Aztec construction without destruction from time and elements.”

Sam chuckled as she radioed their position to the others and followed him to the entrance of the ziggurat. “It’s pretty impressive,” she responded as she looked at the stone face bulging out from the surface of the structure. She watched Daniel as he strode to the front of the entrance, she watched him sag in disappointment.

She quickly headed over to him, “What’s wrong?”

Daniel looked over at her as he spoke into the hand held recorder, “There’s a stone locked into place that blocks the entrance, there has to be a lever or something that will open it from the outside…” he paused the tape when Sam reached his side.

“The stone is in the way,” Daniel said as he examined the face.

“Any chance of blasting the stone away with dynamite?” Sam asked with a slight teasing light to her blue eyes.

Daniel looked at her in shock, blue eyes nearly angry until he caught her expression. “Shut up, Sam,” he said with a smile as he moved to examine the surface.

“So, what are you looking for?” she asked as she helped search, for what, she did not know.

“I’m looking for a lever,” he said as he videotaped the large face then let the recorder fall to hang from its strap. With a discerning eye, Daniel noticed one of the ears was lower than the other, he moved to the side to examine the ear and spoke into his tape recorder. “Sam, this is an amazing find,” he said as he touched the ear. “No one has been here since the natives moved to greener pastures,” he sounded in awe as he pulled the ear and it moved.

He stood back and pulled Sam with him as they heard a click. Then, they heard a second and a third click. As the clicks continued, the stone lifted into a recessed pocket of the wall.

“Oh, Sam, this is truly awesome,” Daniel said as he dropped her arm and moved forward. He grabbed his camcorder once more and filmed the interior as the dust settled.

Daniel entered the foyer of the ziggurat, video recorder in one hand tape recorder in the other. He began his rudimentary exploration.

“Shouldn’t we wait for the Colonel and Teal’c?” Sam asked as she watched Daniel from the entrance.

“It should be relatively safe,” Daniel said with a shrug as he turned to look at Sam’s darkened silhouette with sunlight as a backdrop.

Sam sighed heavily as she watched Daniel, giddy as a school boy, explore the interior.

“How long is it going to take you guys?” Sam asked as she radioed the others.

“I’d say we’re about 2 clicks from our original position,” Jack’s voice called over the radio.

‘How much trouble can he get in before they get here?’ Sam wondered to herself as she shrugged and began to set up an area for their camp. She knew they had twenty four hours to explore and get back to base.

As Daniel continued to explore and Sam continued to set up camp, suddenly, she heard crumbling and crashing sounds coming from the ziggurat. "What the hell" she exclaimed as she turned her head and noticed sand and silt explode out of the mouth. Dropping everything, Sam spoke into her radio, "Colonel, Teal'c, get here double time," she said as she rushed to the entrance.

As the dust settled, she looked inside with a flashlight, there was no sign of Daniel. She entered and noticed another door toward the back of the foyer. She moved to that door and noticed a long, thin corridor. She moved through the hall and at the end of it there was another open door. Looking inside, again there was no sign of Daniel.

Sighing heavily, Sam walked into the room and found several stone covered doors except for one in the far corner. She moved to it cautiously and looked through the door as she held onto the threshold.

"I've jinxed him," she whispered as she noticed the pitfall in the floor. Crawling on her belly she moved forward and looked over the lip into the darkened pit. "Daniel?" she called.

There was no response.

She shined the light down into the pit, to her it looked like a twenty foot drop. Something most people could survive, but if someone was not expecting this to happen, it might have caused some injury.

She saw him sprawled on the ground covered in dust, pebbles and small rocks. Daniel's eyes were not open and he lay still. It even looked like he was not breathing, but at this distance she could not tell.

She radioed back to the others as she headed out of the ziggurat to wait on them.
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