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Till We Meet Again

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Summary: Answer to challenge Destiny's Cross by phoenix. John Winchester visits Mary's best friend Joyce in L.A and sparks fly between his son Dean and her daughter Buffy. Dean breaks Buffy's heart and two years later they reunite on the Hellmouth.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterChosenfireFR1846,0349407,67816 Aug 0628 Oct 06No

Old Friends

Title: Till We Meet Again
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: FR18
Pairing(s): Buffy/Dean, Xander/Cordelia, Willow/Oz
Spoilers: BtVS seasons 1-3, SPN preseries
Summary: Answer to challenge Destiny's Cross by phoenix. John Winchester visits Mary's best friend Joyce in L.A and sparks fly between his son Dean and her daughter Buffy. Dean breaks Buffy's heart and two years later they reunite on the Hellmouth.

A/N: This chapter has now been edited.

Answer to challenge Destiny’s Cross by phoenix:
This challenge is a crossover with Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It takes place pre-series for Supernatural, with Dean and Sam as teenagers, and Buffy season 2, before she and Angel starts dating.
Before Buffy came to Sunnydale, she crosses paths with the Winchester clan, a family of hunters. They become close, Buffy and Sam establish a sibling bond, Buffy and John has father and daughter connection, but the Slayer and Dean's relationship would always be something more than just friends. Months after their meeting, Buffy is sent away to the Hellmouth. Then, during the hunt for their mother's killer, the Winchester's meet the infamous Slayer again after all these years. The Scooby Gang, and the Winchester's join forces to take down an evil.
- This story is a Buffy/Dean pairing, your own choice for others
- Buffy and Angel never dated
- Angel never became Angelus
-The gang is 17 years old
-Dean is 18, Sam is 14
- The Winchesters does kill the demon that killed Mary
-Sam comes into his abilities

A/N2: I saw this challenge and couldn’t resist. Wolfsong posted a response to this called Family of Friends that is great. Leave feedback on if you like it or not.


Chapter 1 Old Friends

“Dean, watch your brother.” John ordered sharply tucking the gun under his shirt so it wouldn’t be visible to anyone looking.

“Yes sir.” Dean replied automatically resisting teh urge to roll his eyes at the familiar command and shoved his 12 year old little brother Sam to stand in front of him. Sam shot Dean an annoyed look a hand coming up to push the 'too long' bangs out of his eyes.

John knocked on the door and a woman with curly blond hair answered.

“John Winchester.” Joyce Summers grinned coming forward to hug the stiff man “Its been so long.” She pulled away and looked at his 16 and 12 year old boys “And they’ve gotten big.” She ushered them into the house where John shook hands with Joyce’s husband Hank.

Joyce had been Mary’s best friend and her Maid of Honor at their wedding. The two girls had grown up together and when Joyce had moved to L.A with her family Mary had been devastated. John had been the one to tell Joyce of Mary’s death.

They had kept in contact over the years and when she heard they were going to be in L.A for a while she had invited them over for dinner to catch up.

John hadn't been able to come up with an excuse not to.

He had accepted because the company Hank worked for was involved in all kinds demon activity and he wanted to see how deep Hank was in on it and if it would threaten Joyce and her girls.

“Hi.” A little girl with long brown hair said shyly from where she sat on the stairs.

“So, you're Dawn.” John greeted the 11 year old and was rewarded with a small smile. She had the biggest blue eyes.

The front door slammed and John turned to see a blond teenager. She stopped in her tracks looking at them warily and turned to her mother “Guests?”

“Guests dear.” Joyce nodded eyes pleading with her daughter.

“That means you act more respectful.” Hank barked, clearly there was tension between the father and daughter.

“Treat them with respect or you?” she replied insolently crossnig her arms and staring at her father in bare defiance “Cause the later might be a bit hard for me to do. It would imply that I actually respect you.”

Hank moved forward herkily grabbing her thin arm tightly and pulled her to the kitchen face livid.

John watched warily wondering if he should reach for his gun. There where some things he couldn’t tolerate and violence against children was one of them. Especially, against your own children. His boys had gotten enough cuts and bruises training but he had never laid a hand on them in anger or punishment.

“You listen hear you little…”

“What?” Buffy interrupted him unafraid her eyes flashing “Say it, I dare you.” She wrenched her arm away glaring up at him in a misture of disgust and dissapoitment.

Hank turned away from her scooping up his jacket and briefcase “I’m going to the office.” he yelled to his wife and stormed out of the house ignoring the guests Joyce had been looking forward to for days.

“Well that was fun.” Buffy smiled brightly more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice and put her hand out to John “I’m Buffy.”

