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The Gift

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Summary: Gus has an accident and is determined to change his life, but life has an even bigger change than he could've imagined planned for him. [A Psych fic]

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Television > PsychNatalieKushnerFR1549,088022,64811 Aug 0619 Aug 06Yes

For the Good of the World

LEGAL A/N: Psych and all characters belong to Steve Franks, Tagline Pictures, NBC Universal Television Studios, GEP Productions and USA Network.

4: For the Good of the World

Shawn stood leaning over the oak desk where an open cardboard box sat on the corner filled with the trinkets and office supplies that he spent over $200 at Office Max on. He picked up a purple gelly-grip industrial stapler and tossed it down into the open box with a deflated sigh. A bitter, disappointed expression was cemented on his face as he tried to shove long memories out of his head.

His green eyes moved up to the giant Psych window overlooking the ocean as he saw Gus rush up with a piece of computer paper in one hand and a giant pineapple with a pink bow on it in the other. Shawn rolled his eyes; it was the last person he wanted to see.

Gus burst through the front down with a rapid tone. “Shawn!” he exclaimed. “I gotta tell you something!” He was silent as a statue as he picked up the broken table lamp and placed it into the box without looking at him for a moment. Gus set the pineapple on the desk as he lifted up the paper for Shawn to see. “I read about this one dude up in Maine who got in a car accident and went into a coma,” he exclaimed. “When he woke up, he developed psychic abilities. Real psychic abilities. The guy’s never wrong.”

Shawn reached over and grabbed the pineapple off of the desk without looking at Gus. He lifted it over the trashcan and dropped it down into the bucket, pineapple fragments dispersing out of the plastic wastebasket and onto Gus’ pant legs. After hearing the satisfying crash, Shawn went back to his stone-faced work.

“I’m just saying,” Gus began again, not surrendering, “after I woke up in the hospital, I’ve been seeing things, Shawn. Having dreams that I can’t explain. Like the first time, we were in the middle of our high school graduation and that ‘Mr. Sandman’ song came on out of nowhere and then somebody started shooting and everyone except me was dead. And then it happened again in the police station – but this time I wasn’t dreaming – and the song came on and you were shot. Every time it ends with you getting killed. It’s so real, Shawn! More real than anything.” Gus stared at his friend who was completely unresponsive to his words. “You’ve got to understand!”

“I understand,” Shawn relinquished calmly.

A wave of relief rushed over Gus. “You do?”

“Yeah,” he nodded and simply reevaluated the situation. “You’re concerned that I’m in peril. You think that my life is in danger. So you decided to take action by completely ruining my life and humiliated me in front of everyone. Most people would call that kinda pointless, but I find it pretty point-y.”

“Shawn, I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Then what did you mean to do?” Shawn asked, a flash of anger engulfing him. “Get me arrested?! Thrown in jail?! You always complain that I think this whole thing is a game – you’re the one who’s playing with my life!”

“I’m trying to save your life!” Gus snapped. “It was very simple – if you’re in jail, how are you gonna get shot?”

“I can’t hear this anymore,” Shawn said with disgust, shaking his head coldly as he closed up the cardboard box. “You want to tell somebody about your bad dreams? Get a nanny.”

“What about the psychic from Maine?!”

“Here’s a good idea. Why don’t you call and ask if you can be his sidekick? Unless the back-stabbing position has already been filled…”

“You’re not hearing me! You’re making a mistake!”

“No, I’m done with mistakes!” Shawn snapped as he lifted up the box and walked to the door. He stopped and looked back at Gus with an angry, hurt expression. “The biggest mistake I ever made was believing that I could trust you!”

Gus heard Shawn’s voice from the other corner of the room. “Dude, you are making too big a deal out of this,” Shawn pleaded. Gus looked over near the Psych window to see himself and Shawn standing next to the desk as Shawn picked up the broken lamp. “I don’t want to have to use violence against you, but you’re leaving me no other option.”

Gus blinked in utter confusion as he stared at himself and Shawn from the past, right before his electrocution.

“That lamp is broken, Shawn!” the past Gus hissed, annoyed. “You broke that, too, when you were playing with it, remember? Just like you broke my mom’s vase at my house and like how you broke my last Bluetooth headset!”

The Gus from the present glanced back at Shawn, standing near the door with the box in his hands. “Do you see that? It’s us!” Gus declared, pointing at the desk with wide, stunned eyes.

Shawn from the present glanced over to the desk, but nobody was there. He looked back at Gus with a frustrated expression. “What are you talking about?”

“Why are you still trying?” another familiar voice said from behind Gus. He turned around to see Lassiter sitting on an armchair covered in silver paint with a tin funnel on top of his head. He was the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. Gus rubbed his eyes as he stared at Detective Carlton Lassiter as the beloved children’s character.

“What the hell?” Gus blurted, at a loss.

Beside Lassiter, a woman with her blonde hair in pigtails wearing a light blue checkered dress which came down to her knees was crouched down on the floor digging around in the mini fridge in the corner. She stood up and faced Gus, but this time she had a face that could be seen clearly. It was Juliet O’Hara dressed as Dorothy.

