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Return of the Queen

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Summary: The true Queen of St. Louis retakes the throne. Warning: Character death.

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Hail to the God-King

Return of the Queen
by P.H. Wise
An Angel crossover shortfic

Hail to the God-King


Micah approached the chambers of his new Queen, utterly confident in his ability to insinuate himself into her... pants. Wait, I mean confidence. Watching him move would have turned a straight man into a disgusted and slightly embarrassed straight man, or a homosexual man into a certified ass-spelunker. His plan was clear: he would bed Illyria, god-king of St. Louis, and in so doing, he would set himself up as her king, or at least her favored consort, elevating himself into a position of power in the new court. He opened the door to her chambers and stepped inside.

Several minutes later, he tumbled back out, barely able to breathe, and bleeding heavily from where his reproductive organs used to be. "Oh God... Oh God it hurts!" he moaned, now experiencing an agony greater than any he had ever known.

Illyria strode out into the hallway, fixing him to the floor with the force of her disapproving glare. "You dare to insult your god? Would divinity couple with an insect?" She threw his severed part to the floor beside his face. "Begone, worm, and count yourself fortunate that I do not take your other head as well for your presumption."

Micah whimpered.


The End

You have reached the end of "Return of the Queen". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking