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A Darkened Outlook

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Summary: YAHF – On the Hellmouth, not even Halloween is sacred.

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Chapter One

A Darkened Outlook

Author: Anime Ronin

Rating: VERY Adult (in places)

Summary: YAHF – On the Hellmouth, not even Halloween is sacred.

Pairings: Xander / Multi, but mostly Xander/Jenny (the amount of sex and potential darkness in this fic precludes me from putting this on XanderZone group).

Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, Wizards of the Coast owns DnD, and I… own… well, nothing.

AN: Demented little bunny, though could be taken as part of a challenge to make Xander, via his costume, a non-human. Granted, he’s not the only one, but it might have been better if he had gone alone.

AN2: Lots of sexual reference and thoughts in this chapter, which would rate it a hard R, but nothing much beyond the occasional grope.

AN3: Have been posting this for a while now on a Yahoo Group and have decided to go ahead and post it here. As I’ve just completed chapter 14, this may seem to go quick in places.

Part 1 – The Costumes

Xander growled under his breath as he and Jenny Calendar, the last two patrons in the store, both glared at the owner, one Ethan Rayne – Snyder, in his infinite troll-dom, had dropped trick-or-treating duty on Buffy, Willow and himself, but they had also been told that a teacher would be accompanying them. What made it worse, though, was the fact that when he had gone to get a plastic gun to fit with his fatigues, some brat got the last one and he was out a Soldier Guy costume.

Jenny, whom had showed up moments after Buffy, Willow and Xander had been pounced on by Snyder, had also been ‘volunteered’ for child-watching that night, and she had gone to the only place in town that had any costumes left, ‘Ethan’s’; sadly, the smarmy Englishman had only two costumes left, and they were a paired set, “Do not trifle with me, sir.”

“Oh, I am not, young lady,” Ethan said to the pair, but he backed away a little as the American whelp growled low enough in his throat that, for a second, Ethan considered giving into the demands of supplying other costumes. He had spent a great deal of time working on THESE two costumes, a lot of time and a great deal of research, and if he didn’t get rid of them, all of his work would be for naught. “Yes, well, that is…”

“That is WHAT?” Jenny had to admit that Xander’s growling was helping negotiations along splendidly, but honestly the thought that the young goof was able to make such a convincing noise frightened her, slightly.

“Well, as I was saying, these are my only two costumes in the store, and as it is getting to be closing time, I’ll make the pair of you a deal – two for the price of one.” Xander could see the sweat rolling off of Ethan’s forehead as he let the Hyena out just a little more… but then pulled it back as Jenny put her hand on his arm in a calming manner.

“Deal.” Jenny handed over the money, ignoring Xander’s protests, and accepted the two bags that Ethan handed over, “Thank you.” With that and a, “Come along, Xander,” they left the store. About twenty yards outside of the store, she stopped and peered at Xander, who appeared to be calming down a bit, “Very convincing, Xander – I thought for a moment that you were going to rip his throat out.”

The teen gave her a slightly edged smile and, had she not known that he was working with the Slayer, she would have been afraid for herself, “Oh, trust me, I considered it. So, Miss Calendar, tell me – how can I make this up to you?”

She handed him the bag that was tailored for a male, “Do me a favor and just try not and irritate Snyder anymore than he already is.”

Xander sniffed slightly, but she could see the humor in his eyes, “Sure, take away all of my fun.” With that, a florid bow that was greatly exaggerated, and a, “Fare thee well, My Lady,” Xander walked off, which Jenny was glad for as a grin split her face. It was a shame that, given that he was helping Slayer Summers without much in the way of training, he wouldn’t live to see his eighteenth birthday – such young men were rare.

This dark thought took the grin off of her face and she frowned, looking down at her bagged costume, “Not much, I see.” Oh well, maybe Rupert could do with a bit of a free show…


“… Xander?” Buffy’s jaw, had it not been attached to her body, would have hit the ground and shattered into a million little pieces as she looked at the figure in the doorway. This COULDN’T be Xander… it was too… … … dark. Yeah, that was the word.

“Who else would be here dressed in this getup?” Xander’s voice was pitched low, with an almost harsh accent to it, and it fit the costume he wore to a T – the first thing that caught her eye was the white wig that he wore, and the way that it shined in the light, but the next thing she noticed was his skin. It was black… no, blacker than black, almost with shades of purple in it with the way it contrasted with the RED of his squinted eyes and the rest of his costume. He wore a pair of black knee-high boots that looked like leather, a pair of black pants that appeared to be silk, or a fake silk, with a plastic chainmail shirt over his chest, a cloak around his shoulders and a big, plastic sword at his waist.

