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Mr. Men and Little Miss

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Summary: Characters from Buffy and Angel are cast as characters from the children's books. Little Miss Helpful, Mr. Fussy, Little Miss Trouble, Mr. Quiet.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Author: Roger HargreavesAllyndraFR1343,6812192,70710 Aug 0631 Oct 06Yes

Mr. Quiet

Most people like to talk.

In fact, if you allow it, many people will talk about themselves all day long.

And into the night.

Do you know people like that?

I thought you might.

Mr. Quiet isn't one of those people.


Mr. Quiet isn't shy, as you might think.

In fact, he is quite sure of himself.

He just chooses not to talk.

Mr. Quiet is very good at not talking.

He can say more with one word than some people can say with a hundred.


Mr. Quiet could tell an entire story in two words.

And he had.

The words were "Got bit."

Mr. Quiet could win an argument with no words at all.

And he had.

He smashed the components for the spell about which the others were arguing.


Once, Mr. Quiet went for three whole days without saying a single word.

This didn't mean he didn't communicate, though.

Mr. Quiet shrugged and raised his eyebrows to show what he meant.

He had very talented eyebrows.

And he had an entire wardrobe of shrugs.


Mr. Quiet had been gone for a very long time.

He'd been on a trip.

Around the world.

And back again.

When he returned from his trip, he went to visit Little Miss Helpful.

Who had been his girlfriend once.

While he was there, he also visited Little Miss Bossy and Mr. Clumsy


For the first few days, Mr. Quiet spoke much more than usual.

He told stories about his travels.

He asked questions about his friends' lives.

But then it happened.

Mr. Quiet ran out of things to talk about.

He went back to being quiet.


Mr. Quiet's friends had gotten used to hearing him speak.

When he stopped talking, they worried that something was wrong.

They had a meeting about it at the Slayer House.


"Maybe Mr. Quiet is lonely," Little Miss Helpful suggested. "He's been alone for a long time."

"Maybe Mr. Quiet is sad," said Mr. Clumsy, spilling juice on his shirt.

"Whatever the reason," said Little Miss Bossy, "it's our duty to make things right."

All three friends nodded.

They put their heads together and worked on a plan to get Mr. Quiet to talk.


The next day, Little Miss Helpful went to the room where Mr. Quiet was staying.

"Come have coffee with me," Little Miss Helpful suggested.

Mr. Quiet shrugged and joined Little Miss Helpful for coffee.

"It's hard to make friends now that we're older," Little Miss Helpful observed. "Have you been feeling lonely?"

Mr. Quiet raised an eyebrow.

"Have you?" he asked.

"Now that you mention it, I have," said Little Miss Helpful.

And she spent the next hour and a half talking about herself.


The day after that, Little Miss Bossy asked Mr. Quiet to come on patrol with her.

She planned to get her friend to talk in the lulls between vampires.

But Mr. Quiet was too smart for her.

He foiled her plot with two words.

Do you want to know what they were?

"Nice shoes."

Little Miss Bossy spent the rest of patrol talking about shoes, where to buy them, and ways she could use them as weapons.


The next day, it was Mr. Clumsy's turn.

He didn't have a big plan.

He just asked Mr. Quiet to hang out.

He thought if Mr. Quiet started to have fun, he might start to talk.

The two men watched a movie, read comic books, and played video games.

They had a great time.

But they didn't talk.


On the fourth day, Little Miss Bossy, Mr. Clumsy, and Little Miss Helpful had another meeting.

They all reported the same thing

No luck.

The three friends were unhappy to have failed.

Their faces were so long, someone could have tripped on them.

Though no one did.

"I know what might help!" said Little Miss Helpful.

"Let's have a party."


The next day, they called up everyone they could think of and invited them to a party.

A 'Welcome Back' party for Mr. Quiet.

By three o'clock, the guests started arriving.

There was food and punch and music and laughter.

It was a wonderful party.

The only thing missing was Mr. Quiet.


Mr. Quiet had been surprised by the party.

To say the least.

He had been happy to see so many friends, but something was bothering him.

After spending so much time alone on his trip, Mr. Quiet was overwhelmed by all the people.

He snuck out of the party and climbed a tall hill nearby.

He looked up at the big, round moon and smiled.

Mr. Quiet pulled the beads from his wrist and concentrated for a moment.

For the rest of the night, a large wolf lay on the hillside.


Enjoying the quiet.

Author's Note: I have Mr. Men and Litle Miss personas for most of the AtS and BtVS characters, but I don't have stories in mind for them right now. If they start demanding to have their stories told, I'll start up a new batch. Thanks for reading!

A/N 2: For pics of Mr. Quiet in both his incarnations, see eponine's artwork here

The End

You have reached the end of "Mr. Men and Little Miss". This story is complete.

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