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Scary Girls Need Love Too

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Great Lakes Avengers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Whatever happened to Kit after the destruction of Sunnydale?

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Marvel Universe > Runaways(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR181020,39965626,66817 Aug 0615 Aug 11No


Joe's Note: Karolina + fangirls = happy lesbian. Very happy lesbian from several combinations of said lesbian and assorted fangirls, it would turn out. And before I get complaints - there's always someone who comes in here and hates lesbians despite the warning icon on the fic - it's really not that out of touch with the flighty, flirty, wandering-eyed 'I'm so gay I cum rainbows' Karolina that we see at points in Runaways. You know, the girl who stops in the middle of the fight to tell Julie Power how pretty she is? Mine just hasn't grown up… yet.

     Perching on the railing that overlooked the huge living room that one of Karolina's wanderings turned up, Nico again found herself wondering why she'd been stupid enough to listen to Kit's advice about Allison. What was supposed to have been a visit - singular - to meet Victor and Karolina had turned into long-term inhabitation and provisional new girl status when Allison's mother had reacted badly to the news that her daughter was a bit more like her old man than she felt comfortable with and had thrown Allison out of the house. Which wouldn't have been so bad in Nico's mind - after all, she'd brought Kit into the group - if it didn't mean that they had not just one permanent new inhabitant, but also five other girls who seemed to call La Brea home when they weren't at school or actually at home to sleep.

     When they weren't sleeping over at the tar pits, that was.

     The non-Allison members of the 'Sisterly Six' - a name Kit had stuck the girls with and the group itself had gone on to adopt - weren't quite permanent residents yet, but they did seem to spend an astonishing amount of time there for girls who had school and families to worry about. Even now, two of Allison's friends were present at almost midnight on a school night. Carrie and Gert were in another one of their seemingly endless debates about politics - Marxism again, if Nico had heard right. And while she'd seen Katherine, the group's Kraven cosplayer, around earlier… both Kate and Karolina were missing at the moment. Hmm.

     "Where are Kate and Karolina?" Nico looked back over her shoulder, receiving a kiss on the cheek from Kit as her girlfriend hugged her from behind. "Because I know that can't have just been them I saw making out in the hallway on the way down here."

     That revelation would have been enough to make Nico cringe even if not for the fact that… "But yesterday I saw Renee coming out of Karolina's room with the whole fluffy hair, freshly fucked look going." Not to mention… "And what about Allison?"

     Kit blinked slowly a few times before shrugging helplessly. "I'm right there with you; I thought she was dating Allison. I mean, I see them leaving each others' rooms often enough. And now I've seen her with Kate and you've seen her with Renee. Isn't that just… special?"

     "Hey guys!" Speak of the devil, Nico thought, and she will appear to slap you upside the head with the reality of a really awkward conversation. Tendrils of electricity arced between Allison and the walls and floor as she came floating out of a side passage and across the gap to land near them. "Just got done with another session with Victor. He's still not the best at flying, but at least he's not falling out of the air every time someone asks him a question and breaks his concentration. Which seems pretty weird to me, because isn't he a robot? If I can talk and fly at the same time, shouldn't he be able to like… compute pi to a million places while talking, flying, and playing the piano?" Allison thought about that for a moment before shrugging. "Oh well. Anyways, have either of you seen Karolina?"

     Kit and Nico looked at each other and squirmed a bit. Finally, it was Kit who decided to be the brave - or possibly suicidal - one and speak up. "Actually, I think I just saw her and Kate on my way down here. They're… up near the bedrooms. Or that's where I saw them last."

     Waiting for the inevitable explosion when Allison's mind came to the right conclusion, Nico was shocked when Allison just licked her lips and smirked. "Really? Kate and Karolina? Up near our rooms? In that case… I'll see you two later. Much later." And without further ado, the newest Runaway floated down the hallway and out of sight, electricity crackling in her wake.

     "Did she just look… excited?"


     "Do you think that means that Karolina and Kate and Allison..?"

     "…and probably Renee too?" Kit and Nico looked at each other and then down the hall again. "What… the fuck?" Kit shook her head in disbelief. "How the hell did that happen? Isn't Karolina supposed to be the hopelessly inept one when it comes to… relationships-slash-dating-slash-sex? If anyone should be having a lesbian foursome, shouldn't it be me?"

     Arching one brow at that, Nico eyed her girlfriend. "Do you maybe want to rethink that statement before you get put on the couch?"

     Kit did her best to look innocent. "What? I'm just saying, if the options are me or Karolina, who's the logical choice to be the one involved in a lesbian foursome?"

     "The girl I'm not dating?" Nico shook her head in resigned amusement before turning in Kit's arms and cuffing the brunette gently upside the head. "Oh, and this is all your fault by the way. Remember which one of us was the one who decided to go all Pimp My Alien on her? I swear to God, if someone ends up with an STD that makes them glow funny colors or anything, I'm blaming you and making you deal with their parents." Kit stuck her tongue out at that and Nico dropped her hand to tug at her girlfriend's purse strap. "And since I'd like to avoid thinking about Karolina's suddenly busy love life… anything good in the mail drop this week?"

