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Summary: Dawn may be dead but green glowy balls of energy don’t dissipate and strong magics can linger. And the love of family is stronger than all that.

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Television > House, M.D. > Dawn-CenteredPaBurkeFR1518981186,03715 Aug 0615 Aug 06Yes
By PaBurke
X-over: House
850 Words, rated G
Distribution: TtH.
Summary: Dawn may be dead but green glowy balls of energy don’t dissipate and strong magics can linger. And the love of family is stronger than all that.
Spoilers: For Chosen and the House episode with Michelle Trachtenberg. Maybe Linda was dying for another reason.
Disclaimer: No one belongs to me. No copyright infringement intended.

People running in the ICU happened more often than the nurses would like to admit, but normally the doctors or nurses were in the hurry, not a trio of twenty-somethings. The redhead led the charge onto the floor, waving a dimly glowing crystal. Two steps onto the floor, however, the petite blonde ran ahead of the others. She made a bee-line to the isolation room where a young woman named Linda was dying of systematic paralysis. The teen had already had a heart transplant and lived with allergies up to wazoo. Anaphylactic shock had sent her into heart failure, but worse of all, the rebellious, stubborn teen had started to give up. She had spent the last hours intubated, a machine breathing for lungs that no longer received the signal to breathe. Dr. House had removed the intubation tube and given the girl a stimulate, in hopes that he could threaten answers from Linda, but she hadn't woken up.

House and his team of specialists had lost the confidence of the family while they had tried to figure out the mystery of why Linda was dying, why her body was giving up so quickly. So House was trying to find answers as his team gave the family a run-around to buy time.

The blonde ran straight into Linda’s room. She jumped and landed on the bed in one smooth movement but the bed did not bounce. The only male in the group stood watch by the door, closing the blinds to buy them a few more seconds. The redhead tied elastic around the blonde’s arm and shoved a prepared needle into her comrade’s vein. Immediately the clear tube turned red. The redhead imputed the other end into Linda’s IV.

The nurses on the floor called security. Dr. House swung his cane at the male but the male cut it in half with a sword he held at House’s throat. With a gun, the male deterred anyone else from entering.

“You’re going to kill her.”

“No,” the blonde gently brushed Linda’s hair off her face. “You are.” Then to herself, “I wasn’t expecting her to look the same.”

Miracle of miracles, Linda woke up. Why now?

“Hey Dawnie,” the blonde smiled.

Linda was in the normal, drugged fog of someone in her state. “I know you.”

A wry chuckle. “Yeah, you do.”

“What are you doing to me?” the teen was scared to realize that the blonde was quite literally sitting on her.

“Fixing you,” the stranger answered simply.


“’Cause you’re family.”

“But I don’t know you.”

The redhead apparently thought that Linda had had enough of the blonde’s blood and disengaged the needles.

“Doesn’t matter. This happened ‘cause I was too far away. We won’t let it happen again.”

Linda looked confused.

The blonde leaned over and kissed Linda’s forehead. “We love you, Dawnie. And every time your mom is overprotective remember that I am much worse.”

The blonde climbed off of Linda, barely glancing at House and the growing number of people outside the hospital room. “Ready?”

“Ready,” the other two chorused. Something happened; House didn’t know what, but his perceptions changed and the security guards waiting for the trio fell back. The strangers ran out of the room, this time making a bee-line for the stairs. After a few moments, the guards and the nurses gave chase.

House’s patient looked at him. She was confused. “But my name is Linda.”

House merely shrugged and called for his team. They would have to see the damage the impromptu blood transfusion had caused. Why had the patient awoken and with such coherency?


“Run the tests again,” House ordered.

“I have. Four times.”

“Then make it five,” countered House. “A person with a transplanted heart does not suddenly decide the change the new heart’s DNA to their own.”

“Maybe it had something to do with the blood the blonde gave her,” another ventured slowly.

House snorted, “Whose DNA we can’t find any trace of in Linda’s blood. I want that test run again too. Something has to make sense. I don’t believe they magiked all the girl’s medical problems away. And has anyone found out how they disappeared from the stairwell? I thought we had security for a reason. And hurry it up: the girl’s getting better by the hour and her family doesn’t want to keep her in the hospital when she’s in the best health she’s ever been in.”


“We’re not giving her a choice,” Willow murmured.

“She has two loving parents here and she is totally not in the supernatural world. She gets to have a fresh start. She deserves it. When she died . . . now, she gets a chance to live.”

Xander sighed. “I side with Buffy. We fixed her this time and now that we know where she is, we’ll know the warning signs to intervene before it gets this bad again. She lives and her mother will watch over her.”

“I’d love to get my hands on the protection spell the monks used. For it to still have such influence . . .” Willow mused.


The End

You have reached the end of "Do-Over". This story is complete.

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