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Scary Girls Need Love Too

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Great Lakes Avengers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Whatever happened to Kit after the destruction of Sunnydale?

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Marvel Universe > Runaways(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR181020,39965626,66817 Aug 0615 Aug 11No

You, Robot

Joe's Note: This originally started out as a way of consuming an FFA using Kit and one of the non-Xavin Runaways I'd completely forgotten about up until that point. And it still kinda is, because I just took the original chapter, cleaned it up, and added to the end. It's that last bit that really makes it shine, though, as we go charging towards the first of several crossovers between this story and Trigamy

     Smirking, Kit waved her Gemini Staff in a lazy circle, guiding Victor through the air in slow loops. "C'mon, Energizer. You're not getting down from there until you manage to break my hold by flying on your own. The faster you can figure it out, the sooner you can get rid of me. Xavin already knows two different ways to fly thanks to her nifty awesome Super Skrull powers. Maybe if you can figure out one, she'll stop calling you 'android' all the time and actually remember your name."

     Letting out a snort of derision, Xavin flipped to the next page of the latest issue of Cosmo, its pages having been well-thumbed by Nico, Gert, Karolina, and Kit herself since the witch's most recent visit to the local Ralphs. "Even the most simplistic of the target drones we used to hone our powers during my Super Skrull training has the ability to fly, Kit. The android will have to do something far more impressive to gain my respect."

     Victor looked back and forth between the two of them as he scowled, arms folded over his chest as tendrils of electricity crawled over his fingers. "I should just fry you until you can't cast magic anymore and risk what Nico would do to me for revenge." Kit just raised an eyebrow impassively at the threat and he sighed. "I can't fly, damn it! I'm a cyborg, not Superman!"

     "What's Chase's cute little nickname for you? 'Calculator Kid'? Shouldn't you be able to do math this simple?" With the staff augmenting her magical abilities, it was child's play for Kit to use the index finger of her free hand to draw a fiery 'A' in the air in front of her. "You can manipulate magnetic fields." Then she traced a 'B'. "Magneto and Polaris can manipulate magnetic fields too." Finally, a 'C'. "Magneto and Polaris can fly using their powers." Her finger flicked back and forth furiously, drawing a series of equations: 'A = B', 'B = C', and 'A = C'. "No brainer, Victor. It's that transvestite property thingy: if you all have the same powers and they can fly using them, then obviously you can fly too."

     Victor's jaw dropped. "The transvestite property..?" Sighing, he reached up to rub his temples. "I knew that being a cyborg, I'd be smarter than most people around me… but holy crap. You're thinking of the transitive property, Kit. Transitive. Transvestites are people who dress in the other gender's clothing. And you and Nico are both witches, but you can't use the Staff of One as well as she can. I'm sure there are other magnopaths who get around on two legs; why does me being one automatically make me capable of flying in your head?"

     That made Kit pause… for roughly a second. "Because I'm bored and you're the only one I can find to entertain me at the moment? Nico asked for a bit of 'her time' and so I'm staying out of her way, Karolina and I get along like oil and water, I'm not in the mood to get my brain rotted by whatever Molly's watching on DisneyXD right now, I'm too excited that Xavin's actually reading the trashy magazines I got her to take her away from that, and Chase is busy making sure Gert won't sit straight for the rest of the day." Twisting her staff, she flipped Victor so he was floating upside down. "So until you learn to fly or something better comes along, you're stuck with me."

     "Ah. Well, that's good I suppose. If you'd actually decided you liked me, I might have to worry about you bugging me when there were other people free to spend your time with." A puzzled frown came over Victor's features. "I think I'm going to regret asking this, but Gert not sitting straight is a Kit-ism for..?"

     That elicited another snort from Xavin's corner of the room as she turned the page again. "Even I know what she's speaking of and I'm from another galaxy altogether, android. Your creator must have been a truly pathetic individual."

