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The Many Wives of Xander Harris

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Summary: Response to Challenge 1669: When Xander returns from his road trip, he returns with a wife in tow. From any crossover you want to use. How would the girls take Xander being married? How would his new bride fit in to the group?

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road TripGreywizardFR1535,84504326,0439 Aug 0611 Dec 14Yes

Chapter One

Okay, this is the first of what I hope will be numerous responses to the 'Xander's Wife' challenge I made earlier.

Here's the Challenge for you. When Xander returns from his road trip, he returns with a wife in tow. From any crossover you want to use. How would the girls take Xander being married? How would his new bride fit in to the group? And what would happen when Anya shows up to seduce him only to find Xander and his bride in flagrante delecto?

Now, on the fic. I know it's a bit short, but this is what my muse wanted.

Future chapters will show other women Xander might have brought home to meet his friends, as well as possibly following up on this particular wife.


Disclaimer: See below. It's after the story so as not to spoil the surprise.

"Okay, hold on a minute and let me make sure I've got this straight, Xand," Buffy said, holding up her hand as though she intended to physically stop her friend in his verbal tracks. She, Willow and Xander were currently standing in Giles' kitchen, discussing the completely unexpected (and somewhat emotionally upsetting, she realized with a bit of surprise) results of his post-Graduation trip

"When you left, you told us you were leaving after Graduation on a trip to see the rest of the country, but now you say you were really leaving to see if you could find the woman you remember Soldier-Guy falling in love with, so you could see how she was doing?" she asked as she looked in at the pretty brunette seated on her former Watcher's couch, holding the sandy-haired (and incredibly cute, too, she noted absently; kids seemed to be her kryptonite) toddler who was currently sleeping on her shoulder as she made small talk with Giles. "And you did all this because your Soldier-Guy memories from Halloween never really faded and they actually got stronger over the course of the last year or so?

"You never said anything to us about any of that when it was happening," she finished up her statement/question with a plaintive, almost hurt expression on her lovely features

"Yep, you're ab-so-tively right about that, Buff," Xander nodded his agreement with her words, not looking apologetic or remorseful about that admission in the least.

"Even if I had said anything to you guys about the nightmares and the memories, what would you have been able to do about it?" he asked. "You would probably have just used that as another reason to try and keep me from being involved with the Slaying," he added with a narrow-eyed look of irritation.

"No, we wouldn’t have done anything like that, Xand," Willow immediately piped in, only to be cut short by a wave of her childhood friend's hand.

"Yeah, you would have," he interrupted her. "Remember that whole 'we've got to protect Xander from the big bad monsters' thing you guys had going when the Sisters of Jhe showed up?" he reminded the two of them, noting with satisfaction the embarrassed and self-conscious looks both girls immediately got.

"Anyway, after Halloween was over, I kept having these sporadic nightmares every few weeks about growing up in a war zone," he then went on, turning back to their previous subject of discussion, "and after each time I did, I'd remember a little more about Reese's life. By the time we were on the home stretch to Graduation, I had remembered pretty much everything he'd ever done, up to and including finding and meeting the Missus there," he grinned as he indicated the brunette beauty in the next room. "And the memories all felt like they were really mine."

Buffy shook her head again in semi-stunned disbelief at the thought that her best guy friend was now a married man. It seemed almost unbelievable to think that Xander was now not only a husband, but a father, too. She refocused her wandering attention as she heard her friend continue speaking.

"…Household Chemistry 101, which actually ended up being pretty lucky for all of us, Will. Where did you think I learned how to make those ammonium nitrate-fuel oil bombs we used against the Mayor?"

"So after you left here, you just went out and started driving around the country looking for this woman that Soldier-Guy had fallen in love with?" Willow asked, her eyes full of a mixture of concern and what was maybe some hurt feelings at her suddenly finding out that her best friend from kindergarten had come back from his trip across America with a ready-made family.

"And when you finally did find her, you also find out she's got a kid she says is Soldier-guy's, and you just believe her?" she finished, disbelief and skepticism clearly evident in her tone of voice.

"Yeah, Will, I do," the tall brunet replied, an unexpected hardness coming into his voice as he answered the redhead.

"I remember *everything* that happened between us the night I died," he said, the edge in his voice taking both girls by surprise, along with the way their friend had apparently identified so closely with his former Halloween persona. "I don't have any doubt about who John's father is, and I don't see how it's really any of your business, anyway."

"I'm sorry, Xand!" Willow immediately crumbled under his verbal assault. "You’ve been my best friend for practically forever and I just wanted to make sure no one's taking advantage of your good nature, that's all!" she apologized, her eyes glistening with the hint of tears.

"If you say you believe her, that's good enough for me!" she declared fervently.

"Me, too, Xand," Buffy immediately chimed in with a tentative smile. "We just wanted to make sure that this woman you brought back is good enough to deserve a life with our best friend!"

"She's plenty good enough, guys," Xander informed the two of them, as he hooked his arms through theirs and pulled them into Giles' living room. "Come on in, and I'll formally introduce you all to her."

Releasing his grip on them as he approached the couch, he smiled as he reached down and easily pulled the brunette to her feet, taking care not to disturb the sleeping child.

"Guys, let me tell you how delighted I am to introduce you all to my wife, Sarah Connor Harris, and our son, John."


Disclaimer: The Buffy characters all belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Productions and maybe some other people or corporations, too. Sarah and John Connor belong to James Cameron and possibly Orion Pictures Corporation (and maybe other people, too), not me.
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