John shook her hand grinning liking her spunk.

“Hey, I'm Dean.” the oldest of John's sons smiled charmingly coming forward and kissed her hand when she offered it to him.

She raised her eyebrows at his audacity saying with a smirk “It’s the uniform isn’t it?”

Dean returned the expression his eyes dancing “What can I say, I’m a sucker for cheerleader’s.” At that both Dawn and Sam snorted loudly and Buffy laughed the tension draining from her body as she relaxed.


“Joyce are you okay?” John asked the woman softly helping her clean up the dishes from dinner.

Buffy was in the front room showing Sam and Dawn how to dance with Dean watching from the couch having already stated he wasn’t a sissy.

Seeing them like that, laughing and having fun, John wished he could give his boys a normal, stable life, but to do that he would have to give up the hunt and that wasn’t something he was ready to do.

The bastard was out there and he couldn't live an apple pie life with teh knowledge that the thing that had murdered his wife was still at large.

“I’m fine.” Joyce smiled unconvincingly shrugging it off as she washed the dishes.

John dried it looking at her amused “You're forgetting the part where I know you Joycie.”

She sighed wiping her hands on a rag and turning to John tears in her eyes “Hank is having an affair. He forgets the part where I say the bills and I’ve never seen diamond necklaces or red roses, not for a long time. Also, he stays late at the office and nobody takes that many business trips.”

John wrapped his arms around the woman anger building at her bastard of a husband.

Joyce gave him a grateful smile drawing away reaching up to wipe some tears from her eyes “I’ve known about it for awhile. I stayed because of the girls but now…” she looked pained “Last week he missed Dawn’s play, she was so excited but he didn’t even show and lately Buffy has been acting out. Getting in fights at school, sneaking out at night and he’s been hard on her.”

“Joyce.” John inquired softly “Has Hank ever hit Buffy?”

Joyce laughed at that telling him truthfully pride in her eyes for her daughter “He wouldn’t dare. I think he’s afraid of her.”

John grinned at that, the adult male being afraid of a cheerleader then got serious. “So what are you going to do?”

“Honestly.” Joyce looked helpless “I really don’t know.”


“C’mon Dean.” Buffy grinned grabbing the older boy’s hand boldly and with a surprising show of strength pulling him up “Dance with me.”

“I don’t dance.” Dean grumbled and tensed as Buffy put her arms around his neck. She had turned on the radio to a station with a fast beat and Dawn and Sam were trying to do some of the dance moves Buffy had showed them undeveloped limbs moving awkardly as they laughed and giggled.

“Just relax,” she told him witha small smile moving her body closer to his “and put your arms around my waist.”

“Yes ma’m” Dean smirked pulling her body flush against his.

Buffy’s breath hitched and swallowed. They started swaying together eye’s locked. There was none of the awkardness she had experienced at school dances, they fit, oh boy did they fit.

Dean moved his face closer to hers only inches separating their lips “So Miss Summers, how am I doing?”

Buffy licked her lips her eyes on his “Good.” her voice was a whisper.

“Good.” Dean tilted his head downward, confident, and kissed her softly. Buffy responded instantly and he deepened the kiss his arms tightening around her.

“Eww gross!" Dawn broke the moment and the two quickly drew apart both flushed.

“You were sucking face.” Sam accused Dean clearly disgusted with his older brothers actions and Dawn mirrored that disgust.

“No shit Sherlock.” Dean smirked looking pleased with himself.

“What’s going on in here?” Joyce asked coming into the front room John behind her and both parents looked over their respective children with speculation expecting trouble.

“Nothing!” Both Dean and Buffy denied instantly shooting glares at their younger siblings to shut up and John and Joyce looked at their children suspiciously.


“So," Dean had pulled Buffy aside as they were getting ready to leave “Do you have any plans for tomorrow night?” he masked the nervousness in his voice with bravado burying his hands in his pockets so she couldn't see his fingers twitch.

Buffy looked up at him biting her lower lip, usually she would patrol with Merrick but she missed having a normal life, going on dates, hanging with friends, doing the girl thing. It was hard juggling being a social queen cheerleader and a Vampire Slayer and she had been losing ground on both.

She made up her mind knowing she needed this more than one night spent walking through creepy cemetaries.

“Well, that depends on you now doesn’t it?” her smile was coy and flirtatious. She wanted one night off from killing dead things to go on a date with a cute, normal, boy. It would be nice to dress up and have fun for once.

Dean grinned relief filling him “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7, we can get something to eat and you can teach me some more moves.” he suggested playfully.

Buffy smiled leaning up to press a quick kiss to his mouth “I’m looking forward to it.” and she was.
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