     Kit gave Victor an evil grin as she walked underneath him, reaching up to pat the top of his head. "Oh, I don't know about that. He makes amazing chimichangas when it's his turn to cook dinner." Turning her attention back to the scowling Victor, Kit ruffled his hair as she debated whether or not to actually answer his question. Really, messing with the hyper-religious cyborg was too much fun sometimes, mostly because she knew that she could drop a euphemism and he was almost required by his programming to follow up and ask for details to expand his ever-growing knowledge base. "Well, I know Chase had me buy a tube of KY last time we got supplies. Between that, the conversation Nico says she had with Gert last night, and the noises I heard coming from their room when I swung past to see if Chase wanted to burn a few hours shooting at me in BioShock 2 before I send it back to GameFly? I'm pretty sure Chase is in the middle of giving it to Gert up the ass. If you want to hop on the Internet, you can Google 'sodomy', 'anal', and 'buttsex' if you're really that curious."

     Various expressions flickered over Victor's face as her words sunk in and his brain processed everything she'd told him. The air around him visibly rippled and the cyborg jetted backward to get away from Kit. "That's just… that's just vile! I didn't need to know that! My God, Kit, why would you feel the need to share something like that with me?"

     "Because it did what I wanted it to?" Kit gestured to the distance between them. "You flew. Backwards. To get away from the mean and nasty Kit. I told you that I'd teach you to fly, and I did. Go me." Victor looked down at the floor and his eyes widened. The air rippled again and he dropped like a rock, hitting the floor with a loud thump. Kit grinned, though; even if he hadn't managed it long, he'd flown under his own power. So mission accomplished. Sorta.

     The loud crash attracted Xavin's attention, the Skrull lowering her magazine and eyeing the pair before shaking her head in… amusement, Kit was guessing, judging from the way one corner of her mouth was quirked up. Then 'Back in Black' began to blare from her cell phone and Xavin waved one hand, making it rise up off the table before floating smoothly towards Kit. Yet another of the many and varied uses of Sue Storm's powers, Kit mused as she plucked the phone out of the air, and a particularly welcome one at that. After all, she lacked fine control over her magically-fueled telekinesis and had crushed the last two phones she'd tried to 'accio', and why bother actually walking to get something when you didn't have to?

     Looking down at the phone's screen, Kit frowned at the unfamiliar number. Or at least partially unfamiliar; she knew that the 216 area code covered the part of Cleveland that Dawn lived in and her friend's cell number shared a 481 prefix with this caller. But the number as a whole? No clue. Only one way to find out, though. After tapping the flashing green button on the screen, she lifted the phone to her ear. "Hello?"

     "Err, hi. Is this Kit the Witch Chick that runs around with the… well, Dawn calls you the Runaways and I don't know if you have an official team name? Xander's address book only has one person named Kit in it but that doesn't mean that he doesn't know his own Kit and this isn't Dawn's Kit at all…"

     Kit blinked as she tried to process the ramble and then nodded as her brain managed to translate from Babbled Crap into English. "That's me. Although I'm not sure I want to talk to someone who not only shouldn't have this number but went through so much work to steal it."

     "Well if you want to go ahead and hang up on Spider-Girl, I guess I can't stop you…" Kit's eyes widened and she held the phone out away from her head for a second, reaching up to pinch her arm. Ouch. Okay. She wasn't dreaming. But then… what the hell was going on that either had Spider-Girl - and possibly the rest of her team - in Cleveland or at least around Dawn's friend-slash-boss-slash-crush Xander? Bringing the phone back to her head, she found herself listening as Spider-Girl chattered away again. "…my teammate and new kinda-girlfriend Stature thinks you guys are cool enough that she was thinking about running away from home to join you before the Young Avengers got together. So I was wondering if any of you wanted to come out here to Vegas and hang out for the day on my dime so she could meet you face to face. If getting from there to here is a problem, I can send Wic… err, Crimson Curse to pick you up…"

