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Bad Kitty, Kitty

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Summary: As Willow and Giles prepare to visit Hogwarts, Minerva makes another miscalculation

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredLyndymuiFR1343,082169,30910 Aug 0612 Sep 06Yes

Chapter 4

All disclaimers can be found under chapter one.


Minerva was quite calm as she licked her paws, while Giles and Willow couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about – so someone was trying to kill them, what was new?

Whilst happy and relieved that nothing had happened to their guests, Dumbledore was strangely pleased that the attempt had been made. If someone was trying to kill them, assuming first of all that it was an attack aimed at his guests, then someone obviously thought that formal links between the two worlds would not be a good idea. “What is bad for my enemy,” Dumbledore mused, “can only be good for me!”

Severus had rushed from the room to his lab stating that Minerva could not play kitten any more and that “enough was enough”. Willow was slightly concerned as to what he was going to do but was assured that neither the cat or the woman would be harmed.

Bill kept apologizing but, as Giles pointed out, there was no guarantee that the attack was aimed at him or Willow and that Bill himself, or anyone else in the room could have been likely to use the fireplace.

A rather cautious elf returned to the room carrying a tea tray and was careful to avoid Giles, who in turn tried to ignore the creature.

“Rupert and Willow, I am so very sorry that your visit here has ended so unfortunately.” Dumbledore began speaking “It would seem that someone is very against the idea of our two worlds exchanging ideas. That itself makes me more inclined to believe that we must make plans for a formal contact between us and the covens as well.”

Giles polished his glasses as he carefully thought about his reply. He was unconvinced that the device was designed to kill him or Willow and thought that perhaps Severus or Dumbledore would have been more likely victims.

Willow looked at Giles and smiled encouragingly. She trusted his judgment and knew that whatever he decided would be in their best interests first of all.

A strange noise caught her attention, and she turned to see the cat being held in a very undignified position by Severus Snape who was force feeding her some type of bright purple potion. She hissed violently at him as he released her, and ran up the nearest curtain, where she sat hissing and spitting from the top rail.

Giles put his glasses back on and looked around the expectant faces in the room. “I do not agree that our visit has ended” he began, “as both Willow and myself are looking forward to meeting Bills parents, as well as the other members of his family, though perhaps we might not be traveling by fireplace in the near future. I do agree with Professor Dumbledore, however. Whatever the motive was behind this it must not be allowed to succeed. We have come too far and know too much now to simply walk away and forget that each other exists ….. ”

“Excuse me?” A woman’s voice interrupted. “Could someone help me?”

The occupants of the room turned to find a scared looking Minerva McGonagall hanging for dear life onto a curtain pole, which was starting to come away from the wall under her weight.

"Welcome back Professor, " Dumbledore exclaimed as Giles and Bill rushed to her rescue. "Lemon drop??"

The End

You have reached the end of "Bad Kitty, Kitty". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking