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Scary Girls Need Love Too

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Great Lakes Avengers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Whatever happened to Kit after the destruction of Sunnydale?

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Marvel Universe > Runaways(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR181020,39965626,80117 Aug 0615 Aug 11No

Male Bonding... Sorta...

Joe's Note: The first version of this chapter was originally written to show people that it was possible to chain FFAs focusing on a single character without ending up with your own version of my 'Dawn the skanky ho' epic, aka One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest. In this case, I have Kit and her girlfriend in Chapter 1, Kit and the jilted other woman in Chapter 2, and now Kit and one of her girlfriend's friends in Chapter 3. We'll see that pattern continue out into Chapter 5, and possibly others because there are other members remaining that I never really dealt with in the original version of this fic. At any rate… the closest Chase gets to male bonding, since Victor is the only other guy on the team and he's an emo little shit. Happy 'Day That Ends With Y'!

     Kit bit her lower lip as she carefully bent over - at the waist, of course; Chase had been very helpful this afternoon and it'd be a waste of a good skirt otherwise - and lowered the long, narrow package she was carrying to rest on the floor of the Leapfrog. "Thanks again for taking me to the post office, Chase. Should probably get a move on it, though; our left legs are in a handicapped spot."

     Chase Stein let out a bark of laughter at that, brushing against her hip as he passed and made his way towards the cockpit. "Let's see 'em try and ticket us in this thing. And it was no big deal. Seriously. Gert freaked when she saw her roots and decided that she had to redye her hair right away…"

     "…and then Nico announced that she wanted a new hair color too, and then Gert invited Karolina to join in as a girl's afternoon even if she didn't want to dye her goldilocks, at which point I decided to flee for my own safety." Kit wrinkled her nose as she used a few of the cargo straps to secure her package to the floor before straightening up and joining Chase in the cockpit. "Hopefully they smell better when we get back than they did when we left. I can't believe you usually share a bed with her when she leaves it in overnight. Hell, I'd volunteer to sleep on the couch before I'd spend a night with Nico if she smelled like that."

     Chase was the one Runaway - apart from Nico, of course - that Kit got along with. Well, Molly was pretty cool in a little sister way - to say nothing of the pleasure Kit got from unleashing the pint-sized mutant on Karolina sometimes - but Chase definitely felt like a kindred spirit. They both had attitude problems, both had done things that would make the rest of the group freak out if they knew, and both had girlfriends far more powerful than they were. That and they both had the same dirty sense of humor, which annoyed the hell out of everyone else in the group.

     There was a dull whine as the Leapfrog powered up, Chase's hands flying gracefully over the control panel. "Eh, it lets me practice the pillow wall building skills I put to good use three days a month. Girl has zero tolerance for wandering hands when she's on the rag. Although when I'm smart enough to look at the calendar, I can usually get her to dye her hair while she's on her period. That way, we're only losing three nights a month instead of four."

     Kit tilted her head to the side as she pondered that. While Nico didn't dye her hair - well, except for today - she had taken to trying out a few of the rituals from the books Dawn sent that required monthly repetition and the burning of smelly herbs that left Kit with an equally smelly Nico. If she could manage to combine Nico's period days with Nico's experimental bad herbal smell days… that wasn't a bad idea. Damn good idea, as a matter of fact. The others might take him for granted, but times like this reminded Kit that Chase was in fact a… "Smart man. Very smart man." As the Leapfrog's shifted beneath her, Kit hastily belted herself in. "Reminds me, we need to go grocery shopping tonight. And I need to pick up more ice cream. Karolina ate her way through most of my stash, and Nico and I start in a few days."

     "Really?" Chase shoved one of the levers forward and the world blurred around them as the craft launched itself high into the air, its inertial dampeners making it seem like the craft had barely moved at all. Not that Kit was going to stop wearing a seatbelt anytime soon, but it was a startlingly smooth ride for a giant mechanical frog from the future. "No offense, but I didn't think you even had that problem. Like, some witch thing you could teach Nico. You're always cool."

     Kit gave a bitter laugh as she leaned back in her seat. "No, I'm just used to a father that didn't give a shit if I was on my period and would smack me around anyways. I learned fast not to let it affect my behavior, or to let other people know I wasn't feeling well. My father would just treat me the same; my big sister got off on kicking people while they were down."

     Silence descended on the cockpit as the Leapfrog bounced across Los Angeles, hopping its way back towards the La Brea Tar Pits. It wasn't as quick a trip as it could have been, either; Kit had set up her P.O. Box at the post office on West Pico Boulevard, four and a half miles southeast of where the group lived. It wouldn't do to have people seeing them constantly going from places within a few yards of the tar pits, after all. While the social workers and cops wouldn't be able to fish them out of their little hidey hole, the Avengers or X-Men easily could. As the park came into sight, Chase broke the silence. "So… what did Gert and I miss that has everyone else glaring at Karolina the way Karolina usually glares at you?"

