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This story is No. 7 in the series "Myriad". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It all comes together as everybody returns to Earth.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralvitruvianFR18816,1970169,05216 Aug 0624 Aug 06Yes


Disclaimer: I own neither the characters from the Whedonverse, those from the Superman mythos, nor the Doctor and his TARDIS. All characters belong to their respective copyright and trademark holders, and neither profit nor infringement is intended. Only the story (such as it is) is mine.

"Are we there yet?"

The Doctor looked over at the petite blonde that had asked the question. "About an hour yet, as we experience time here in the TARDIS. We can still adjust exactly when we materialize, though."

"How about where?" asked Buffy. "If this Zod character is as dangerous as he sounds, we should probably get the wonder twins here to wherever he's planning to break out. It's always easier to keep the Big Bad in its bottle than to stuff it back in once it's escaped, in my experience." She was exhibiting unexpected depths for someone who came off at first like a stereotypical California blonde, albeit one with a penchant for carrying around archaic melee weapons.

"Even if I'm right about Lex being the Vessel for Zod's return, we can't be sure where he'll be," said Clark, the younger of the Kryptonians Buffy had referred to. "With his new powers, he could travel between Smallville and Metropolis in a matter of minutes. Then there's the Fortress, up in the Arctic. That's where Zod tried to break out of the Phantom Zone before."

"Or perhaps even my Fortress, where he was last imprisoned," suggested Superman. "This could pose a problem, covering four likely locations with just the two of us."

"Hold on," interrupted Rose. "Just the two of you? You don't seriously think you're alone in this, do you?" She turned to Buffy. "How long would it take to get those friends of yours organized?"

"Not long, once I can get in touch with them."

"Here, take my cell phone. The Doctor's fixed it so it gets service anywhere. We should be able to hit the best pickup point for them first, then decide on teams to drop at each of the possible targets."

"Now, hold on a moment," said the Doctor. "The TARDIS is not a ferry service, you know. When exactly did we volunteer to do all this?"

Rose just looked at him for a moment. "Come off it, Doctor. This is exactly the sort of thing we always end up dealing with when we come to Earth. You're just cross that it's not just us this time. Well, deal with it - even if we aren't the stars of this story, we can still help out."

Behind her Buffy was already making her calls. "Hey, Giles. What time is it where you are? Because the blue box was a time machine, I thought Wills would have remembered that part.... Yeah, how is she? Well, I think we might have to put off the retreat in Devon for a little bit, as long as she's got a handle on things for right now... Yeah, two in one day, what are the odds? Anyway, this new one's in the states, but we can hitch a ride, how soon can you and Willow be ready at headquarters?"

She turned to look at the others in the TARDIS control room. "We're going to have a little help this time, actually we're going to be the help for the really big guns... who? Oh, just somebody who's been in the news a lot lately, likes to fly around with a big red cape..... Yeah, it's that big."

Buffy listened for a moment or two more. "Yeah, that's a good point. We really need to bring our 'A' game on this one. Hey, do you still have any of the stuff from 314? No, not like souvenirs, like the gourd and everything.... no, I'm not sure it's a good idea, but it's got to be better than making Wills pull out all the stops again, and besides, me and the mud bath queen are like this these days. Do we have a location on Xander? Yes, I know things are a little chaotic what with the march of the tin soldiers and everything, but I figure that's why he'd call in.... he did? Good, I'll call him direct. You and Wills get ready to get your mojo on. Oh, and have some of the girls bring the hammer down, too."

She closed the cell phone. "Hey, is it okay if we make a stop in Africa, too? Some city called Kathoom or something."


"Yeah, that's it. We've got a pirate to pick up, and then a librarian and a witch with goodies in tweed city, Oxford. Home, Jeeves."

The Doctor muttered to himself as he adjusted several controls on the TARDIS console. "Well at least she got that much right. Jeeves was always the smart one."
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