     Nodding, Kit pulled out a pile of mail and surrendered it to Nico. "We don't have any plans for Halloween, right? Bekah decided to invite the Young Avengers out to Cleveland to visit Cassie and Kate, so Dawn decided to counter by putting us on the list too. I know you're not exactly a social butterfly but I was hoping we could drop in for at least an hour or two. She's been pretty emo lately over the whole 'Xander and his girlfriends' thing because she actually thought the Ginny Weasley, 'exist nearby but don't do anything constructive' plan would land her the guy she wanted. I'm hoping we can cheer her up. Or distract her. Or something. Hell, I fixed Karolina. Sorta. If I can do that, I can do anything." The brunette gave Nico her best puppy dog eyes. "So can we go?"

     "Why don't you put those away and save them for something you actually need to talk me into? Of course we can go. Why would I have a problem with getting out of here for a night to have fun, especially if it means meeting the infamous Dawn? Not to mention the fact that we'll get to catch up with Xavin? And Bekah and Cassie?" Nico shuffled through the pile of junk mail, looking for anything interesting. Credit card offer, a good deal on vinyl siding, Columbia House… ooh, the card reminding Kit to renew her subscription to Playboy. Nico pocketed that to make sure it didn't get thrown out. "But the invite's just for us, right? Not the rest of the team?"

     Kit pulled out a bright orange envelope and opened it, pulling out a card. "Dawn said me and you. I assume the invite is open to the rest of the team, though. Why?"

     "Or not." Nico met Kit's gaze and then jerked her head towards the hallway that Allison had disappeared down. "Do you really want to bring Karolina to a school full of high school and college-aged girls now that she's discovered the joys of casual sex, Kit? Why don't we just have Dawn put a new sign on the doorway leading to the dorms that says 'BUFFET LINE' in giant flashing rainbow letters?"

     "I really think you're overestimating the girl-attracting qualities of this new and improved Karolina, considering she's pretty much just banging naïve little supergroupies… but yeah, better safe than sorry. Still, it might be fun to bring Molly so she can hang out with kids her own age for once. Or closer to her age, since the school's youngest girls are high school freshman. You know what I mean, though. But that'd mean figuring out how to leave behind some of the team without explaining why, which could be difficult." Kit nodded down towards where Chase and Old Lace were trying to out-snore each other to express their thoughts on Carrie and Gert's conversation. "Although… since we can't really bring a live dinosaur to Cleveland with us? Gert will understand why she and Old Lace can't come, which probably knocks out Chase as well. Victor's just plain antisocial. So then if you think about it, leaving behind Karolina and Allison wouldn't be too hard. Just tell them we're taking Molly somewhere to have some fun and leave it at that."

     Nico nodded in agreement. As much as she wanted to avoid joining in Kit's habit of insulting her best friend - of sorts; they still weren't back to where they'd been before that whole ice cream incident but things were slowly progressing in that direction - Karolina had horrible social skills. And while the new, getting laid Karolina had seemingly abandoned her 'stalk her cuz she smiled at me' habit, Nico wasn't willing to risk a case of guilt by association if the blonde did something that offended Kit's friends. "Glad we're on the same page. Moving on… do you have any ideas for a costume yet?"

     Grinning, Kit turned her bracelet back into its staff form and then waved it over her body, transfiguring her street clothes into a rather provocative red outfit that was instantly recognizable. "Been thinking about it ever since we met Anya, to be honest. Thought she'd make the perfect Halloween costume. You know, the world's most famous witch, fellow superheroine pride, and all that jazz."

     Nico stepped closer, running her hands up and down Kit's sides. While her girlfriend wasn't quite model material, she was pretty to Nico and even prettier while half-naked wearing a very sexy red leather outfit. "I like it. I like it a lot. Did you want to go as a pair, or should I pick out my own costume? Because if you want to be Wanda, I'm thinking I could either be a girl Vision or maybe we could be like the opposite of the Young Avengers and be Wanda and a girl Pietro instead of Pietro and boy Wanda. Or did you know she has a sister? At least according to the Pride's database? You could be Wanda and I could try and put my own twist on Polaris from the X-Men…"

     "Actually, I thought you might look hot as Sailor Pluto. Asian… magic staff… dark colors… short skirt… it could work."

     "…please don't make me hurt you."

     "Mmm. In that case… Sailor Pluto?"

Yes, the invitation means pretty much exactly exactly what it sounds like: the next chapter in the saga of Kit and Nico will in fact play out in Trigamy instead of here in Scary Girls Need Love Too. While it's not required reading - while it changes the lives of several other characters, those two make it out unscathed - I would still recommend taking a gander at Chapters 26 and 27 of Trigamy just so you know what's going on. Oh, and because while Kit and Nico make it out unchanged, someone they bring to the party doesn't…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Scary Girls Need Love Too" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Aug 11.

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