     Personally, Kit had been wondering when someone would ask. For the last two days, things had been… actually, tense would be an understatement. Nico was angry at Karolina, Xavin was angry at Karolina, Karolina was angry at Kit, Kit didn't give a fuck, Nico and Xavin got angrier each time Karolina lashed out at Kit… "I wish I'd caught it all on camera so I could show you. Or watch it again myself. It was hilarious. Nico turned into me with this spell we wanted to try out, and then we linked minds with this telepathy spell. She pretended to be me and went to talk to Karolina because she didn't believe me when I told her about how Rainbow Brite treats me when it's just the two of us." Kit grinned and put her feet up on an inactive section of the control panel. "Karolina said a few things she shouldn't have about me, and some things she really shouldn't have said about Nico. Nico was not amused. Oh, and Xavin was there getting her Invisible Girl on with me because Nico and I weren't sure what the range on the telepathy spell was, so she got to watch the whole thing go down. She was even less amused."

     Chase blinked a few times at that before reacting… almost exactly how she expected. "Wait a minute. You have a spell that can turn one person into a clone of another person? And then… well, Nico doesn't look like you, so I assume it wears off and everything's back to normal?" Kit nodded. "…so, say I found this girl to try and bring home some night… you could make her look like Gert for me?"

     "I could. Of course, I'd need to look up a resurrection spell for when Gert had Old Lace literally bite your head off."

     "True. Then again, if I got Gert in on it? I could have like a two-for-one special going."

     "…why don't you let me look up that resurrection spell before you try bringing up that idea with her?"

     Shrugging, Chase punched in a few new commands and activated the Leapfrog's cloaking device as they plunged towards the surface of the tar pits. Granted they'd still disturb the surface as they hit it, but at least nobody would know for a fact that said disturbance was the fault of a massive mechanical frog bringing supplies to a band of runaway superhero teens. "Just messing with you. Like I'd fuck things up with my girlfriend just for even a chance at something like that? So… new subject. What's in the box that's so important we had to go get it ASAP?"

     "Well, it wasn't so much super urgent as in we need what's in the box as it was super urgent because I didn't want the people at the post office getting curious about the big box the homeless girl was getting and cracking it open to 'check for drugs' or something. Mostly because it's new toys for me to share with Nico." Chase's eyes widened and Kit rolled hers before slapping him across the back of the head. "Not sex toys, idiot. We slip the guy over at Amazing Adult an extra twenty to ignore our bad fake IDs when we drop by to spend money. I mean witch stuff. Stuff that would be really hard to explain to the uninformed masses if they went digging around inside my package. Although as long as we're talking about sex and all…" She leaned down and pulled out her purse, digging through the contents. "Gert starts a day after Nico and I do, right? That's why there's 'DOOM!!!' written in bright red letters on the calendar next to the fridge?" Chase nodded slowly and Kit let out a triumphant noise as she pulled a disc in a clear plastic jewel case from her bag. "Tada. Present."

     Chase looked down at the disc as he accepted it and his eyes bugged out again. "Nico Visits the Naughty Nurse? What the fuck?"

     Laughing, Kit rose from her seat as the Leapfrog sank deeper into the thick tar on its way back to their underground home. "Hey, don't diss the gift. Do you know how much trouble I had to go through to make that? Had to steal a bunch of Flips from Walmart, talk Nico into letting me tape us, import all the video onto my laptop, edit the entire mess into something watchable… it took hours. Originally I was just going to keep it for the two of us, you know, as a jump starter? Watch the fun, have more fun? Then I realized it might come in handy for you over the next week or so. You know, in case you get bored with just your hand and your imagination."

     "I am not watching a dirty video of you and Nico. Because Gert's my girlfriend and your girlfriend and mine are friends and so it would be weird and awkward and wrong." After looking both ways furtively, Chase tucked the disc into one of the large thigh pockets on his cargo pants. "The only reason I'm taking this is because I don't want to leave it lying around where Molly might stumble across it."

     Kit let out a snort at that. "You. Being mature and responsible. Uh huh. And feeding Old Lace that spare Macho Burrito was a good idea."

     "Oh God, and I'd just finally managed to banish those mental images, too. Ugh. Thanks a lot, Kit."

     "Hey, don't blame me. I'm not the one who turned the poor girl into a velocicraptor."
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