“Your friend’s not gonna come around,” Tin Lassiter said of the present-Shawn who continued to stand impatiently in the doorway.

“Don’t say that,” Dorothy-Juliet snapped at her partner. She looked at Gus with a warm, caring and hopeful expression. “You have to keep searching for the rainbow.”

A crack rang out like a bolt of thunder, the familiar sound of gunfire. Gus recognized it instantly as he looked over at the Shawn from the present near the doorway. Shawn gazed down at his chest to see the stain of blood growing from near his heart outwards. He lifted his head and gazed at Gus with lost, painful eyes as he fell to the floor, his legs giving out from beneath him. The cardboard box tumbled to the ground, the articles of which scattered across the floor.

“Shawn!” Gus cried out with terror.

Mr. Sandman,” Lassiter and Juliet began to sing in unison as Lassiter snapped his fingers to the beat, “Bring me a dream… Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen…

Gus looked up and glanced back at them with a horrified face. He then turned to himself and Shawn from the past, still near the desk as Shawn held the broken lamp up high.

“Last two,” Shawn from the past quietly submitted.


Tin Lassiter looked over at Gus as he held a piece of sliced pineapple in his hand and slowly chomped away, smacking his words. “Think about it, Burton,” said Lassiter, “what’s the point of saving him anyway? We both know the guy’s an utter failure and that’s what he’ll always be.”

“Huh?” Gus exclaimed as he stared at Lassiter in confusion. “We don’t know that!”

“Sure, we do,” Tin Lassiter shrugged. “He’s a slacker. He’s totally immature. He doesn’t stick with anything. I mean, how long you think he’ll do this psychic detective thing?” Lassiter took another bite. “I mean laziness like that can only lead to unhappiness. You’ve done him a favor, the way I see it. He’s better off dead.”

“Are you out of your damn mind?” Gus exclaimed angrily. He pointed a finger at Lassiter. “You do need a woman.”

Tin Lassiter gave him a sneer, then replied, “He’s unproductive and unnecessary. He’s wasting his life, your life, and everyone else’s.”

“That’s not true,” Gus declared. He looked down at Shawn’s torn body, his head tilted to the side and his green, vacant eyes wide open as they stared blankly at the wall. The pool of blood around Shawn continued to grow in size, a river being unleased through a broken dam that could never be repaired.

Gus looked up at Tin Lassiter and Dorothy-Juliet desperately. “It’s people like him the world needs more of,” he declared as he pointed down at his friend’s body with stinging eyes. He glanced over to the other part of the room and saw past-Shawn sheepishly reply to past-Gus.

“Last night your new one kind of fell on the floorboard of the car and—”

“Shawn, give me that!” past-Gus snapped as he reached over for the lamp, grabbing Shawn’s arm.

Present-Gus looked over at the desk to see past-Shawn’s cell phone lying near the edge. He remembered that Shawn had mentioned something about a new ringtone package. And then it hit him.

“For the good of the world, Gus,” Juliet replied softly. She sat down on the arm of the armchair with her hands clasped in her lap. “You have a gift now. You should use that gift to make the world a better place.”

Gus stared at her and nodded slowly, the events falling into place. “I agree.” Gus looked down at present-Shawn’s body as he kneeled down beside his brother. “Saving Shawn makes the world a better place.” He reached down and grabbed the wet wound over Shawn’s heart.

With a flash, Gus stood in the middle of the Psych office near the bay window with Shawn holding the broken lamp protectively. Gus’ eyes went from side to side in utter confusion. He’d gone back in time to the moment before he grabbed the lamp. Gus looked over Shawn’s shoulder to the boardwalk across the street. A figure was crouched down behind a bench in front of the bushes with a long object protruding out of the bench.

On the desk behind them, Shawn’s cell phone began to blare the most annoying ringtone ever: “Mr. Sandman… Bring me a dream…” He flinched at the sound of the female voices singing in unison, but only for a half second.

“Shawn, get down!” Gus shouted as he grabbed Shawn instead of the lamp and threw him to the floor. A half-second later, the Psych bay window shattered as a bullet from a rifle sliced through the glass. Shawn and Gus, now both on the floor, shielded themselves from the rain of glass shards that fell over them.

Shawn could hear screaming from outside as he looked around in shock, the broken lamp rolling around on the floor with them. “Oh, my god, Gus!” Shawn declared, bewildered and stunned out of his mind. “Did you see that?” He looked over to see blood spilling out onto the floor as Gus sat up against the bottom of the desk holding his left arm in throbbing agony. “Gus!” he cried out in terror. He sat up and grabbed his brother’s arm, reaching up for the cell phone on the table with the free hand.

“It’s okay, Gus,” Shawn nervously declared. “Everything’s gonna be fine…” Gus looked over at the lamp rolling across the floor as he began to crawl with one arm towards it. “No, no, no,” said Shawn, protectively. “Don’t try to move!” Gus gazed down at the exposed wiring near the bulb and grabbed the plastic handle. “What are you doing?” Shawn asked in confusion.