“What’s… I mean how… who…”

Xander grinned mentally at the way that Buffy was made speechless at his costume, but outwardly he sneered slightly as he looked her up and down – she had on some monstrosity of a dress and a brown wig that he knew she was wearing for Deadboy, and while she might have looked quite fetching in it had she worn it for anyone else, that fact alone made it…trite. Ha! That word of the day calendar was paying off…

He sneered at her, then, “My name, human, is Tebryn Coloara, if you must speak to me, and I have come to collect you and another female for this… Halloween. Now, stop wasting my time.”

Buffy arched an eyebrow – Xander was getting WAY too into this character, but if that’s the way he wished to play it… “I fear, good sir, that our traveling companion is not yet dressed.”

Xander, Tebryn, arched an eyebrow at her, “Then tell her to finish with the person she is with so we may be off!” Oh, he was SO going to pay for that…

“Okay, Mr. Drow, that’s enough with the attitude,” came from the stairway, where Willow, dressed in a leather outfit (AN: same one as in canon, sans sheet), was glaring down. “You’ve been employed to ensure our safety, not to make us endure your foul temperament.”

Xander arched an eyebrow, dropping out of character for a minute, “Wills? Can you breathe in that?”

She gave him a weak smile, “Barely.” She spun in place, “So what do you think?”

‘I think I’m glad I am wearing loose pants,’ was the first thing that came to Xander’s mind, but instead of telling her that, he went with, “I think we need to move unless you two enjoy detention.” ‘Damn, I wonder what her skin tastes like… no, bad Xander, BAD! That’s Willow… she’s a non-lusting-after girl.’

Unbeknownst to Xander, though, Willow was looking at him and thinking, ‘Jesus, he’s hard as a rock! Damn it, why is it we have to go out tonight? Maybe I could tell him… no, I could show him….’ Willow blushed a little as hours of Internet porn movies now starring herself, Xander and occasionally Buffy zipped through her mind, slowing her climb down the stairs for a second. ‘Get it together, Rosenberg.’

Buffy, from her point between the pair, idly wondered if her friends would bother trying to hide their arousal for the rest of the night as Willow made it to the bottom of the stairs. Of course, she wasn’t much better herself… in another life, she might have joined them, though if the things went as far as they might go, she would join them, “So, are we ready?”


‘There is a God’ was the first thought that went through the minds of the three adolescent Scoobies as they walked up to Jenny, but while Xander’s mind went on to think ‘Jesus, look at those legs’, Buffy and Willow were both busy thinking, ‘You are SO not getting Xander’.

Jenny flushed a little under her dyed skin, feeling more than a little piqued as she saw all three teens looking her over – any other time, she might have indulged, but no, she had left that hedonistic part of her life behind. ‘Still,’ she mused, ‘I look good.’ Black leather boots went all the way up to her knees, and covering her body was a pink bodysuit that contrasted with her almost purple skin and silver hair enough to give her an alluring, if not an irresistible, nature. Rupert, when he had seen her, had gone distinctly non-verbal, which had gotten her to smile, but the reactions of the three teens was even better. “Are you ready?”

Xander drew himself up slightly as his eyes lit upon the scourge at her waist, and the dagger in her hand, “Of course, High Priestess.”

She smiled a little even as both girls looked worried, but it was probably the slightly cruel smile that twisted her lips that made them look worried, “And do not forget that, male. Now, follow me, you will protect me on this evening – fail and I will make sure you suffer for decades!” With that and her hand going down to the scourge at her side, smiling at Xander as he gulped a little; yes, it was a true shame that he might not survive high school – he could have been fun.


At the appropriate hour, Ethan had started the ritual, and as it neared completion he could feel the swelling of Chaos magics around him, but before the fun started, he had to finish…

“The world that denies thee, thou inhabit.”

He dabbed the blood from his left hand with his right middle finger and smeared it over his right eyelid.

“The peace that ignores thee...”

He dabbed the blood from his right hand with his left middle finger and smeared it over his left eyelid.

“...thou corrupt.”

He dabbed the blood from his left hand with his right middle finger again and smeared a cross onto his forehead.

“Chaos. I remain, as ever, thy faithful, degenerate son.”

