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And They All Fall Down

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Summary: Living by the Seven Heavenly Virtues has never been so dangerous. Violent attacks are happening in NYC and it is up to Faith to figure it out. She’s going to need all the help the SVU crew can give her to stop this killer.

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Television > Law and Order: SVU(Moderator)DemonaFR1821,7111153,99110 Aug 0613 Sep 06No

The Writing on the Wall

Chapter Two - The Writing on the Wall

“Where’s Detective Benson? I thought she called in this scene?” Detective John Munch questioned out loud as he pulled on his gloves. No one immediately answered. “Well?”

“She was sent with the victim to Mount Sinai, Detective,” an officer finally commented.

“The vic is still alive?” Detective Odafin Tutuola spoke up, unable to keep the shock out of his voice.

“Yes, Detective Benson found a weak pulse on the vic. She had to get pretty close to her to figure it out… I imagine it took a little while to gather her wits back after that,” the officer stated.

Munch took his time looking around, taking in the personnel who had responded to the scene. Already a rather large crowd had gathered behind the police tape. They were like vultures, looking for the dead or easy to prey on. It was going to be hard to keep the press away from this scene. A vicious rape and beating would bring in a lot of attention, and the Captain would have a lot of pressure from above to close the case. “Okay…so she accompanied the vic to the hospital. Why is that such an ordeal?”

“She was ordered to go, Detective. The first team on the scene put her in the bus too.” The officer managed a slightly nervous laugh. It came out bordering on hysterical. He looked pale underneath his Italian complexion.

“And you think that is funny?” Detective Tutuola commented eyeing up the officer.

“No, Sir. I’m just jealous that she got to get away when she did. Now the rest of us, yourself included, are stuck here with this scene. If you ask me, she’s the lucky one,” the officer finally stated with a backwards glance at the alley behind him.

“That bad? You haven’t seen worse on the clock?”

“Not as bad as is in that alley, Detective. Between the scene and the description of the vic I’ll have nightmares for weeks. But you’re going to have to go in and see for yourself. I’ll be around to compare notes later if you want,” he suggested and then walked away, quickly putting some distance from the alley.

Detective Munch looked down that alley. The first units on the scene had managed to get some lighting set up, and shined down in there. Although from where he was standing it didn’t look like the light was doing much good. A quick glance over at his partner, and a heavy sigh, and he was walking toward the scene. He was a step away from entering the alley when he was stopped.

“John, Fin – wait a minute,” a male voice stopped his entry into the alley. Both detectives stopped and turned to watch as Detective Elliot Stabler jogged toward them.

“You didn’t join Olivia at the hospital?” Detective Munch questioned.

“Nah. She called me and told me to come down here. There apparently isn’t anything that I can do for the girl at the hospital…Olivia doesn’t think she is going to make it through surgery.”

“And you didn’t think that Olivia might need someone there with her?” Detective Tutuola pointed out. “According to everyone here this is one of the nastiest scenes that they have ever seen,” he continued and nodded in the direction of several piles of vomit just outside the alley. Detective Stabler followed his gaze.

“I’ll check on her after we are done here. I’m not going to be doing any good to the vic or to Olivia if I sit there holding their hands. This is what I do, so let’s go do our job.”

“Okay,” Detective Munch replied and walked into the alley.


The scene before him was indeed gruesome.

Blood was spattered up the walls and covered the street of the alley. Another glance at the scene revealed the evidence of a fight. Broken wooden crates were scattered about. The vic clearly had struggled for what it was worth.

“What did you get from the forensic team?” Munch quietly asked Stabler.

“They mentioned something about a struggle,” he started off with a slightly sarcastic tone. “They also found piles of dust, ash maybe, weird to have in the alley. They’ll run it and let us know. We believe based on the pieces scattered about that the vic may have attempted to defend herself. There was blood and even that weird dust on some sharp edges of the crate pieces. Again, they’ll rush them.”

“Do you think all this blood belongs to our vic?”

“I guess so. She’s lucky to be alive, John,” he quietly commented. “The forensic team mentioned that they saw at least half a dozen different footprints. She was attacked by a group, a lot of people were partying here.” Elliot looked ill as he fully took in the scene.

“What’s it say on the wall?” Munch questioned as he carefully made his way to the alley wall.

“Didn’t even see it,” Elliot honestly answered as he followed Munch’s steps.

“She…is not…alone…in her… She is not alone in her? And what is that last word up there…faith? What does this mean? Does this mean there are others out there? That this was a religious attack?” John rambled. Elliot pointed to the wall and had one of the crime scene techs still working the scene take a picture.

“I don’t know, John, I just don’t know.” Elliot shuddered as he stood staring at the blood stained wall.


The End?

You have reached the end of "And They All Fall Down" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Sep 06.

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