With one injured arm at his side and the other holding the lamp, Gus threw his weight against the wall. “Get against the wall!” he ordered. The front door of the Psych office swung open wide, being kicked in from the outside. A tall, thin man wearing a gray muscle t-shirt that exposed his ornate arm tattoos and dirty blue jeans rushed in through the door with a mess of long, blonde hair following him beneath a green bandanna worn as a headband. The crazed man gazed around until he found Shawn and Gus on the floor. He lifted the M40 Sniper Rifle in his hands up and aimed at Shawn for a kill shot, but Gus swung the lamp and stabbed the bulb into the denim leg of the shooter.

He hollared in agony as a surge of electricity travelled up his leg and through his body, bringing him down like a ton of bricks. He crashed to the wooden floor and lay there unmoving as the two friends stared at their attacker in stunned silence. Shawn glanced over at Gus, then looked back at the fried body of the sniper. Gus held the wound on his arm as he breathed a sigh of blessed relief, leaning back agaisnt the wall and closing his eyes.

Shawn stared at the body, then looked over at Gus. “What the hell was that?”

“All right, Mr. Guster,” a doctor declared, “you’re good to go.” Gus sat on the end of a hospital bed in the emergency room as the doctor sewed the final stitch into his upper arm. Gus looked over at Shawn who stood nearby with a silent, unnerved expression which he had worn since they had left the office an hour-and-a-half ago. The doctor placed a bandage over Gus’ wound as he explained, “No major damage here. You’re gonna be fine.” He looked over at Shawn. “No need to worry, really. He’s very lucky. I’ll be right back with the discharge papers.”

As he exited the emergency room they looked over to see Karen Vick walk in, holding her pregnant belly with a tired expression. “I’m glad I found you two,” she declared.

“Me too,” Shawn replied. “Can you tell me why Axel Rose tried to kill us?”

“Actually, he was after you, Mr. Spencer,” Karen declared. “We ID’d the body as William J. Nilsson. He was a third suspect that we had never taken into consideration.”

“Suspect of what?” Gus asked.

“Robbery,” Karen answered, glancing over at Shawn. “He’s the second partner of the electronics store owner that you ID’d when you were first brought to our attention. Neither of the two had said anything to indicate that there was another. Turns out Nilsson heard of you somehow and wanted to get rid of you before you had another… vision… which would incriminate him.” Karen nodded at Shawn with a smile. “Lucky he didn’t kill one of you, right?”

“It’s not luck,” Gus shook his head with a half-shrug. “It’s Shawn’s gift.” Shawn glanced over at his friend, even more unnerved than before.

Karen looked over at Gus. “I’m glad to see you’re all right. I’ll call you with more details later.” She turned around and exited the room, leaving the two of them behind. Shawn stepped over to the doorway and watched her disappear down the hall, then he looked back at Gus with a stunned expression.

“Dude…” he declared, amazed. “How… Did… You…Do it?”

“Well,” Gus tiredly sighed. “It’s a pretty long story. You see, in an alternate reality, I grabbed that broken lamp and was jolted with electricity which activated some sort of psychic ability in my brain which allowed me to live in a vision of the future without my knowing it, all the while giving me clues that you were going to die. Once I realized that I was in a vision, I was brought back to the past, right before the moment of my touching the lamp and I was able to save you. It all involved a doo-wop song, you repeatly getting shot, and Lassiter as the Tin Man and Juliet dressed up as Dorothy.”

Shawn stared at him blankly with a brief loss of words. “Whoa,” he breathed. “Was she hot?”

A grin stretched Gus’ face as he stood up from the hospital bed and grabbed his ruined blazer jacket off of the chair. “I’ll explain more over pineapple smoothies.”
The two of them began to walk side-by-side into the hallway. “I don’t believe it, man. There’s no way I could ever doubt your loyalty. I mean, what best friend can say that he had a psychic vision and electrocuted another man for his best friend?”

“I can,” Gus proudly nodded.

“And because you’re so loyal,” Shawn continued, “this means you’re paying, right?”

Gus’ smile faded. “What the hell gave you that idea?”

Shawn stared up at him as his face fell flat. “Oh, come on, dude; don’t ruin the moment—”

He stopped speaking as his cell phone went off. “Mr. Sandman… Bring me a dream…”

“Oh, wait,” Shawn said, reaching for his phone only to have it snatched out of his hands by Gus. He pulled back the phone with his uninjured arm and slammed it against the wall, smashing it to pieces and killing the music right away. Shawn stared at the reminant of his phone with jaw agape as he looked up at Gus, stunned.

Gus gazed down at him and declared passionately, “I hate that stupid-ass song!” He turned away from Shawn and continued to walk down the hallway.

Shawn looked down at his broken phone, then looked down the hallway at Gus. “When I asked you to help me choose a ringtone I didn’t mean to do it like that!” he called out in frustration. “Dude!” he shouted with an incredulous tone, then rushed to catch up to Gus.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Gift". This story is complete.

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