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In the Black

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Summary: A small but growing collection of FireflyBTVS ficlets.

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Firefly > General(Past Donor)ElliebunkFR1531,978044,19713 Aug 065 Oct 06No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Woman of Mine

DISCLAMER: Joss made it, I wrote it.

“…Can’t tell you how many times the bint saves m’life.” Spike told him.

“Oh, yeah. My girl’s been there for me through thick an’ thin. Was in an ambush just’ last month, an if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here.” Jayne replied, understanding exactly how he felt.

Spike had come onto Serenity a few weeks ago and had already been accepted as one of the crew. Him and Jayne had latched together pretty quick, forming- as Inara like to call it- “ a heterosexual man-crush” on each other; In their opinion, they put up with each other cause they both liked brawls and could hold their liquor.

Now the two sat in the cargo hold, cleaning their weapons and talkin’ about their loves.

“Y’should see her fight’ It’s a thing of poetry, it is. She can drive a stake through a vamps’ heart or tear a demon’s head off with th’grace of a dancer. She’s at her most beautiful when she’s fightin.” Spike sighed. “I gotta tell ya, mate; I’ve been alive a pretty long time, and I’ve never seen a thing as beautiful as that bloody woman.”

“I know what’cha mean. I let Vera out an’ she’ll kill anything within a mile of ‘er. Once blew a man’s head clean off without getting’ a smudge on her. Yup,” Jayne said, loading up Vera, “ She’s a thing of beauty.”

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking