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Till We Meet Again

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Summary: Answer to challenge Destiny's Cross by phoenix. John Winchester visits Mary's best friend Joyce in L.A and sparks fly between his son Dean and her daughter Buffy. Dean breaks Buffy's heart and two years later they reunite on the Hellmouth.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterChosenfireFR1846,0349407,68816 Aug 0628 Oct 06No

Broken Hearts and Broken Minds

Till We Meet Again
By: chosenfire
Spoilers: Buffy up to season 3, Supernatural pre-series
Disclaimer: You know the drill, I do not own
Feedback: Is very welcome
Pairing(s): Dean/Buffy, Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordelia
Summary: Answer to challenge Destiny's Cross by phoenix. John Winchester visits Mary's best friend Joyce in L.A and sparks fly between his son Dean and her daughter Buffy. Dean breaks Buffy's heart and two years later they reunite on the Hellmouth. But some scars never fade and will they be able to move past it.

AN: I am amazed by all the support I have gotten for this story and just wanted to say WOW. So thank you to those that reviewed and this chapter is for you guys. I’m just discovering that this story is going to be a long one and so will the chapters.


Chapter 4 Broken Hearts and Broken Minds

It was amazing how far a sixteen year old girl could get with only a couple of hundred dollars in cash and super human speed.

Buffy Summers ducked her head entering the small dinner heading towards the back booth her shoulders hunched. Wearily she sank into the cushioned seat her eyes clouded as she looked out the window into the gathering light.

She could still hear the muffled voices, the crisp steps on the linoleum, the unending sobbing.

She could still see the blandness of the walls, the stark white meant to be calming, useless against the thick metal bars on the windows and the heavy locks on the doors.

“What will it be miss?” a pleasantly plump waitress asked her.

Buffy looked up startled “Um…” she swallowed pulling her mind away from the memories that haunted her “Coffee, and maybe a bagel.”

The waitress scrawled down the information her voice still kind grating on Buffy’s ears “That’ll be four dollars and fifteen cents.”

Buffy pulled out a five dollar bill, the last of the stolen money she had been traveling with, and passed it over to the quaint waitress.

She remembered that night only three two months ago when John Winchester had left taking his sons with him. Before he had took off he had made sure she was okay and had had a talk with her about the existence of vampires and demons. Buffy hadn’t let him know that her wounds from last night had already started healing when he had suggested she make a visit to the doctor’s. That would just bring up too many questions and she wasn’t ready to tell him who or what she was. He had given her a number to contact him if anything came up and then he had left, Dean hadn’t even said good-bye.

Her original statement to the police about vampires was put down to hysteria by everyone but her father, Hank thought there was something wrong with her.

He had waited until a week after the incident when Joyce had left for an art exhibit and had had Buffy committed at a mental institution.

It had taken Joyce over a month to get Buffy out of that place and when she had been released Buffy had started running. Running away from the hell she had experienced behind those tall walls.

Buffy stared down at the empty cup before her her eyes hollow, the coffee was long gone and the bagel was cold with only a small piece having been consumed. She stared down at the change in her hand and bit her bottom lip in debate. Making up her mind she stood up her duffel bag slung over her shoulder and made her way outside and over to the pay phone by the small dinner.

She lid the change in and with numb fingers dialed the number she had desperately clung to for weeks.

“Hello,” a familiar voice vibrated against her ear and tears pricked her eyes as she tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to break free.

“Hello,” he repeated sounding impatient.

“Its not suppose to be like this.” Buffy said softly leaning against the wall the phone held to her ear.

“Who is this?” John Winchester demanded softly.

Buffy’s smile was sad as she asked “Aren’t fathers suppose to love their daughters, that’s how it works right?”

“Buffy?” John’s voice was soft and filled with concern.

She laughed humorously “He claimed my mind had broken, that I was having hallucinations but it was just an excuse for him to get rid of me,” fear laced in her words “to put me in that place. I took it all back but he was paying them to keep me there and I was so scared.”

“Where are you?” John asked Buffy softly and she told him knowing he would come and make it all better. That he would tell her that father’s loved their daughters and that everything would be alright.

John pulled up to the diner as the sun was setting his eyes searching until they landed on a huddled figure sitting on a bench off to the side.

He had had Sam call Dean home from one of the boys hunts to watch his brother as he went to pick up the little girl he had promised to protect.

Anger coursed through his veins at the thought that Hank Summers could lock his own daughter up in a psych ward. Shut her off from the rest of the world in a place where nightmares where created

And he couldn’t help but feel guilty for leaving her to deal with that all on her own and for not checking in to see how he was doing.

“Hey Princess, its dangerous to be out all alone at night.” he got out of the car and approached her.

Buffy looked up at him with red rimmed eyes and pale skin offering him a watery smile “I’m not alone.” She stood up and grabbed her bag passing it to John knowing instinctively that he was too much of a gentleman to let a woman carry her own stuff,

John hefted the surprisingly light bag on his shoulder and placed his arm around Buffy’s small frame offering her some much needed comfort.

She let him lead her to the car her body weary and her heart heavy with pain.

It was near midnight when John pulled up in front of the apartment and ushered Buffy into the Winchester’s temporary residence.

Dean glanced up from where he was lounging by a sleeping Sam on one of the beds and his eyes went wide in disbelief “Buffy?” the name slipped from his lips like a prayer.

Buffy looked at him lost her eyes filled with pain recalling their last encounter the sight of him hurting worse than anything she had faced since she had become the Slayer.

John sympathetically handed Buffy her bag and told her “You can clean up in the bathroom.” Buffy gratefully accepted the bag and took the opportunity to escape breaking the emotionally charged stare down.

A week had passed and Buffy had managed to avoid Dean successfully until John had taken Sam on a hunting lesson and Buffy had gone for a swim in the complex’s pool.

As she pulled herself out of the water her body clad in a tow piece white bathing suit she saw Dean standing at the edge of the pool wearing only a pair of dark blue shorts.

Buffy looked away her voice cold “What do you want?” as she grabbed her towel furiously drying her hair and wrapping it over her lower half.

“I want to talk.” Dean told her blocking her path as she attempted to leave his eyes pleading “Just talk.”

“We have nothing left to talk about.” Buffy’s voice had lost the hardness and now had a desperate edge to it. She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t be strong around him and she needed to be strong so badly.

“What about this,” Dean said breathlessly moving forward his mouth descending on hers and Buffy clung to him wrapping her arms around his neck to pull his mouth closer to hers. One of his arms slid possessively around her waist and the other cupped her cheek to give him better access.

Buffy tore her mouth from his her breathing ragged “We can’t.” she cried “I love you and you…”

“I know,” Dean’s voice was choked with emotion “god I know and I’m so sorry. I love you Buffy.” He searcher her eyes desperately “You gotta believe that.”

“I do,” Buffy choked out smiling pressing a small kiss to his bottom lip “I do.”

Dean captured her mouth once more each kiss growing more passionate as his hands began to roam over her supple body. He reached for the tie to her bathing suit top and it came loose with a quick tug and Buffy shrugged out of the material.

That night she willing gave herself to him completely heart and body.

The next morning Buffy woke up in Dean’s arms to the shrill ringing of the phone. She groggily sat up hugging the large black t-shirt to her body smiling as she Dean’s scent still lingered on it.

She grimaced at the soreness of her body but couldn’t resist a smile as she looked down at Dean’s sleeping form the smile turning into a silly grin.

The phone kept ringing and finally there was a beep as the answering machine picked it up. AA woman’s husky voice came across the line as Buffy was pulling on a pair of jeans “Hey Dean baby this is Callie,” the female purred and Buffy stood there stunned “I had a great time yesterday and was wondering if you want to hook up again tonight.”

Buffy’s eyes filled with tears and she grabbed her bag as she heard a car pull in outside. She ran out of the apartment holding back the tears.

John was just getting out of the car with Sam when Buffy ran up demanding “I want to go home now, please.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Till We Meet Again" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Oct 06.

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