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Brace Yourself

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Summary: When Buffy dies again the powers decide to send her to a certain wizard who could use some help. there's a few catches though...

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredjrfanFR181743051,54710 Aug 0610 Aug 06No
alright so this story takes place after Buffy ended and angel ended. it is set in the sixth year of HP enjoy.

disclaimer:i do not own anything you may know.ex the harry potter character(they belong to Rowling) and the Buffy and angel characters(the belong to Whedon) the song belongs to Dropping Daylight so yeah i own none of it... i only own the ideas that i created in the story. don't sue me please you won't get much I'm a poor student. : )

Chapter 1-Death

Maybe it’s already too late
To tell if it’s luck or if it’s fate
Guiding a vehicle
That couldn’t keep our bodies heading straight
Where are the answers that we need
Why has it been so hard to see
We had to lose ourselves
To fight our whole lives waiting there

-"Brace Yourself" Dropping Daylight(yes they so rock and caused the name of this story)

Buffy Summers was in the fight of her life. She spun and killed another demon with her sword. “One down” she said spinning to face the rest. “Only a million to go,” she said with a sigh attacking the first demon she came to. Soon she had the group down to about a dozen but was exhausted. This was even too much for the experienced slayer. “Come on guys can’t just make it easy on me?” she asked and one of the demons attacked her. “I’ll take that as a no,” She said as she defended against the attack. She fought with him awhile and was beginning to lose. She began to panic as she blocked another attack. She was so not ready to die again. She actually liked her life somewhat and did not want to leave it again. She continued to fight but she knew she was going to lose so when the demon knocked her sword from her hands she was not surprised. The demon drew back his sword and Buffy prepared herself but realized that she could still win. When he attacked Buffy she ducked under his sword and moved towards her own. She didn’t realize that the demon had prepared for this and turned to stab her. Buffy looked down at the sword sticking out of her. “Damn, that was so not how this was supposed to go.” She said before falling to the floor. The demons cheered as they had done what only a master vampire, a hell god and a human with a gun could do, kill the original slayer.


Angel was standing in his office at the Las Vegas branch of the New Watchers Council, when he felt something be ripped from his soul. He knew what had happened. “Buffy,” he whispered. She was dead. He collapsed to the floor in pain. He had only felt this pain three times in his lifetime but all three times she had come back and the pain had gone away. This time he did not know if the pain would go away.


“This cannot be happening,” one of the powers that be said as they watched everything. “This was not supposed to happen.”

“But it has.” One of the other powers said, drawing the attention away from the scene below them.

“I can not believe we lost two champions of light in one moment.” The first power said.

“Two?” one of the present powers asked.

“Yes, two, we lost the original slayer and her soul mate, Angel.” The first power clarified.

“How did we lose the vampire with a soul?” the second power asked.

“We lost him because he is tied to her, he will not want to go on without her. With so few champions left we can not afford this.” The first power replied.

“How many are left?” the second power asked.

“There is Angel, his childe, Spike, the second slayer, Faith, a young wizard named Harry Potter and there was the original slayer.” The first power replied.

“Why are they champions?” a younger power asked.

“They are champions because they have given up everything for the good of the world, their happiness, those they love and even their lives.” The first power explained.

“What are we going to do about this?” someone asked.

“Let’s take a look at the timeline before we make any decisions.” The second power said. They all watched time pass and what they saw did not make them happy; Deaths, evil taking over, and just badness. The worst was a wizard named Voldemort who would take over the wizarding world and unite the world of darkness and demons with the wizarding one. They would not be able to be stopped.

“This is not good” the first power said. “We need to take out this wizard before he gets that strong."

“But how?” someone asked.

“I have an idea.” A new voice said.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Brace Yourself" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Aug 06.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking