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Scary Girls Need Love Too

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Great Lakes Avengers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Whatever happened to Kit after the destruction of Sunnydale?

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Marvel Universe > Runaways(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR181020,39965626,78917 Aug 0615 Aug 11No

Bittersweet Chocolate

Joe's Note: The original version of this chapter was significantly bawdier, but… well, you know, I'm kinda getting bored with that. Moving onward and upward. I still appreciate a good pair of breasts or a crude joke here or there, but I don't want to use it as the constant focus of my fics anymore. Mostly because I love the majority of you, but then there's that obnoxious minority of lowest common denominator types who get stuck on it and those are the ones who I get stuck dealing with in long email exchanges and on message boards. Bleh. Anyways, hope it's still likable for those of you who showed up for something other than cheap titillation?

     Karolina glared down at the bowl sitting on the kitchen island before her, the mound of melting ice cream inside it taunting her. Thanks to Kit's perfectly executed little bitch move, she'd been stuck entertaining Molly for most of the evening while the team's two witches snuck off to enjoy some private time. Now Molly was finally in bed, and Karolina was stuck trying to decide whether or not to finish off her third bowl of Cherry Garcia. In the end, she just sighed loudly and shoved the bowl away, leaning back in her chair so she could stare up at the ceiling. Sitting there with a bowl of ice cream trying to eat her angst into submission actually made it worse; they'd bought the ice cream with Kit's money. Most of what was currently in the fridge and cupboards came from said same source, come to think of it.

     To this day, Karolina still wasn't sure quite how the bi… err, witch had even ended up on the team. A few of them had gone out to a club to celebrate another victory in the endless stream of crap they faced in Los Angeles, as villain after villain came and went trying to replace their parents at the top of the city's evil food chain. Nico had tagged along but spent most of her time perfecting her 'sulk in a dark corner and mutter about the evils of men' routine, until Kit had approached her and asked her to dance. There had been some dancing, some flirting, a goodnight kiss that turned into a ten minute make-out session, and within days the group was eight instead of seven.

     Kit wasn't even really a useful member of the team in Karolina's opinion. Well, except for the money she brought them. And the witch stuff that she helped Nico with. But she could live somewhere else and meet with Nico to teach her things and the group would go back to scraping by as they had before her. Or, if they wanted to be nice and let her live with them in the tar pits, there was no reason Kit had to tag along on all their missions. After all, Nico had managed to summon the Staff of One all by her lonesome every time she'd needed it before she met Kit, and for the first few weeks after meeting her too. Not to mention that even Kit admitted that Nico was the better witch. So if Kit wasn't necessary to Nico's casting and Nico's casting was better than Kit's casting, what the hell did they need Kit for?

     Of course, her dislike of Kit had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she'd liked Nico first and been rejected.


     Nothing at all.


     The subject of her mental ranting picked that moment to wander into the kitchen, wearing a black tank top and matching boy shorts. Karolina frowned as she looked the girl over. Kit had boring brown hair - save for the red streaks of hair that framed her face - boring brown eyes, and she was about dead average as far as weight and curviness went. So what did Nico see in her? Karolina was skinnier, blonde, had prettier eyes, and was a lot cuter overall in her opinion… so what did Kit have that she didn't?

     "Smarts: I have them." The sudden exclamation startled Karolina out of her thoughts. Kit shot a smirk back over her shoulder as she opened the fridge door. "You're wondering why she likes me and not you, right? Either that, or you still haven't taken my advice about being subtle when you check girls out." Her gaze traveled down to the Ben & Jerry's carton sitting near Karolina. "But since you're sulking with ice cream - my ice cream, even, because I do believe that particular carton has 'Property of Kit' written on the lid - I'm going to guess that you're having another of your 'I'm better than Kit so why won't Nico date me?' nights."

     Karolina straightened up and glared at the brunette. "I have a brain. I'll have you know that I was a straight A student back when we still went to school." She hesitated before reaching forward and pulling the bowl full of Kit's ice cream back to her, taking a great big defiant bite just to spite the girl. "I think she likes you because she finally found a person who's a bigger skank than her. Makes her feel better. After all, Nico's tried to kiss anything with a pulse… and one person who didn't."

     "Anything with a pulse except for you, you mean. So what does that say about you, Rainbow Brite?" Kit pulled a new bottle of chocolate sauce off the shelf on the fridge's door before closing it. "And even if you are intelligent, that doesn't make you smart." Wandering over to the kitchen island, Kit hopped up onto the stool opposite Karolina's and studied her as she tapped the end of the bottle against the countertop. "Although I have a question for you. Two, actually. Question the first being… if you supposedly like Nico, why are you insulting her? And question number two… why am I a skank? Because I managed to do what you couldn't? Or because Nico and I have sex? Because I don't hear you calling Gert a skank and her and Chase have been doing it a whole lot longer."

     Karolina shrugged before shoveling another spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. "Hmmph. Just because I love her doesn't mean I have to like what she does."

     Pulling the plastic wrap off the top of the bottle, Kit flicked her hand and the top of the trash can floated up. The waste plastic floated out of her hand and over to fall into metal can. "Or you don't actually like her and are just bitter that someone else has something you can't. And a bit of advice for the future, just in case the whole Xavin thing doesn't work out? You really need to learn how to approach women better. I mean, did you seriously think kissing a girl because she was upset with men was going to get you somewhere? Girls hate guys all the time. Mostly because they do stupid shit a lot. The girl gets over it eventually. Or ends up a feminist, but that's a whole other discussion…"

     Snatching the bottle out of Kit's hands, Karolina squirted a healthy amount of chocolate sauce onto her purloined ice cream. "Yeah, so I'm not the smoothest girl out there. So shoot me for not having a lot of experience trying to pick girls up. You're still a skank." She opted to ignore the Gert question, mostly because that might mean admitting she was wrong and why would she want to do that?

     Kit laughed and picked up the bottle of chocolate sauce again. "What, because of what Nico and I do for fun?" She tapped the tip of the bottle against the upper slope of one breast, drawing Karolina's attention to a faint brown smudge that marred the witch's pale skin. "This is Nico's kink, not mine. I'm more a costume play kind of girl. Although… random thought, as long as we're on the subject of what makes people happy? Since it's pretty obvious that you're completely incapable of being happy even with your hot green fiancée who can turn into any hottie you can point her at a picture of, why not go ahead and learn how to make her happy? At least that way one of you will wake up each afternoon looking forward to the day ahead."

     "Or you could, you know, butt out of my private life. Besides, why would I listen to anything you have to say? Ever? You hate me. If I was stupid enough to take any 'advice' you gave me, it'd probably end with Xavin dumping me." Karolina spooned some more of her ice cream into her mouth and then paused, letting it melt on her tongue as she pondered that. Then again, maybe she should take Kit's advice about something. It wasn't like she'd ever asked to be engaged to the Skrull by her parents. Even if Xavin was nice enough. Nah, she decided, then she'd have a completely empty bed instead of a bed occupied by someone she didn't really want there. Something was better than nothing. Swallowing, Karolina gestured towards the hall that led back to Kit and Nico's bedroom. "Don't you have something else you can be doing right now? Like the girl you stole from me?"

     Lifting the bottle of sauce to her lips, Kit flicked her tongue out to capture a bead of chocolate sitting on the white plastic nozzle. "You know, you could have your own copy of the 'girl I stole from you'. Your fiancée is a shapeshifter last time I checked. Personally, I'd be having her turn into one of a few dozen different actresses I'd love to get my hands on, but if you're seriously that hung up on her… fine. I've seen her turn into Nico before. Wait till she does it again and pounce her onto the bed. Problem solved."

     Karolina just rolled her eyes at that. "Two problems there. One: it's not really Nico, so it doesn't actually give me what I want. And two: I don't ask Xavin to change into people." Kit opened her mouth and Karolina waved her hand, cutting her off. "I told her I was a lesbian and she changed into a girl to suck up to me. Doesn't count."

     "Oh well. I tried." Sliding off the stool she was sitting on, Kit turned away and took a few steps before pausing and looking back over her shoulder. "Oh, and Karolina?" The blonde looked up from her ice cream just in time to see Kit's features ripple and change, going from the annoying brunette Karolina loathed to a very familiar raven-haired Asian. Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. "For the record, I was never yours to steal. You were like a sister to me. Now… I'm not so sure. This whole conversation has been so very… enlightening. I'm glad to know you think so highly of me. Kiss anything with a pulse. Hmm. I'll remember that. Kit?"

     The air just to the right of the doorway rippled and Kit appeared, making her way over to Nico and wrapping an arm around her waist. Resting her chin on Nico's shoulder, Kit grinned at Karolina. "We didn't know what the distance limits were on the telepathy spell we were using so Nico could channel her inner Kit. So I decided to tag along. And we couldn't have done it without your girl. Thanks again, Xavin."

     Karolina winced as the same spot of air wavered a second time, her fiancée forgoing the African-American appearance she normally wore in favor of appearing in all her green-skinned Skrull glory. And boy did she look pissed. "The pleasure was all mine, Kit. Karolina. I do believe we need to have a talk." As Nico pulled away from Kit, stalking off towards her bedroom with the brunette close behind, Karolina groaned and thumped her head against the kitchen table.

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