There was a massive influx of energy and, as it was expelled, Ethan grinned, “Show time.”

(Sunnydale proper)

The first hint that Willow had that something was wrong was the scream from the old lady that the children had gone to for candy – well, okay, not the first hint, as that first hint was when she looked at Buffy and wondered if she had shaved herself bald or not. Sure, Buffy was nice enough to look at, but the day Willow Rosenberg thought of Buffy before she thought of Xander in a very sexual manner, she knew something was wrong.

The proof, though, of just how bad things were cam in the forms of Xander’s howl of agony as he dropped to his knees and Miss Calendar’s ear-splitting shriek as she fell next to Xander, her hands clutching her head. What was going on?

Willow stood in the middle of the street, shaken a little at the pure terror that was going on around her, and while part of her mind wanted to flee in terror, the other part of her mind, a part she wasn’t sure she wanted to know about, was starting to get off on the chaos, the pain and the suffering. She felt a grin pull at her lips as the screams continued, but then shook her head and did her best to clear her mind – this wasn’t her… she wasn’t into pain, she didn’t LIKE seeing other people getting hurt!

Jenny stopped screaming first, taking huge breaths as she did, but after a moment she got to her feet and looked around, shivering a little as her hand clutched the moving… and HISSING (!) scourge at her hip as her other hand drew a wicked black knife, “What is going on? Where am I?” She squinted and tried to shield her eyes, “The Above World?”

“So it would appear,” said Xander as he stood to his feet, though in a much more fluid motion than Willow thought he was capable of. Willow blinked as he pulled his sword, “High Priestess Janna, what are your orders?”

Miss Calendar looked over at her and Willow, for a second, felt like a very small bug under a microscope, “You, human, what is all of this about?”

Willow gaped for a few moments before she was able to get out, “I don’t know… this just started happening.”

Miss Calendar snarled, “You will refer to me as High Priestess! Know your place, human!” With that, the teacher pulled back with her scourge and lashed at her.

Willow felt her side go numb as the ends bit into her, but at the same instance she felt herself spasm from her hardening nipples to her aching crotch. Oh, God… was all she was able to think as a moan ripped out of her body.

Janna sneered at the red-haired whore who was morning from being whipped, “I do not believe it.” She drew back and whipped the woman again, which caused her to drop to the ground and jerk her hips upwards, “If I had known that these surface dwellers were so easy, maybe I would have taken one sooner.” She looked over to the side and saw her bodyguard and the erection in the front of his pants, “Later, male, if you serve me well. Now, we must find out where we are.”

Tebryn nodded, controlling himself slightly as he walked over to the squirming redhead and picked her up by her hair, “Wench! Take us to the temple of Lolth!”

Willow, as she felt the pain jolt her out of the pleasure she was feeling, stood, “Ow! Xander, let go of my hair!”

Xander snarled at her, “My name, girl, is Tebryn Coloara! Do not call me this… ‘Xander’, and stop dawdling! Where is the temple of Lolth?”

Willow winced, “The what? Xander, stop playing around! There’s no such thing… it’s in a game, remember? You and Jesse used to play it all of the time.”

Tebryn took the expedient route to teach this insolent woman manners and backhanded her across her right cheek, but when she came back up, her eyes were spitting fire and she raked her nails across his face in a violent motion, throwing him to the ground.

Willow felt as if her mind was on fire as her heart pounded and she watched Xander fall to the ground, but that fire faded as something began to niggle at her – her heart… it was POUNDING! It shouldn’t be… she was a vampire… no, she wasn’t, yes, she was, NO! Willow stumbled back into a parked car and held her head, “What’s going on…?”

Before anyone could answer anything, the sound of another woman screaming startled them all into looking to one side – there, standing not ten feet from them, sat a brunette woman on the ground in a truly hideous dress, and from the way she was screaming, she was terrified. “Father! Father! Guardsmen! I summon you, Guardsmen!”

“Be silent, harlot,” Willow heard Xander snarl as he got to his feet, clutching his face slightly. She saw a few scratches on his face, but none of them were bleeding, so they would heal, but he didn’t look happy as he glared over at her, “Never lay your hands upon me again, woman, unless you tire of your life.” With that, he spit at her and marched over to Buffy, dragging her to her feet and yelling, “Silence!”