     Vegas? Well that sounded like all sorts of fun. Kit had never been more than an hour or two away from the Pacific coast, having arrived after the team's adventure in the Big Apple. And a meet and greet with a superfangirl wasn't much of a price to pay for a day out in Sin City. Except… wait a minute. If Spider-Girl was in Vegas and had Xander's cell phone, that meant Xander would have to be in Vegas too and that made absolutely no sense given how often Dawn whined about him overworking himself. "So, just out of curiosity, who are you really? Because while I might have believed that the Slayers teamed up with some superheroes for something, Xander doesn't go on vacation and so there's no way you can be both with Xander and in Vegas. Unless you met him in Cleveland, stole his phone, and now you're in Vegas…"

     The girl sighed noisily. "How do you expect me to prove I'm Spider-Girl over the phone, Kit? I could use the phone to take a picture of myself hanging from the ceiling and send it to you, but I don't know where my costume is and I'd totally fall out of my top if I tried it as-is. Then again, you probably wouldn't mind that, would you? Hang on, lemme see if this thing has your email stored in it and then I'll-"

     "Woah, no thanks. Last thing I need is my girlfriend kicking my ass because some random chick is sending me tit pics." Kit shook her head before looking around. Speaking of her girlfriend, did she dare go disturb Nico? Or for that matter, Gert and Chase? No on all three counts. Karolina? Oh fuck no. Victor would say no on general principle because it was her leading the expedition. Molly… didn't need to be exposed to Las Vegas, did she? That left her with exactly… "I've got a Skrull and a dinosaur. Everyone else is off doing stuff. Well, a Skrull, a dinosaur, and me obviously."

     There was a brief pause. "Where's the rainbow chick?"

     "Busy hating my guts because I'm dating the girl she wants to, even though she has a fiancée of her own." Spider-Girl let out a low whistle at that and Kit chuckled dryly. "Yeah. My sentiments exactly. So, are Xavin and Old Lace and I good enough? Because… actually, how soon do you need us?"

     "Um, we're all Pacific, right? So no time changes. Um, noon tomorrow? Maybe one?"

     Humming softly, Kit found herself reexamining her options now that she knew it wasn't an immediate need. "Well, Chase and Gert might be free then but they're pretty… eh. No offense to Chase because he's like a brother to me, but he pilots the Leapfrog, cracks jokes, and goes all pimp hand strong on thugs we need to intimidate. And Gert owns Old Lace. If you want to see a giant green metal frog and a dinosaur, I can toss a steak into the hold to lure Old Lace in and then fly it out to Vegas myself. Nico might be available if I ask nicely. Don't think a day will change Karolina's mind, although with Xavin coming, she might tag along. And I guess I could bring Molly, but then you'd have to watch everything you say because… well, it's Molly."

     "Erf. Yeah. Definite no on the pipsqueak. And the dinosaur might get us in trouble with… someone. I don't know. Is it legal to own a dinosaur in Vegas? Or anywhere, for that matter?" Spider-Girl was silent for a moment as she thought about that. "Whatever. If you think your girlfriend would have fun and rainbow girl can behave herself, then bring them along. If not, I'll just snag you and this Xavin person. I just want this to be nice for Cassie, and someone being grumpy all day or sniping at someone else would so ruin that. Okay, so I'll call around 11:45 tomorrow morning to make sure you're all up and dressed before sending Anya in to grab you?"

     Kit nibbled on her lower lip as she considered things. It could all be a trap, what with these being the junior versions of the Avengers who harassed the team before she joined. On the other hand, she could easily call Dawn who could call Xander who could make sure this Spider-Girl was on the level. Eh, what the hell? "Works for me. See you guys then." Ending the call, she looked up to find Xavin staring at her curiously. "So… I don't suppose you've ever been curious about visiting Las Vegas?"

If you somehow missed the reference in the first chapter, Scary Girls Need Love Too is part of a multi-story universe. Although unlike most series on this site, this is more like Buffy and Angel in that the stories are taking place simultaneously and - in some cases - weave in and out of each other. Right about here is one of those cases: the end of this chapter leads into the second half of Chapter 10 of Trigamy. So leave a review and then click through to see what happens next.
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