Janna watched this and suddenly began to understand what was going on – something, obviously, was not right, but for different reasons; other than a mild irritation, she was able to see. In the LIGHT! Normally, she would have been blinded with the light that was out, but now… it was as if she had been exposed to it her entire life. Another thing she noticed, though, was the fact that she was taller now, tall enough that she could be considered normal for a human woman, and she could feel that her body had increased in weight.

Looking over at her bodyguard, who had finally gotten the dark-haired woman to shut up, she noticed that he was also changed, now freakishly tall for a Drow, and heavier, but at the same time he was… familiar. His facial features were alien to her, but it was as if she knew this person, just as she was sure that, should she truly look at her own face, she would not recognize it, “Tebryn! Bring her and the red-haired one along – we have issues that need to be discussed, and answers to be found.”

Like the obedient male he was, Tebryn followed her without question, barking orders for the leather-clad woman to follow, but at the same time he dragged the noisy one – yes, she would have to reward him for this, somehow.


After several encounters with various humans and monsters, not to mention finding that her magics did not work for some very strange reason, Janna had finally been able to get the leather-clad whore to tell her of a place they could be safe, a place called ‘Buffy’s House’. It was not much to look at, made of materials of the above world, and Janna would have been more at ease with the stone houses of Menzoberranzan, but it served well enough as a defensible position for now.

She looked over at Tebryn, who was searching over the dark-haired woman rather thoroughly for weapons, his hands sliding into her bodice even as the woman shivered and whimpered, but after a moment he told her that she was weaponless, which brought a frown to Janna’s face, “You walk out here, among this chaos, and you are unarmed? What kind of foolishness is this?”

The obviously noble young woman stopped shivering for a moment as she drew herself up, “I am Lady Elizabeth, and I do nothing this foolish! One moment I was within my father’s home, surrounded by his finest guards, and now I find myself in this savage land, with uncouth women and men who are not genteel,” she spat with a glare at Tebryn. Janna was surprised to see that her bodyguard did not shrink back, in fact she was pleased to see him snarl back at the woman, who jerked back. “My father will hear of your molestations of me, foul beast, and he will have you thrashed!”

“The male only did as I told him to do, woman, and he had better not had taken any pleasure from arousing you,” Janna spat. Honestly, privately, she did not care if the male enjoyed the groping of the woman or not, but this was neither the time nor the place to talk of such things. “Where are we?”

Lady Elizabeth was not a woman of great intelligence, as many of her father’s men had been heard saying, in fact she knew that it was not her place to think, merely to act as a lady should, to be seen and not heard, but with the way that these two people, both obviously from savage Africa from their dark skin, she knew that she had to take a stand, “And if I do not tell you?”

The woman spoke first, her voice pitched low and with an accent that Elizabeth found she did not care for, “Then I will have my bodyguard break your body after I break your mind.”

Elizabeth shivered slightly even as she continued to feel her body’s betrayal from the rough hands of her molester, her nipples still hard upon the tops of her chaste bosom, “But if you torture me, I shall not be able to tell you what you need.”

The silver-haired crone, despite her comely-yet-severe features, smiled at her in a way that made Elizabeth shiver, “Child, I am a High Priest of Lolth; what this means to you is that I have ways of making you tell me anything I wish to know, ranging from the agonizingly painful… to the agonizingly pleasing.” The woman walked over and traced her finger along her jaw, “Now, tell me what I wish to know and you will not have to endure the pain or the pleasure, because I assure you that, after a time, they become the same thing.”

Elizabeth shivered slightly before she said, “I do not know, I swear it. I was in England, on a bright, pleasant day, not in the darkness with foul air and damp weather.”

Janna growled a little, “Damnation. If only I could summon my magics, I could cast a spell in order to see what the problem is. As I cannot, though… Male!”

Tebryn tore his eyes away from the human females, “Yes, High Priestess?”

“Guard me, I will be unable to for a bit.” With that, she sat upon the pleasantly soft seat, which the red-haired one had called a ‘couch’, before she cast a seeing spell – Janna was loath to use one of her abilities like this, but with no other options…

Tebryn watched the Priestess fall into a magical slumber as she worked her magics, but his eyes then went back to the woman, Lady Elizabeth – part of him crowed at the feel of her naked flesh under his hands, but, oddly, there was another part of him that had snapped and snarled at him to take his hands off of her. Curious – he had been with many of the Priestesses at the Academy, in orgies that lasted for hours, but never before had he felt this… dirty over touching a woman.

From outside, there was a scream for help and, after looking, the leather-clad woman, ‘Willow’, as she had said her name was, shouted, “It’s Cordelia! She needs help!”

Tebryn, however, shrugged, “Then help her, little girl. I have to protect my mistress.”

Willow heard Xander’s… Tebryn’s answer and growled for a second, but she then stormed out of the house, her anger so great that, as she reached Cordelia, she snapped her arm out and grabbed the dog-like creature by its neck, “Sit!” With a twist and a sickening crack, it fell to the ground, dead.

Cordelia looked at her for a moment, “Willow? Like, when did you go mental?”

Willow’s response was eloquent – she snapped her fist out and struck Cordelia across the jaw, knocking the chesty teen out. Once that was done, she reached down and cupped the encased breasts of the cheerleader, smiling a little as she squeezed, before she came back to herself and jerked her hands away, “Alright, this is frigging ANNOYING! I am NOT some kind of a pervert!” With a sigh, though, she grabbed Cordelia by the ankle and started to drag her towards the house, “A little help here?”

“Willow?” She looked up and saw Angel standing in the doorway, but she also saw the blade of a sword pressed into his neck, “Um, can you tell Harris to back off? Please?” Wisps of smoke were coming from the blade, and Willow winced as she got close enough to hear the sizzling sound.

“Um, well, I could, but he’s not Xander right now, he’s Tebryn Coloara, a Drow, and he’s not a nice person.” She winced as a shot of pain went through her knuckles, “Ow.”

‘Nine hells, if this isn’t my luck’ Angel thought as he felt the sword bite into his neck a little more. He had come to Buffy’s house once he noticed the chaos outside, just to make sure she was alright, but once inside he had seen the computer teacher that fancied Giles on the couch, seemingly asleep, Buffy acting like an old world ditz that he used to drain and Harris… well, the boy had gotten the drop on him, which brought him to his current position of asking Willow for help. “Okay, so, can you ask ‘Tebryn’ to turn me loose?”

“And why would I do that, lich?” The boy’s tone was like ice as the point of his sword, a katana by the looks of it, but that wasn’t a big issue now as it started to burn, “What do you care for the health of a human girl?”

Angel ignored Buffy’s claim of, ‘I am a Noble-WOMAN,’ and hissed, “I have a soul!” Apparently this did not appease the boy so he tried again, “I came here to see if she was alright because I care for her!”

Tebryn, having read about the Lich nation, snarled as he twisted the point of his sword into the abomination’s neck, “Oh, is that so?”

“Indeed it is, male,” came the voice of the High Priestess as she stood up, her eyes flat. She strode towards them and grabbed the lich by the crotch, squeezing hard enough to get a squeal of pain from it, “I have seen his soul, this pathetic creature, and he speaks the truth, but I have also found the reason for our being here. Come,” she said with a final squeeze that sent the lich crumbling to the ground in a mewling heap, “we have a Chaos mage to kill.”

A thought of ‘I would follow that ass anywhere’ came unbidden to Tebryn’s mind as he followed the High Priestess, and he knew that it was not his mind that said it. Still, he surmised as he took the point of the sword away from the Lich’s neck and walked after the High Priestess, he had to admit that she was indeed pleasingly shaped.

“Hey, what about us?”

Tebryn paused for a moment and looked at Willow before he shrugged, “Seal this portal and allow none to enter.” With that, he walked out of the home.


Ethan Rayne, surprisingly, was a simple man – he ate, he drank, he slept, he occasionally shagged and he caused chaos wherever he went; tonight was no different (save the shagging part, damned American girls and their movie star fantasies), but ever since he had cast the spell, he had felt a kind of dark cloud hanging over his head. It was a feeling that, at first, he had ignored cheerfully as he watched the ruckus outside and sat there in his shop, assured that Janus was happy, but as the night wore on the feeling increased, and the sight before him was not helping the matters any.

A bloke, thin, almost skeletal, was pinned to the wall of his store by the bird he’d pawned the Drowess costume off on while the boy in the Drow outfit seemed to be tearing through the pinned bloke’s friends, scattering their ashes as he slid through them.

“I told you I would not be amused,” the woman hissed as she twisted the wicked knife into the vampire’s guts, eliciting a howl of agony and a fresh sizzle from the vampire as her companion finished the last of the vampire. “And… Spike, correct? Spike, let me assure you that when a High Priestess of Lolth is not amused, people die.” She withdrew her dagger from the vampire and smirked cruelly, “Of course, the opposite is true – people die when we are amused.” She held up her dagger and, in a language that Ethan did not understand, chanted what sounded like a spell.

The dagger glowed brightly and, for the barest second, he was sure that nothing would happen, but then the vampire, Spike, began to howl anew as his flesh began to melt and an unseen wind began to stir the new ashes away into the carpet. The vampire burned in an unholy fire for several seconds before, mercifully, in Ethan’s mind, he turned into dust.

Ethan gulped as both figured now turned to him – how quickly a good night could turn into a visit to the crapper…

Janna smiled at the worm-like man as she felt the power of her goddess flowing through her again – when she and the male had left the house of ‘Buffy’, they had encountered several dozen pitiful liches and demons, and somewhere in the process she had been hard-pressed enough to summon forth the wrath of Lolth who, in Her divine fury, rent asunder the lich trash as her bodyguard went about destroying the demons. Truly, he had earned a reward with nigh a scratch on him – she could only hope that, as she felt the source of their trappings present, they both survived this final meeting. “Where is the focus of your spell, worm?”

Tebryn ignored the simpering of the man as the High Priestess began to question him – one way or another, she would get her answers, and Tebryn truly hoped that it would involve the pain and suffering of the pathetic human wizard. He hated this world, with its bright lights mounted on horseless carriages, the demon filth, and how he longed for the Underdark once again! At least there, in the utter darkness, he could rest easy and possibly enjoy the flesh of the High Priestess.

“My Lady… I do not know what you are talking about.” The human hissed in pain as the High Priestess lashed him with her snake-headed scourge, but he went on, “I am but a humble shop owner, here in a land of barbarians!” Idly, Tebryn felt a shot of anger and resentment at that statement, but it was lost in the glee as the human was lashed again.

Janna grinned a little at the worm’s words, “Had I not already tracked the energies of the spell back to you, I might have believed you. Ghastly place, this ‘America’,” she said with a shiver. She then looked at him again and saw the already pale man blanch some more, “Now, tell me the truth, and I promise to make this as painless as possible.”

Ethan looked at the woman and didn’t believe her for a minute.

(Buffy’s House)

“Willow, stop that!” Angel grabbed the red-haired young woman as, once again, she lashed out at a screaming Buffy, aka Lady Elizabeth, aka Lady Useless, and for not the first time he lamented his unlife as Giles, whom he had been able to get in contact with, came around from where he lay on the floor.

“What the bloody hell hit me?”

“Forgive me, good sir, for I feared for my life and my chastity,” Buffy managed to get out as she once again ducked behind the couch and out of Willow’s grasp.

Giles sighed as he stood up, his head killing him from where Buffy had brained him with a lamp, “Your mother is going to kill me…”


“Do it now!”

Tebryn looked at the High Priestess, who stood over the very dead body of the store owner, as if she had taken leave of her senses, “Forgive me, High Priestess, but smashing glowing idols with one’s sword is a known way to get killed.” The lash of her scourge was absorbed by his chain armor, but the message came through loud and clear, so Tebryn raised his sword and sent up a quick prayer to whatever gods were listening before he brought it down on the idol.

Several things happened at once as the idol shattered – the first of which, though not the least of which, was the explosion of power that came from the idol that flung Tebryn out of the small back room and into the main portion of the store. As he landed, he felt his consciousness fade…

… and Xander felt himself come back into control of his body, though the memories of Tebryn Coloara were still very fresh in his mind.

The next thing that he noticed happening was the fact that Jenny had fallen on top of him, her knife and scourge clattering to the ground with the sound of plastic, and upon his chest she began to shiver and cry. Not one to let a woman suffer, Xander’s arms instinctively went around her shaking shoulders, and his act of kindness was rewarded with fresh cries and the feel of her face being buried into his neck, her tears wet on his skin.

After a few moments, Jenny’s crying began to subside as she pulled away, but they were not gone completely as tears still streamed from her eyes, “We must leave, Xander, before the police come.”

Jenny watched as Xander stood, still feeling somewhat twitchy from the fact that’d she had just broken down on his shoulder at the simplest hug, but those thought fled from her as he went to the counter and removed the bank bag from a drawer – a part of her wanted to condemn him for this, but as he paused and snapped his foot into the chest of the body of Ethan, she steeled her heart, ‘Better Xander have the money than that monster…’

With that and a curse spat out at the body, Jenny and Xander both melted into the night.

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